Style Challenge: Romantic Tops Get Edgy Details

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I’ve realized that in the past few years my style has changed dramatically. I used to wear dresses and lace and tights and ruffles way more often. Now, as you know, it’s jeans, boots, jackets and sweatshirts…and a raincoat, obvs.

I’m sure much of that change has to do with chasing a busy child around and another big part of it is living in a super rainy, messy climate. But I think a little bit of it has to do with a shift in my personality. I was a quiet person who didn’t speak up very much for a long time. Now I just want to wear moto jackets and tell people what I think. It’s probably part of getting older. Ha!

You know I love edgy and casual and am drawn to anything denim and black. So, for my style challenge, the TME team agreed I needed to go more romantic and feminine. My only stipulation was no statement necklaces – I mean, I had to draw the line somewhere. But, when I wound up choosing a lacy top that Scotti already has in another color I knew I was on the mark. Haha.

Don’t mind me, neighbors…just prancing around the streets with a glass of rosé, as one does.

This style challenge was fun because it was all about taking on something out of our comfort zone but making it ours – hence, the ripped jeans and the edgy sandals, in my case. It’s fun Scotti and I have the same top. You can see her rocking it in black in a different style here.


Top – Free People Secret Origins Pieced Lace Tunic – This was one of the first pieces I tried out for this challenge and I instantly loved it. The top is really flattering. I love it in white and black and it now comes in an olive green that is to die for. Runs true to size. Wearing a Small.

Jeans – Madewell 9″ High Riser Skinny Jean – My favs. True to size. Be sure not to dry your jeans with stretch in the dryer and they’ll stay nice and fitted for a long time.

Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell Cors Suede Peep Toe – These are the best. They have a comfy heel height and run true to size and are super badass. They come in a gorgeous taupe suede, too. So tempted…

Earrings – (similar rose gold wires) Vince Camuto Rose Gold Twist Earrings

Tank – (similar) Calvin Klein Full Cotton Slip – I adore having a cotton knit slip to wear under sheer top and tunics, wear as a coverup, or wear to bed. I like black here because I have on black jeans and nude or white were actually distracting. Black looked cooler.

Bracelet – (similar) Corded Leather Multi-Strand Bracelet

Romantic Tops To Pair With Edgy Pieces



I’m not sure if it’s the lace or the vacation, but I think I should try this look more often! To see whether I follow through, follow me on Instagram @elletrain And, be sure to follow all of us at @themomedit, our new IG location. Trying out some of these styles? Use the #TheMomEditStyle hashtag so we can see what you’re up to!





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  1. You look amazing! Yes, I want to scoop up all of these shirts now. Somewhere along being a mom of small, messy people, going back to work, and doing a big move and closet purge-I lost a lot of my lacey tops. Need to replace some of them. Also, I try to avoid your posts during the months when I am trying to grow out my pixie cut. You always inspire me to chop it off again.

    • Thanks so much! It typically does better on days without washing and I use R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste on the roots, plus a little hairspray and backcombing a tiny bit now that it’s getting longer. Then, I use a bobby pin to hold it in place.

  2. You look gorgeous! And I love every pretty top you linked. Now if I could just get myself to change out of the workout clothes and into all these pretty tops 😉

  3. My favorite of the challenges so far — if this is out of your comfort zone, it sure doesn’t look like it. You look awesome. (And yes, I have serious pixie cut envy over here, too.)

  4. I love the Prancing!.. it looks like you had a wonderful vacation with your family…great look too! I seriously would not have given that type a second look but you made it very interesting with such a cool Vibe great job Mama

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