PJ Loungewear Week: Warm Slippers + Cozy Cardis + Soft Slips

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The holiday season has been extra exciting for us this year because we’re celebrating in our new house! We’ve been so busy with the seemingly unending tasks that come with settling in to a new home, that we haven’t had time to really decorate for the holidays.

It’s easy to tell which one’s our house at night though! We’re the completely dark home in between the two houses with all the festive Christmas lights! No biggie, we were doomed to be the designated neighborhood slacker couple from the get-go.

Inside though, it’s surprisingly cozy and Christmas-y despite our minimal decorating efforts, thanks to the snow that started falling over a week ago and hasn’t stopped since. I’m not even that mad about all of the snow because it convinced me it was time to buy the Minnetonka slipper booties I’ve wanted all year and I don’t know how I lived before having a pair of slippers like these, they became essential to my wardrobe and well-being overnight.

By the way, this is toootally what I look like when I wake up in the morning, minus the three layers of makeup and and any hint of life behind my eyes.

They’re also an integral part of my go-to lounging outfit. Besides having slippers that are cozy and durable I really only have one other requirement when it comes to loungewear: that they’re versatile enough to easily transition to a casual daytime look.

I think I’ve finally perfected my loungewear outfit formula: cozy cardi + satin slip dress + sweater leggings + Minnetonka booties.

Then when I need to slip out of the house for a quick errand I just switch out my sweater leggings for my favorite levis and my slippers for my Sorel Out N ABout’s and boom, I’m ready for the great outdoors.

You can bet this what I’ll be wearing over Christmas while we’re in Chicago visiting my parents. And depending on the quantity and quality of my eggnog consumption I might refuse to take my slippers off when we head to movie theatre Christmas evening, the second most sacred Ross Family Christmas Tradition.

Cozy Cardi + Soft Slip + Sweater Leggings + Slippers





and later…






Loungewear Outfit Details:

bootie slippers – For me it was all about weatherproof soles and ankle protection. I wanted a pair that could brave the snowy walk to the mailbox or the end of the driveway on trash day without becoming ruined. I’m in love with these by Minnetonka.

sweater leggings –  One of the only non-activewear leggings I own are from Garage.  Although not currently available in Garage’s online store, I know the ones I’m wearing were available at their physical store at our mall as of a week ago. I almost bought their super cute Jacquard Sweater Leggings, $29.95, as well, and if their current buy one pair of leggings get one for 50% off was going on last week, I definitely would have.

slip – You guys know, I love a good slip and Aerie’s Satin Slip Nightie, made from super soft muslin, are gorgeous and currently 40% off at only $19.97. I picked one up in all three colors: cream, light blue, and grey.

chunky knit cardigan – Sadly, Express is currently sold out of the cardigan I’m wearing in the pics (sorry guys) but I found several similar options at varying price points like: Urban Outfitter’s Ava Cozy Waffle Knit Cardigan for $69.00, Prana’s Demure Cardigan from Zappos, $129.99 and the “in my dreams” option, Current/Elliott’s The Long Slash Back Cardigan, $378.00 at Nordstroms.

Daytime Transition Outfit Details:

everything’s the same as my loungewear outfit except:

jeans – One of my favorite and most worn jeans in my closet are my 721 High Rise Distressed Levis, $88.00 at Shopbop.

boots – Love my Sorel Out N About Booties, $25.50 (???) – $145.00 on Amazon. They definitely take a few solid wears to break in and they run 1/2 a size small, so order up. Bloomingdale’s has a lovely navy color version for $115.00 and a cool all black version is currently on sale now at ASOS for $88.00.

Shop More Weatherproof Booties + Soft Slips + Cozy Cardigans




Find me on Instagram @jessbobess for more on this look and Holiday week shenanigans. Also, A huge thanks to the insanely talented Sam Marz for the photos. If you’re in or around Grand Rapids and need an amazing photographer, he’s your guy.

May the coziness be with you during these next few Holiday weeks…





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  1. So adorable and cozy! Are the jeans high waisted? Also I am not sure how a long cardi will look on someone short, 5’2? Love all the snow!

    • Yup, the Levi’s are high-waisted! And I really think you can’t go too long with a cardi this winter (unless it’s like dragging behind you), oversized outerwear is one of my favorite current trends. But if you’re worried about being swallowed whole, a duster length cardi might be an option to consider.

  2. Can you please do a skin care post? Three layers of make-up or not–your skin is beautiful! (Or could just be that you are young and this 40 year old skin is very jealous?) 🙂 Loved the post! I highly recommend Target’s fleece long underwear. $15 and literally like wearing a blanket! Love the winter! Also Payless has a great knock off of the black Ugg slipper. $20 and honestly they are awesome. So for those looking for less expensive lounging wear. I know Target and Payless probably make this crew break out in hives 😉 –but some of their stuff is just as swoon worthy as the more expensive items. I hope you guys all have a happy holiday! I love reading this blog!

    • I almost spit out my coffee laughing when I read your comment about my skin. I’m 32 this year and it will go down as the year I started hating my skin. My skin care regime is VERY lacking and I only recently started down the path of figuring out a good (and costly) skin care program. Perhaps when and IF I find something that works well for me, I will gladly share. Also, thanks for the Target tips, need some good non-itchy long underwear if I’m going to survive this winter.

  3. I love it! Is there anything sexier and classier than a slip? But does anyone know of breathable fabric versions? There are so many cute pjs I can’t wear bc I always sweat to death in polyester. I was so bummed about the AE slips!

    • Christy Hartman on

      Free People has a lot of cotton. I haven’t looked at their slips specifically but that’s where I’d start. Good luck.

    • Ali, I feel ya on that. I’ve had very sensitive skin since I can remember (something I didn’t learn until college was due to “sensory processing issues”) and the way the texture of certain fabrics feel against my skin can drive me crazy – seriously, I refused to wear socks as a child bc of the toe seams and tights? You could forget about keeping me in a pair of those. I’m way better now but all that to say the aerie slips are surprisingly soft and comfy, I was actually shopping at the mall for once and so was able to feel the fabric…for whatever that’s worth!

  4. These sweaters all look great but any suggestions for a belted cardigan? I have an open one and am always holding it closed when it’s really cold outside or to keep covered up.

  5. Jess, what have you done to me?!! I had never heard of Garage, I followed your link, and I LOVE EVERYTHING!!! Argh!! Lol. Oh man… great post…

  6. hahaha, I know! I was at the mall the other day and was like “huh, a store I HAVEN’T been in before… lots of comfy, lounge-inspired items!

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