Current Go-To Outfit: Military Jacket + Graphic Tee + Denim Skirt

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Ok, friends. It’s denim skirt time again. I know, I know. I tried all last spring to wear one with no luck. Arg. But I think I’ve found my jam. Finally. And a good way to style a graphic tee too…

You know I’m the queen of black jeans anyway, so I don’t know why it took me so long to go with a black denim skirt instead of blue. There’s just something tougher and more my style about it, especially one with a raw hem. (Though the details of said black denim is a bit hard to see here…but it’s good and slightly faded.) Throw in a graphic tee and this great military style jacket and voilà–new spring go-to outfit.

Outfit Details

Jacket – Topshop Ethan Shirt Jacket – This jacket is a great lightweight military style jacket perfect for spring. The fabric isn’t as heavy as many this style. And their camo shirt jacket looks really similar and still lightweight, if you wanna go that route. Wearing size UK 8 (US 6-8). It fits a little bigger but I don’t mind that in this style. If you want more fitted go down a size. I usually hover right around a US 6 for jackets.

Tee – Beet It Graphic TeeI mean, how could I resist. Super soft drapey tee. Wearing size Small, for reference. 

Skirt – Topshop Raw Hem Denim Miniskirt – I love this. I did size way up on it because a) it’s a miniskirt and this mama doesn’t rock a mini and b) it’s high-waisted and c) i find Topshop to run a bit small. I typically wear a 4/6 in skirts, but sized up to a 10. I want to rock a high-waisted mini, but sizing up here meant it was more of a loose fit and more comfy for me to actually sit and move in. It’s definitely loose on me but not huge. If you want a slimmer fit/high waist maybe just go up 1 size.

Boots – Dolce Vita Sonya Bootie – Current favs I wear multiple days a week. Love. Sized down to a 7.5 (typical size 8 shoe). They’re a perfect transition shoe until it’s warm enough to wear sandals.

I’m still waiting on warm enough temps to wear this regularly, but we did have a few days last week where it was nice enough to rock the pale legs. Fellow PNW pasty-leg-friends can feel my pain. Woah. I haven’t ever had a spray tan but after this extra gray winter I think I might have to check into it. Please don’t scroll back up to see how pale my legs are now…don’t!

Have you found any denim skirts you actually like wearing? We’ve all struggled with this here at TME. I’m sticking with my black one for now, but of course a gray denim one would be amazingness. I know, me with all the drab neutral love. At least I took pictures in front of a super bright mural, right? It’s so gorgeous. It’s new in our neighborhood at our favorite art store, Artist & Craftsman Supply. Love!




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