The 2017 Style Resolutions


I’m really struggling with style resolutions this year.  I’m feeling a little….bored with mom and female fashion, actually.  Can you believe it?  Or maybe just fed up.  Hemlines are swinging all over the place, waistlines are up, then down, then up again, Trump is about to be president – oops.  That just slipped out there.

So maybe I’m just fed up in general.

It would seem that now is a perfect time for a big ‘ol Fashion Distraction.  But frankly, there’s nothing out there that is really and truly new, nothing feels fresh.   Everything has a sort of Been There, Done That vibe to it.  And while there are plenty of bloggers out there talking about hope, and positivity, and fun florals for the upcoming Spring…

…this girl ain’t one of them.

But here’s the thing:  I’m totally OK with that.  This girl will get her groove back eventually (I always do), but until then, I’m turning inward, getting my shit together, and focusing on keeping it simple.

I know I’m not the only one in this fashion rut – on the TME slack channel, we could almost make a drinking game out of how many times we’ve used the word “simplify” lately.  Cam has given up on all but lipstick and her husband’s flannels (which admittedly isn’t bad – especially when you have the face of a model GOOD GOD CAM), and Laura’s been in leggings and UGGs for two weeks straight.  Scotti’s entire fam has been fighting pink eye (both eyes, peeps), and Amanda is strangely quiet (her sarcastic, witty slack messages usually SLAY).  Only Jess and Gwen seem to be trucking along, but then they’re the YOUNGEST so there’s that.

So.  Here are the style resolutions that reflect the end of 2016.  The style resolutions that we’ll be focusing on in the upcoming months, the only style resolutions I can imagine keeping in 2017.

Feel us?  Well, then don your all-black outfits [snort] and take the pledge:

I, Mama….

…will re-assess my personal style.  Things change.  People change.  Lifestyles change.  And sometimes starting over is exactly what we need for clear direction.  So find some magazines, get together some pinterest boards, and have it – here’s our quick-n-dirty method.  (And if you need a little help interpreting the results, send ’em over.  We’d love to weigh in – like this old article.)

…will clean out my closet.  For reals.  Out with the old, and all of that.  I’m realizing that my closet clean-out process *probably* needs to happen on a yearly basis, but especially when I’m feeling simultaneously uninspired and overwhelmed.  And since our No-Stress Guide To Cleaning Our Your Closet is, actually, no-fear (you don’t have to throw anything out), I can channel my negativity in a positive direction.

…will invest only in the type of shoes I’d actually want to pack while traveling.  I will finally acknowledge that there is no room in my life for uncomfortable shoes, no matter how pretty.  And that now, in the Seventeenth Year of Our Twenty-First Century….if we can successfully send a spacecraft to Jupiter….a girl should be able to put her best foot forward without needing a band-aid.

…will come up with three perfect everyday outfits.  Per season.  I will find a pair of pants, shoes, a top, a sweater, a jacket – even the socks, bra and underwear required – to pull together one perfect, everyday outfit.  I will do this three times, and wear on major repeat.  And when the seasons change….I’ll do this again.

…will shop smarter.  The problem I have with “shopping diets” is that it often takes us completely out of the game.  Meaning that when the diet is over, EVERYTHING IS SO YUMMY.  Instead, I vow to shop more critically.  I won’t buy anything unless it can be incorporated into one of my three perfect outfits.  Or unless it makes me cry real tears of joy (and I mean REAL TEARS, MAN).  I will try on pieces in a price range I cannot afford, to make it easier to unearth a good deal from a ‘meh’ one, in a price range I’m comfortable with.

….will finally crop those skinnies.  I will take up the scissors, and boldly crop my tired skinny jeans (right above the ankle bone), making them fresh again.  And if I fail?  If I crop them too short, or crooked?  I will channel my inner Regina George, and shrug, nonchalantly, embracing the crooked hemline as the next big thing, cause there’s nothing fetch about perfection.  (It’s like I have ESPN or something.)

…will figure out the holy grail of cropped skinnies and socks.  I know this works, I KNOW IT.  I will amass a set of sock + cropped pant + shoe pairings and wear them all winter.  I have no patience for cold ankles.  NONE.

…will invest in interesting baselayers.  My three perfect outfits must have layers…but each layer must be able to stand on it’s own.  No longer will I be content with a shirt that has mysterious stains (but a perfect length to peek out under my turtleneck sweater), or is too tight across my stomach (but the neckline matches my v-neck sweater perfectly).  No, each layer I don will be one I can reveal without fear.  It will be chic, it will be non-stained, it will fit – perfectly.

…will embrace winter, and dress for it.  I will wear mittens, hats, boots, warm coats.  I will not be swayed by articles titled, “15 Killer Winter Outfits!” that show page after page of bare hands, bare legs, and open coats.  (Unless, of course, I’m pregnant or having a tamoxifan-related hotflash and then anything goes.)

…will wear all black, unapologetically. Like my soul.

Thanks for putting up with me, you guys. Here’s to being ourselves, unapologetically, in 2017…..



ps.  We had an amazing time in Breck.  Pics coming soon….

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Shana founded The Mom Edit in 2008. She lives with the love of her life (his name's Mike) and their two crazy boys in downtown Philadelphia. She loves a good styling challenge (her engineering side shows eventually), appreciates kindness, and usually picks scotch over wine, sneakers over stilettos, and shorts known as denim-underwear, always.

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  1. That’s what’s so nice about you and your blog,
    I follow a few fashion bloggers, and laugh daily at some of their ideas and outfits. You are a real mom, you can spend a little but be smart and practical. That is what makes you different from the others. Keep it real, you will never fail

  2. I’m going to try and find more ridiculous funky shoes lol! I’ve always loved quirky shoes but rely on boots, sneakers, wedges during the weekday. I want to bring more funk to my weekday, who cares if I’m the only one dressed up at drop off- it makes me feel like myself so who cares! Another style resolution is to find more simple accessories that have a cool, work with anything vibe. And finally I’m going to work out how to dress these post mastectomy boobs- I was a small B before surgery, wanted to go to a small C at most and am now rocking the DD’s (wtf surgeon dude?!). Mostly my hope for this year is one filled with silly, happy, frivolous, loving times- a perfect antidote to the last year. Shana et al, I get the post holiday slump but I just want to thank all you lovely ladies for the work and style you put in these posts! Happy New Year!

    • Aw, thanks babe. And I seriously feel you on the random upsizing of ‘the girls’, haha! Word on the street is that the entire OR votes on which size looks best….sooo…. 🙂

      And I say go for broke at drop off. Why not?? xoxo

  3. Please, please figure out the cropped skinnies and socks!!! I’d love to wear my fave cropped skinnies all winter long but these OH winters makes that nearly impossible! Love you and your blog ?

  4. Thank you thank you thank you for this blog!!! Now, if you can show me how to crop my skinnies for the perfect length I would be eternally grateful!

    • We took footage to make a video….gotta just put it all together. But basically I start at right above the ankle bone, and then just hack with scissors. Very scientific. 🙂

  5. Great post! I am feeling the same and have been also battling the family pink eye like Scotti’s family for 2-3 weeks ah!

  6. I adore that you’re telling us YOU are uninspired in the style department lately. If it happens to you (of all people), then it’s totally normal that it happens to me. 🙂 (Of course, mine might have to do with the handful of pounds that are making my clothes a bit snug, but—irrelevant!) Keep doing what you do! I love you and your all-black soul. 😉

  7. Currently rocking cropped skinnies/striped smartwool/Vans Sk8-Hi’s at work and it feels ok. And warm. And weatherproof. I always crop my skinnies a bit long and then cuff them shorter, still keeping that frayed edge visible for an “edge”. I haven’t recropped officially above the ankle bone yet – working up the courage!

    Love this post – yet another example of why THIS is the only fashion blog I read regularly.

  8. YES to good, comfortable, stylish shoes. This is hands down THE MOST challenging part of dressing/shopping for me. If you can crack that one consistently, you’re genius in my book.

    • Shopping for shoes online has made the biggest difference for me. Occasionally I lie to myself when something is super cute but I always regret it and know I was fooling myself at the time so no excuse really. Just remember there are cute comfy shoes too. As long as you have free returns, it means you can wear them around your house and really get a feel for comfort without any of the in-store pressures.

      I have stopped buying any shoes that require “breaking in”. Sure some shoes get more comfy (after months of wear) but I now only start with already comfortable shoes. I am a flat-shoe devotee so it is a rare heel or wedge that makes the cut. I consider that I have to be able to run in ANY of my shoes should the occasion arise.

      One caveat… I generally do not find shoes that meet my quality, cuteness, and comfort requirements for under $100 (excepting obvious comfort shoes like sneakers, but even then I am picky).

      • Yes, this! I’m a size 11 with a super flat foot so shoes are a pain in the butt. A few years ago I gave up ever finding shoes in a brick and mortar store (Except athletic shoes, which oddly are quite easy to find locally) and paying under $100. The upside and downside to this is if I’m going to shell out that much cash for shoes they better be damn near perfect. So I only buy a few pairs per year. Sometimes I wish I could throw on any old cute shoe but it is what it is.

        • Have you tried Frankie 4 shoes (from Australia)? Designed by a physiotherapist and podiatrist. They’re pretty much all I wear now thanks to my feet getting bigger (size 12 now, eek!) through pregnancy and needing to chase my 3 little boys.
          The seasons will be wrong for northern hemisphere mums though (I’m in Aus sweating it out in 37 degrees celcius as I type this!)

  9. I love this and I finally DID crop my skinnies, after I commented on a recent post that I was worried about my AG jeans and you said AG does well with cropping. You were right! I cropped them last week and I love it. They look great with my booties. Thank you!

  10. Awesome! I get so overwhelmed by all the fashion/trend noise and love this 3 perfect everyday outfits idea. I wear pretty much the same (black & grey ?) thing every day and NEED to infuse some style in there somewhere and that seems a lot more manageable x only 3! Can’t wait to see your ski pix — my style resolution is to get some decent to wear in the cold/snow. My husband’s gloves + daughters’ cast-off hats/mittens are just not. cutting. it.

  11. Yes! Less aspiration (open coats, bare ankles) more inspiration. WORD on the comfortable shoes thing – block and stacked heels and fun flat shoes forever!

    Super inspired by the 3 outfits thing. I already have a capsule wardrobe/lean closet/whatever but between the 2016 hangover, the holiday hangover and the (cough*couple*cough) pounds of red wine weight I’ve been feeling a lot more PJs than potential. Excited to get in there and pull it together.

  12. Yes to every single thing you said. Exactly. One of my favorite posts of yours, ever. I have seriously lost my way and it makes me sad. I’ve realized how few items in my closet were actually purchased out of pure joy and excitement and love rather than necessity or boredom or a good sale price. Please do a follow up to this…would love to get to see visuals of many of these. Good outfits, a well organized closet, a daily uniform for everyday that always makes you feel good, perfect items that make you so happy that you try them on again and again at home, i love all of it, so please share.

    • Dude, I so feel you. We will follow up on these ideas – we’ll be chatting about them at our team meeting tomorrow, in fact. The only thing I can’t promise is a well organized closet, haha! People keep asking to see mine and it’s a total disaster. But that’s one of the goals for 2017, so we’ll see…..

      • Yes! I can’t wait to see outfits. I transitioned from a corporate job to part-time in a much more casual & small office. My whole wardrobe needs to change & I need inspiration.

  13. I vow to not buy anything that doesn’t fit, even if it is a great deal and I hope it will fit soon or could theoretically alter it. Tell me I’m not the only one who does this!? And along these lines, anything that doesn’t fit me by June (covers 3 seasons), goes. I have a significant size fluctuation margin, but all these unworn things are heavy in my life.

  14. I have in fact been reassessing my personal style for the past year. Baby #2 gave me a different body than Baby #1. My style has shifted to more minimalist and monochromatic… I’m drawn more to nice textures and architectural shapes than the pretty librarian look I went for before. I’ve also gotten into grey in a big way. I’m not sure if it’s just a reaction to a more chaotic life? I basically want a chic Scandinavian home look but in wardrobe format. (Also for my home that is knee deep in cracker crumbs, sand, crayons, and blocks… somehow the wardrobe seems more realsitic).

    • It does, doesn’t it?? I’m currently crushing on a bedroom scheme of all white with rose gold and soft pink….until I remembered: KIDS.

  15. I have always wondered where you keep all of your clothes and shoes……you must have a HUGE closet;)
    I would love to down size my wardrobe and simplify, but it so hard! I need to revisit your suggestions on cleaning out my closet. And I would love to see you suggested three go to outfits:)

  16. I hear you! I was prepared to invest in some winter wardrobe pieces (cozy sweaters, ankle boots) but I’m not seeing much I like. Did not find one thing at the Nordstrom half yearly. Everything I purchased over the last couple months went back to the store, except for a pair of block heel pumps. Even my go-to Madewell has disappointed.

  17. High five for the Trump reference – it’s sure seeming cold out there right about now. Like it or not, politics is a part of life. And when we need a little diversion for sanity’s sake, there’s clothes. And food. And booze. And TV.

  18. I enjoy your blog, your voice and approach.
    In 2017, how about a little diversity? Trump wouldn’t like it, one more reason to do that.

  19. Refinery 29 put out a list of 30-or-so things to get rid of now and it was all very useful and easy stuff (yellowing white tees, shoes that don’t fit, etc) that is a good starting point for the year.

  20. Yay that’s my old style board (Boho Chick Meets French Sophisticate & Halfheartedly Joins a Soccer League – ha ha – Shana #nailedit) Definitely needing some style inspiration for the coming year. Am toying with buying the Levis Wedgie Icons to give my jean game an update (found them looking at Laura’s Post Holiday Sale Finds – thanks girl! – that Meribel Cowl Pullover is gorg – and when I “shopped the look” I fell in love with the whole outfit – hello Mom Uniform!) Trying to overcome my fear of “Mumsy Bum” – my husband LOVES that silhouette & is rejoicing that high rise is back!

  21. Post-election, I’m also feeling like caring about fashion seems too frivolous or something… like I should be busy joining the revolution. And how can I justify buying another pair of shoes/jeans/whatevers when I need to be giving my paycheck to Planned Parenthood before the House defunds it?!? ?

  22. This is bold! I love it. That “each base layer can be worn on its own” resolution is a real commitment! And hooray for all-black ensembles in January. My commitment this year — after reassessing individual carbon footprints — is to buy only used clothing. (It’s part of an overall zero waste direction I’m trying to go in). I started last year and I’m going to continue this year. There honestly isn’t a time when I can’t read your awesome blog, get a fashion idea, and then go to the consignment shop, ThreadUp, or fleabay and buy something totally awesome. Less environmental impact, less money spent — a total win. There are a few exceptions, like good bras or leggings, so I might bend on those points.

  23. Actually…come to think of it, an article about buying used clothing (where to do it, what to buy where, etc.) could be a very interesting read!

  24. LOVE this! And the three perfect every day outfits are something that I am going to adopt as my own. Someone on here said it, but my work has shifted- on the one hand I do public speaking for a good portion of it, but the other part I am working with families and children with significant medical involvement- so stylish and chic but casual and approachable. I am adding to this to find chic waterproof, practical winter boots (do they exist?) that are easy on and off for when I am entering and exiting families homes in the Boston snow and slush. Lastly, I am with you Shana for I am ALWAYS going to wear black unapologetically – even if my youngest one continues to call me JC, short for Johnny Cash. 😉

  25. AS usual, you’re brilliant. In American AND British senses. “I will try on pieces in a price range I cannot afford, to make it easier to unearth a good deal from a ‘meh’ one, in a price range I’m comfortable with.” THIS is what I’ve been trying to do, I think, and you clarified it like a genius! Literally the only blog I follow regularly. Also, your comment about mittens makes me think of the Betsy Tacy books I read at Christmastime. They’re freaking DELIGHTFUL if you ever want just a happy, charming literary escape, full of fudge, families, clothes, and good old-fashioned friends. Thanks for doing what you do!

  26. Shana, your blog is great. Relieved that wanting to be practical, stylish and warm are ideas shared and desired by fashionistas such as yourself and that its not just me getting old and impatient with cute outfits that just don’t work in the real world! If you had to narrow it down to three practical stylish boots would you say black over the knee low heel boots, black mod low over the ankle boots and some kind of brown timberland hiking boot maybe?? Please share thoughts… Thanks!! 🙂

  27. Love it! This is how I have been feeling as well. And I am a tried and true all black wearing girl..I will not apologize or change.
    I try buying colorful clothes, and they never get worn.
    I am also SO over skinnies..I am fully embracing he flare!
    Born shoes (NOT B.O.C) are my go to comfort/fashionable shoe. And they are a little pricey…but still doable.

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