A Holiday Gift Guide for the Yoga Goddess

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Roughly four years ago, I was knee deep in the darkest period of my life – until I discovered yoga. This lifestyle had its own indescribable way of reaching out and saving me. You might hesitate to take someone so seriously who, admittedly, has once said they ‘literally almost died’ upon seeing a cute sweater. But now, in hindsight, I can confidently say yoga pulled me out of a darkness. The practice guided me into the light and I’ve never looked back. I could go on and on about loving yoga (and if anyone wants to take me up on that, please do) but in the meantime, let’s talk yoga gifts.

Holiday Gifts for Every Inner Yoga Goddess



Free People Printed Widebands – I dunno, I just feel like a hippie, yogi, goddess with this headband on. I also do the “hang loose” hand gesture to everyone I see when I’m wearing it. Also, there are TWENTY different designs, each one better than the last.

Hamsa Pendant Necklace by Satya Jewelry – The hamsa, lotus flower, om symbol and evil eye are a few of the Eastern symbols commonly associated with yoga.  Seeing it on my wrist or in the mirror several times a day reminds me to be present and gives me peace.

Inhale, Exhale Print –  I see now why these phrases make popular prints – the more reminders I have, the better.

AllSaints Dahlia Sweatshirt – Now that I have (a little) more money and can afford a few good quality pieces, my love affair with AllSaints is full-fledged. I know I’m not alone on this one, you guys.

Yeti Yoga Libra Mat  – Probably my favorite mat design at the moment and I’m ALWAYS on the hunt.

Light On Yoga by B.K.S. Inyengar – This is the book if you’re ready to delve deep into the history of yoga. When first starting out,  Hatha Yoga Illustrated was my bible (my copy is dog-eared and highlighted to prove it). The explanations are clear, detailed and easy to follow, with photos of each pose plus beginner and advanced moderations.

Keep it Cool Yoga Socks – I don’t know what I would do in the winter without my yoga socks. These keep your toes warm and have non-slip gripping on the bottom.

Alo Goddess Leggings – With all the cool yoga leggings out there, these are still my favorite. I’m very self-conscious and these make me feel like a million bucks. The fabric is so good that Alo is patenting it. It slims, lifts, sculpts, tucks and does all those things we want every pair of pants to do. The contrasting ribbing fabric from the thigh down, is more stretchy and lightweight so you can pull them over your heels or scrunch them up.

S’well Marble Water Bottle – I’ve always loved S’well water bottles and their Elements Collection is so gorgeous, I don’t know which one to buy.

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Hope you’re all namasting in bed today! xx,

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  1. Love Alo workout leggings and I want to love them–but unless I am wearing longer shirts they are a bit see-thru. They also run a bit small. They are so comfy and cute tho and if it weren’t for the fact that I would be giving yogi’s a show who were behind me–I would have one in every color! Great gift guide, tho! Yoga has been amazing for my life as well!

      • Yes I have the goddess leggings as well and the lighter colors are pretty see through–which isn’t a big issue because I am wearing under garments—but yeah just test them by stretching them in day light 🙂 I love them though and wear them as loungey wear all the time–just with longer sweaters

        • Well thanks for sharing that! The ones I have are a darker marbled black and red pattern on top so maybe the darker colors are best!

  2. Jess,
    So glad yoga helped you through a dark period of you life…I practice it off and on….more off lately, and it does make a huge difference in how I feel. Thanks for sharing that…and great round up of yoga items too! Hope you have a lovely and peaceful holiday.

    Kristy B

    • Thanks Kristy! Yeah sometimes it’s not easy to get on the mat and I’ve hurt myself pretty bad on more than one occasion, but it’s nice to have yoga as a stress relief option when I need it.

  3. So the yogi in my life I need a gift for is a guy. Any recommendations for neat guy yoga gear? My little brother became a yoga instructor in 2016 and has a daily practice at this point. I know he already has a mat and water bottles, but a lot of the other gear was pretty feminine…

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