Layering Gold: Ribbed Knit Turtlenecks

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Any long-time reader can attest to the fact that I have a slight turtleneck dependency.  I spend pretty much alllll winter in cozy turtleneck sweaters, and I’ll even admit to wearing them on the beach.  Like this.  (In my defense, it was Spring.)  So when this ribbed turtleneck sweater popped up in Nordstroms Anniversary Sale (two years ago!!), obviously, I snapped it up.

What I didn’t expect, however, is that this simple sweater would end up being a sort of sartorial glue – holding many an outfit together.  It basically acts as a chic baselayer for everyday winter outfits, and thanks to the thicker ribbing, I can wear it on it’s own.  The ribbing camouflages lumps and bumps nicely, allowing me to take layers on/off without fear.  I’ve always been a JCrew tissue turtleneck girl, but I’ve found that the ribbed knit is a decided upgrade.

Not only does the ribbed knit work as a warm-yet-thin layer under sweaters, but it can also winter-proof an otherwise summery dress or top.  And once we actually hit our Spring stride, with temps in the baffling 60’s….I’ll be wearing it with shorts.  Even Vogue is on board:


Granted, Vogue’s “outfit” needs a little translating to a real-world situation, but the idea is there.

In honor of the supposed wintery weekend coming up (yay finally!!)…. I have a few pics of how I’ve been using this ribbed turtleneck as a chic baselayer.  I’m happy to mess around with some shorts/dresses/tanktop pairings as well, so let me know if you’d like to see that, too.

Outfit Details

ribbed knit turtleneck: Vince Skinny Rib Turtleneck, xs for reference – this piece is long sold out, but it pops up on Ebay every once in a while.  I suspect that this Michael Stars ribbed knit turtleneck is very similar.  I also have this 525 America one in black, xs and love it.  It’s not *quite* as drapey (cashmere vs cotton), but currently on sale for $37.

lace-up sweatshirt: Sincerely Jules lace-up sweatshirt (xs for reference)….and Nordstrom has it in both gray and olive

jeans: AG The Legging in 10Y well worn

boots: Stuart Weitzman Lowlands, also on Amazon

backpack: Rebecca Minkoff Julian….also with gold zippers, or also in nylon!

sunglasses: Ray-ban Erika classics….or with mirrored lenses…..and this is the nude pair I’m considering for summer.

winter coat: Fleurette (size 0 for reference) – now 50% off!

gloves: Kate Spade – the exact pair is sold out, but a convertible pair is available, or mittens, or blue

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  1. HI Shana.
    Love your blog, love your style, love your outlook on life.
    I’m also the mom of two young boys, and your attitude, adventures, and overall persona always inspire me.

    Hoping you can help me…..
    I’m wondering if you’d be willing to do a style post on the free people go on get floral pullover. I bought it cause I fell in love with it – but the way it looks with what I had in my mind did not turn out the way I hoped.
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


  2. You look great in a turtleneck! Me, not so much. I think it works best on people who have a good chin. I’m on board with a ribbed V neck, though!

  3. Agreed re need for alternatives. You’re crushing it, but the turtle makes me look top heavy. Any chesty TME gals out there have a lead on comparable options that show some skin? Cowl neck?

  4. Long time reader. I giggle at your love for turtle necks 🙂 my dear friend loves them too. I don’t dig’em. But I’m really posting bc you have GREAT hair! It’s looking so good 🙂 yay!

  5. Definately a turtleneck dependant here :), managing to wear one at least several months of the year ala Elizabeth Holmes… although mine are not all black !

    My collection currently numbers about twenty, ranging from cashmere to skinny rib knits to cotton/lycra skivvies ( that’s what we call a turtleneck T-shirt here )

    I love how they both look and feel on me and they go with EVERYTHING 🙂

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