Tailored Shorts for a Classy-ish Every Day Look

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Do you ever get to have one of those real Olivia Palermo moments? Ya know what I’m talking about- it involves a nonchalant walk down the side walk, coffee in hand, designer bag in the crook of your arm, all while looking impossibly chic. People turn their heads when you pass, thinking…who is that?! Style: impeccable, not a hair out of place, shorts pressed and unwrinkled…. Wow.

No? You don’t??

Yeh, me neither.

Not ever. Not even for a second.

I do have a lot of Camille DiPaola moments, though. They look a lot like this – me, surrounded by children (or holding all of the children in my three arms), walking into the grocery store…loudly exclaiming, “don’t run into the middle of the street! STOP. No. You’re gonna die. No. We cannot get Lunchables for every meal. Yes, I do love you. No. Do not lay on the floor of the grocery store. Do not lick that! We don’t eat the bananas until we buy them. Walk. Walk…walk forward. Stop. Stop doing that.” 10x over (and over and over and over). My outfit? A bit ruffed and undone. I had tucked my top in when I left the house, but since then my three year old has pulled it out, in a rage of epic proportions over the fact that I didn’t hold his hand when he didn’t want me to. I re-tuck.

People do pass and turn their heads, because…well, the circus is fun! My eldest chants “cookies. cookies. cooooo-kies. COOKIES” and then breaks out into song and dance, almost whacking an entire display down. Anty has sort of gotten over his totally sensible fit and has resigned himself to clinging to my side for dear life and quietly whimpering, sometimes even letting out a pitiful “mama?” every few minutes or so. The baby? Well, he’s just in it for the ride, really…but does have a permanent look of concern plastered on his face, as if he’s just not entirely sure how he feels about his situation in life.

Yep. This kind of act is my normal everyday. I’ve really grown accustomed to it, honestly. I still wear the tailored shorts and the pretty little top sometimes, because eh I want to. I don’t care if it means that they’ll probably be wrinkly and tugged on. My version of refined and classy at this point in life is just a tad bit undone…and I’m okay with that.


















These photos actually make it look a lot more tame than the experience actually was. lol.

I felt like Olivia Palermo approximately 0 times.

Ya know what, though? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

These kids. I love them and their crazy.

One day I may have that OP moment..and it’ll feel great, for a second, but then I’ll wonder wtf I’m doing and I’ll miss my kids and I’ll miss them pulling on me, making me mental and needing me for every. single. thing. I know that I will, so for now…

I’m good.

outfit details

earrings: Madewell tassel earrings – these are always fun to throw on.

top: ASOS lace tank, still available in Tall and maternity – this tank with lace and mesh trim is awesome…really similar.

shorts: J.Crew, sold out – their Cotton Poplin shorts are really pretty…such a nice color, too.

I found several other tailor short options…and they are FAB-u-lous, ladies.

shoes: Halogen, old – but Rebecca Minkoff has an incredible pair (Laura has them and they look awesome on!). If you can’t find your size, ASOS also has a studded pair (& they’re currently $32).

bag: ASOS cross body, sold out – I LOVE this Steve Madden Swiss Cross body bag…and it comes in a few different colors.

bralette: Aerie Boho Bralette – I adore, adore, adore this one…wear it all of the time and don’t mind if it peaks out from under tanks and tees. It’s amazing. FYI: I’ve found that aerie barrettes are pretty small, so I went up one size and it fits well.

Unwrinkled clothing is seriously over-rated. Just sayin’.



ps. we were at The Peach Stand in Fort Mill, SC…definitely check it out if you live in the area. Support local! (thanks, Sara)

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Photos taken by Christina Hussey Photography.


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  1. You’re beautiful and this is inspiring and I can’t believe how big your baby is and all of those taking kids out in public things sound REAL familiar ;-D

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