The Boxy Button Down

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Raise your hand if you hate gaping button down tops? So annoying, right?

I love a good button down top, especially buttoned all the way up (like my bestie Nicole taught me). But. I have a wide rib cage. I know, the struggle, but seriously. I couldn’t wear all those cute(?) empire waist prom dresses in high school either and I’ve dealt with the dang button gape in button up shirts since.

Button down? Button up? I don’t know the proper term, but I’ve found a version of the shirts that work for me, are comfy and are everywhere right now. Yay! Shall we…

The Former Fix

My solution, previously, to satisfy my love for button ups but avoid gape issues was simply this: wear them under another top (or overalls.) You may or may not have noticed that from this post and this post last year.

There are gaping holes strategically hidden under the overalls and the sweatshirt. Sneaky, I know. And, ok, it’s cute and I do love these looks, but sometimes it’s too hot or sometimes you just wanna wear one dang shirt and be done with it. So, I began to search for a top that would fit those of us with ‘large lung capacity’ as I like to refer to myself. Here’s what I found.

The Boxy Button Down

What I love about this style, besides the fact that it’s super breezy and comfy, is that it’s supposed to look oversized in the bodice. The sleeve proportions make it work though and I’m loving some of this year’s options even more. (Mine is Madewell from last year, but similar to this one).

The light, drapey fabrics chosen for these tops hang nicely and are a flattering, easy look. They also look great front-tucked into high waisted jeans, like in some of the Madewell photos.

Outfit Details

Top (similar)Madewell Central Shirt – Mine’s from last year, but the shirt is the same cut. I’m wearing an XS here, but I think I’d like a size up for looser sleeves.

JeansExpress Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans – I really love these. It’s hard to find a lighter gray skinny jean that is still flattering and these are! They run true to size. Wearing 27, for reference.

BootsDolce Vita Sonya Perforated Leather Booties – My spring favorites. I’m wearing a size down from my normal size since I wear without socks and they’re so soft they’ll stretch a bit. Wearing color Taupe.

Favorite Boxy Button Downs


Have you tried these boxy shirts at all? I’m having trouble getting the front tuck just right. I’ll keep working on that, but I’m thinking it may be these jeans weren’t quite high rise enough. It’d be so super cute with high rise flares. Let me know if you try these out! And Happy Spring!!



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  1. I love this, Laura! After Christmas I picked up a blouse from Zara in this style (it’s covered in hot air balloons – so whimsical!) and I wear it with skinny black trousers for work, but it also looks really good fully tucked into a pencil skirt. I actually haven’t worn it casually yet, but I imagine it would pair nicely with jeans as you did above!

  2. I love that you are featuring Bridge & Burn!! One of my favorite Portland clothing stores. This is the best post ever!

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