Three Summer Essentials I Don’t Go Without

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There are three things that I prioritize on my “Must Buy for Summer” list every year – fun statement earrings, carry-all backpack & a pair of neutral, flat sandals. These three things get me through the warmer months of the year, making everyday outfits pretty, but also keep in line with the casual vibe that is very much necessary for this mama of three…especially when we’re out ‘n about adventuring in the warmer months.

On that note, we went to Treehouse Vineyard on Mother’s Day. It’s an amazing place, by the way. The weather was perfect, the wine delicious and the snacks on-point. Pretty much if there are good snacks, I am GOOD. I live for food. Of course the kids were their usual crazy selves – running around, picking fights with each other, demanding more snacks every 5 seconds (apparently they didn’t heed my request for angel children on mama’s day), but that said…I was able to sit back and enjoy our family, in a beautiful and calm setting.

Motherhood doesn’t exactly give us a break…ever, but the joys of it can be highlighted when you have a second to observe all that you have (and a vineyard definitely helped me along with that). It’s funny, because I remember thinking, sitting there, baby climbing all over me, Maddie asking if she can have more chocolate for the umpteenth time, “Huh. Being a mom. This is crazy stuff. I am so tired and feel absolutely drained most days, but GOODNESS. It’s amazing!!” #motherhood. Does it even make sense? No. No, it does not.

All that I can say is, after being a mama for these past 6 years, motherhood has changed me. I have been stretched past my limits, felt more joy, gratefulness and experienced more peace than I ever had before in my 23 years before having babies. It is astounding, to think that I never really knew my own strength or my ability to pour out love, again and again or how much I would actually feel more fulfilled…until we had children.

boho top

tan strappy sandals

boho summer outfit

cute summer outfit for mom

striped backpack

pretty summer top

striped summer back pack

boho outfit for summer

boho top and cut off shorts

mom daugher style summer (1 of 1)

cool easy outfits for moms

flat sandals 2017

These kids, man. They’ve taught me how to love fully, selflessly, without question and honestly, they’ve helped me to learn how to accept love when it is given.

…and I thought I’d be the one doing all of the good stuff for them. hmm. Not exactly how it works.

So thankful for that.

Outfit Details

earrings: Sole Society Tigerlily Beaded Earrings – gorgeous little statement that I throw on with most anything…and it doesn’t always have to match perfectly. In fact, I kind of like when it doesn’t and adds an unexpected pop to an outfit.

See more of my favorite beaded earrings from Sole Society…


top: Madewell Pom Pom Top – almost sold out…I’d really wear any of their blouse-type tops. They have some great options right now for Spring/Summer.

shorts: rag & bone Cutoff Denim Shorts – favorite pair. They’re not too long, not too short. Once I washed them, they did fray a bit more, but I like it…so it’s all good. You could also lay them out to dry, which I assume would help. TTS, but do get slightly slouchy after being worn all day.

backpack: Sole Society Maisie Backpack – striped, big enough for allthethings. Backpacks have become my new everyday handbag. I stuff everything in there and get going. It allows for my hands to be free, which is amazing with three kids. The cute design of this one goes well with all of my warmer weather outfits, too.

sandals: Sole Society Koko Strappy Flat Sandal – these are a fantastic, versatile pair of sandals. I like that I can pair them with a variety of things…and love that strappy style. Every year, around this time, I always always make sure to find a dependable pair of nude or tan sandals that I can wear all Summer long. These fit the bill.

Here are some other fantastic neutral sandal styles…





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A big thank you to Sole Society for sponsoring this post. All thoughts, opinions and product selections are completely my own.

Photos by Christina Hussey Photography.


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  1. How do you TME contributors all manage to find those gorgeous KEY pieces early, before they sell out? Do you buy a ton of stuff and return most of it? Do you just keep your eyes on certain things, like antique hunters? Did I miss it on your IG before it posted here? Is it a blogger secret??? That top is stunning on you and the color … wow… but gone. 🙁

    • So…yes, we do order stuff in advance – to prep to share with all of you. We do try our best to only share things that are still in stock, but some times we aren’t that lucky. :-/ Maybe they’ll re-stock? I’ll keep an eye out for ya. Cheers! ps. Madewell does have some other really cute blouses right now…

  2. The earrings are so pretty. How heavy are they? I’ve bought too many larger earrings that I never wear because they weigh too much.

  3. Hey! We just moved to Waxhaw and have been meaning to check out the vineyard! We’re your kids okay? We don’t know anyone yet and tend to drag our little guy along.

    • Yes! It’s a great place to bring kids…space for them to run around, you can buy snacks, bring your own even and balls, etc for them to play with…we stayed for about 2 hours and it was great! Welcome to the area! 🙂

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