Mother’s Day – An Easy, Foolproof Method to Win The Day

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Over the years, my husband has developed a…formula, if you will, for celebrating Mother’s Day that knocks my socks off.  It’s meaningful, affordable, and starts the day off with the rosiest of glows so that it really doesn’t matter what else we do.  We tend to do this instead of traditional gifts, per se.  (If we did gifts, then hypothetically I’d want this bracelet.  Mike.)

But our usual Mother’s Day morning is simple, really.  Simple and genius, and based on breakfast in bed.  The crucial components are:

  1. Coffee (duh)
  2. Something special to eat  – this could be chocolate croissants fresh from the oven (Trader Joes’ makes some yummy ones), fancy little baked goods from the French bakery, a box of chocolates, a gorgeous quiche – the goal is to treat Mama to something that’s out of the ordinary.
  3. Art (done by the kids)
  4. Flowers
  5.  Something FANCY –  this is the big one.  A pretty tray, a cool new mug, special cloth napkins….these go a long way to making an epic Mother’s Day morning.  One year they even surprised me with a new picnic basket, filled with fresh croissants, strawberries, and a pretty new tablecloth that we promptly spread out on the bed.  Or heck – even a group of balloons would work!  The point is this:  BRING THE PARTY.



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Winning At Mother’s Day Morning

Mike now has Mother’s Day down pat, but notice that my oldest is NINE.  There’s nothing wrong with giving a little…nudge in the right direction.  I’m a firm believer in crystal clear communication.

Start With The Basics….

Beach blankets (as tablecoths), picnic baskets, trays – find something to delineate the special Mother’s Day ZONE.

Make it a Little Fancy…..

A special coffee mug (or a cool travel one if you’re worried about spills), pretty napkins, cute vases for flowers or succulents, a fun frame for your kiddo’s art, and a gorgeous plate (or cutting board) to hold the goodies – these are all easy ways to add a little pizazz.

Get Yourself Prepped

We’ve been working hard all year.  Nothing wrong with splurging on a cozy little something before the big day….



Fun fact: we actually shot this last week.  I told the boys that we were going to recreate our usual Mother’s Day morning, and they were ALL IN.  They picked out the treats, gathered all of the “fancy” pieces together, and insisted that I stay upstairs because “it’s a SURPRISE, MOM.”  And when they came into the bedroom laden with treats, Raines (my oldest) was giggling but proud, and Pax (the youngest) was….well….I guess the best description was that he was in character.  He solemnly described his art (a piece he had made last month) and how it pertained to me (“there’s THIS heart and THIS heart and THAT ONE because I love you”) and now seems to think that Mother’s Day is over.  #dunzo #nailedit #highfive

Mike, that’s now your problem to solve.

High-five, Mamas.  Here’s to us.



photo credits:  Redfield Photography

A huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  Thank you for making it so easy to be awesome on Mother’s Day. (Or, in our case, a random day in April, haha.)  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are my own.  And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.


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  1. myerskaczmarek on

    LOVED Pax’s whole deal – the in-character thing, his incredibly sweet description of his art – all of it. And Raines too. And your writing! Just fantastic as always. I enjoy the content a lot – but I enjoy your brilliant writing even more. Thank you, Shana!!

  2. Oh my word this makes me nostalgic! My boys are now teens and oh how I miss these snuggles! Enjoy these moments. Question- I am on the hunt for a delicate diamond necklace for a Mother’s Day gift something small that can be worn all the time…Any thoughts?

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