Amazon Prime Day – Modern Home Picks

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In light of the madness that is Prime Day, let’s take a minute to sit back, relax and browse through our favorites for home, on sale right now.

Eames Style White Side Chair – Looks great everywhere, but especially when you contrast them with another style table, like this. (table also part of Prime Day Sale!)

Birds Nest Style White Side Chair  – Super Fun and nice and light and airy!

Tolix Style Bar Stool – So easy and functional, and looks pairs well with so many styles.

Grey Eames Style Side Chair – Look especially nice around a white table, like this.  (table also part of Prime Day Sale!)

Armless Side Ghost Style Chair – Great for not taking up any visual space!

Ghost Style with Arms Chair – One of my favorites of all time!  Works as well as an accent chair.

Green Side Chairs – This could be a fun accent color to offset lots of white.

8  Mod Armchair White – Works as accent as well as dining chair.

Teal Eames Style Side Chair – Love this color!

10 Organic Grey Arm Chair – Great contrast to lost of white.


Soft White Wool Rug – Neutral, soft under your feet, transitional, works well in so many rooms!

Jute – Jute is great, especially as an under layer with a hide or skin over it!

Ombre Shag Turquoise Rug – Ombre…ole! would never do it with my hair but love it in a rug, fun!

Natural Wool Moroccan Rug – So soft, and those extended ties on the end are such a great detail!

Black and White Pattern Rug – Modern take on a classic pattern, beautiful!!!

Ombre Grey Rug – If my hair were called a color it actually might be natural grey ombre!

Triangles Graphic Mulitcolor Rug – This much color anywhere just screams fun!!!and this is the deal of the prime  deals, for sure!

Gresham Pink Rug – So, so, so, pretty!!!

Faux Sheep Super Soft Rug – And who doesn’t need a little faux sheep to layer on that jute?

10 ok fine, nine was enough.  Rugs, the end.

Grey Elephant Storage Bin – Animal bins are so fun!!!

3 Sprouts Mouse Carry Bin – Easy to move around, you know…for clean-up time!

Racoon Square Bin – Can’t get enough of the Animal Bins!

Classic Grey Bin – Classic, easy to use anywhere

Hang it All Style Hooks – Knock off of the classic, most fun functional wall art ever!!

Great Green Storage Stool – Super fun, functional storage for everyone!!!

Fat Boy Portable Lamp – You can walk this anywhere!!!

Zipped Stuffed Animal Storage – Nothing is as mom fun as when it’s also functional!!! This is pure genius!!!

Hudson Bay 20% off

Pendleton 20% off – Two Classic, Last Forever Blankets, think:  early Holiday Gift?  Great Wedding Gift!

3 Modern Plywood Side Table – this would be a great bedside table too for a mag reader!

4 Vitamix – Can’t live without this, and my SIL keeps ‘borrowing’ mine!  Maybe…if she’s lucky…

Sofia Cashmere – would make a great gift for a traveller!

Umbra Skyline Wall Hook – so cute and works really well in a tight entry way!

7 Umbra Ribbon Wall Clock – such a fun way to know that you are in fact LATE!!!

Fat Boy – in such a fun pink!

Lego Architecture US Capitol – maybe we rebuild our gov’t together?

10 Umbra Wall Rack – also fantastic in a tight entry, or just to make any entry way more fun!

happy priming!

xoxo a


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