Simple Valentine DIYs

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Hey there friends! I don’t talk crafts often here at TME, but I adore making cute, simple crafts as gifts…so, I thought I’d round up a few easy ones to share for Valentine’s Day. And, I have to be honest, I love how this turned out!

It was inspired by a couple of different images I saw online, plus a little what-can-I-do-last-minute inspiration from my own brain cells. I’m excited to send these to the grandparents!

Check out the steps below for a quick tutorial on this simple Valentine, plus some other awesome Valentine DIYs from some of my favorite blogs.

Wall of Paper Hearts Printable via How About Orange


Red paper – Regular printer paper in red is fine for this. No need for card stock.


Clear tape

Large roll of white paper (optional- if you don’t want to stick things to your wall)

Wall of Paper Hearts Printable via How About Orange – I love the 3-D effect of these hearts. Thanks How About Orange blog for a super cute printable!

Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera & Film or Polaroid Instant Digital Camera & Film for instant print. Or a digital camera if you want to print photos at your local Walgreens, Costco, etc.

Idea also inspired by this post from Walgreens.


  1. Print 1-2 sheets from the Wall of Paper Hearts Printable via How About Orange on red paper. (I only used 1 because I’m lazy at cutting out shapes. Ha. But do as many as you want!)
  2. Cut out hearts with scissors, making sure to cut the slit down the top center of the heart. It’s marked on the printable.
  3. Overlap one side of the slit on each heart to make it 3-D and secure on the back with a small piece of tape. (Be sure to make the side with the printed lines the back of your hearts so the ink won’t show!)
  4. Using the tape, make little tape rolls and place them on the upper right back of each heart.
  5. Arrange the hearts in a ‘blowing kisses’ pattern on a blank wall. Don’t have a white wall or don’t want to stick tape to the wall? Use a large piece from a roll of white paper and tape the hearts to that.
  6. Arrange adorable child (or children) next to hearts and have them pretend they are blowing the hearts as kisses.
  7. Photograph adorable child and print instantly or get prints made at the store.
  8. Send Valentine’s to adoring grandparents, neighbors and friends!

Art directing the toddler is probably the most difficult part of this project. 

The thing I love about the instant print photos is there is a little white space to write a message or Happy Valentine’s Day! This is a super quick and easy DIY that you could literally do Monday afternoon and have easy peasy Valentine’s for Tuesday. Bam.

More Favorite Valentine’s Day DIYs

These are some of my favorite Valentine DIYs from around the internets.

Gifts for Kids, from Kids

Um, these Jedi robes are amazing, no? Love. Love. Miranda of Live Free Creative Co. has a beautiful blog with super tasteful DIYs & gorgeous handmade goods. Her home looks insanely lovely. You should IG stalk her like I do, too, at @livefreemiranda. She’s so fun and creative and she kills it on IG stories.

Jedi Robe Valentines via Live Free Creative Co.

Printable Valentines via Alice & Lois

Easy Last-Minute Adorable Treats via A Beautiful Mess

Gifts for Adults

The girls at Alice & Lois are from more friends of mine I met at the Hello Sessions in October.  They are so much fun and so sweet and I really loved getting to hang out with them a bit last fall. They also have a recipe for Heart-shaped Hand Pies that I need in my life.

Air-Dry Clay Bowls via Alice & Lois

Heart Rice Warmer via Live Free Creative Co.

I’ve been following A Beautiful Mess since back in the day, y’all. They are one of my favorite DIY/home/style blogs. Elsie & Emma and the crew kill it with brilliant ideas over there. It’s always a happy, fun place to visit. The next few projects are from their blog.

XOXO Heart Clutch via A Beautiful Mess

His & Hers Pillow Cases via A Beautiful Mess

This insanely cute DIY is courtesy of The Polka Dot Chair. How lovely are these? They take a few supplies to make, but worth it. They would make amazing gifts for any holiday. Love love.

Leather Heart Key Chains via The Polka Dot Chair

Any favorite Valentine’s Day DIYs on your to-do list or have-done list? I’d love to see them. I don’t have loads of time to make stuff these days, but if you follow me on IG (@elletrain) you know I’m crafty. It’s fun to put a unique, handmade touch on gifts. I lurve it.

Happy Heart Day!




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