Madewell Brought Back My Go-To Post-Partum & Nursing Top (And I Still LOVE It)

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Once upon a time, a new mama was looking for a shirt.  Not just any shirt, mind you, but one that made her feel feminine and pretty (or heck – she’d settle for ‘less tired looking’), despite her soft and poochy stomach.  A shirt that would open easily for nursing, but one that would also be soft and cozy against a baby’s cheek.

A shirt that was Machine Washable And Wouldn’t Shrink In The Dryer because, $#%*&!!!, it was the 21st century and that shouldn’t be freaking impossible.

And then she walked into Madewell and found the shirt and they lived happily ever after.

Until she finished nursing (years and years and years of nursing – the sounds of the breastpump haunt her dreams still) and she was so. sick. of that effing shirt that she burned it BURN BURN BURN.

The End.

Happily for us all ever after….Madewell has recently reissued the shirt (also at Nordstrom).  And since I haven’t nursed in….oh…..WOW almost four years now….I was suuuper excited to see that the shirt is back.  And I wasn’t wrong, oh-so-many years ago:  it’s a pretty great shirt.  (And yes, Mom, I bought you one too. xoxo)

It’s just one of those easy, throw on pieces that always looks cute.  Even when my not-pregnant, never-will-nurse-again self meets hubs for lunch.

(In related news, Philly food trucks are the bomb.)

Outfit Details:

top: Madewell Market Popover Shirt. Available at Nordstrom, too.

jacket: IRO Luiga Moto Leather Jacket Other options here, here and here.

jeans: AG Adriano Goldschmied Women’s Legging Ankle Jean In 11 Years Swap Meet. Also available here.

boots: Stuart Weitzman ‘Lowland’ Over the Knee Boot. This is a pretty close second.

gloves: kate spade new york mondarian colorblock gloves

sunglasses: Ray-Ban Erika Womens Wayfarer

scarf: LOFT Faux Fur Popover Scarf

backpack: Rebecca Minkoff ‘Medium Julian’  Also available here.





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  1. Thank you for posting! I’m pregnant and was recently looking for some cute nursing tops, and really don’t like the poor quality and lack of style in the usual tops. Thanks!

    • Amazing blog. You looking gorgeous in this outfit. I like this pretty shirt. I would love to share your blog with one of my friend who is working with me as a dissertation tutor London and providing dissertation writing services at Dissertation Help UK and also pregnant and recently looking for some cute nursing tops. I hope she would be happy after viewing it and like it. Thanks for such a lovely post.

  2. sigh. I’m trying to figure out how to contact you privately here but can’t see it – I just…I read every day, have for years, I love your voice, I your style, I thoughts on parenting, and how you set up your blog, have been moved by your healing through cancer…but …two parts of your outfit today cost (quite alot) more than $500- and the whole thing I’m low-ball estimating at around 2300$. It’s not the end of the world, but that kind of post is increasing in frequency, probably with your (admirably) increasing success and income. But it’s a little rough. I know, I know, you’ve mixed high-low here, and all the different voices on the blog now even things out a bit. And I should vote with my clicks and just change what blogs I pay attention to rather than ask you to change for me. But I’m a regular person by most standards (dual-income, parenting, public school for kids) and I’m just feeling a little bit like I’m only able to fog up the window here now. (Again, I’m sorry, I don’t mean this to be a public comment – tell me how to send you a reader letter and will!)

    • Elizabeth Unal on

      I am in a high income bracket, but still would never spend $800 on a pair of boots or $1200 on a jacket. That said, I enjoy this blog immensely and love looking at the clothing, even items I would not personally splurge for.

  3. Madewell also just issued new colors in the transport tote in leather and canvas! I love that bag. I think I read about it here. You look great and I miss Philly (grew up there)!

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