Best Swimsuits for Moms (Every Body is a Beach Body)

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If your sister-in-law asked you to get into a swimsuit to pose for pictures that would be posted on the internet, what would you say?  No?  Yeah, these beautiful ladies said no to me too.  And as much as I like to think of myself as being pretty persuasive, that’s not why they ended up agreeing to do this shoot.  In the end, they agreed to help because they’re all moms and they wanted to send the best possible message of self-love and body acceptance to their kids.

Take Amber, for example, the one with the adorable short hair and striped top.  She hadn’t been in a bathing suit for TWO YEARS before this shoot.  “After my first baby my body bounced back but after number two . . . I’m still waiting.”  She lives here, in beautiful Carolina Beach (where these photos were taken) and hadn’t been able to put a suit on after her body changed with baby number two.  She hired a personal trainer and even ran 1/2 marathon, but just didn’t feel comfortable in a suit.  “After all I’ve accomplished, getting into a bathing suit was something I wouldn’t do?  How sad is that!  I looked at my beautiful daughter who will be turning 6 and going to school this year and knew I needed to do this.”  She wanted to show her daughter that it doesn’t matter what people say . . . what matters is how you feel and how you make others feel.  Well-said, Amber!
swimsuits for moms


Mock Neck Bikini Top & Ruched High-Waisted Bikini Bottom (now on sale for under $35!)


mom swimsuits

Kenna is still breastfeeding and said this suit was easy to nurse her son in but still had enough support for her “huge chest.”  (Her words.)  She also liked how flattering the ruching was on her midsection.  We LOVED this suit on her . . . Marilyn Monroe, anyone??

Rhodes Swimsuit (Available in lots of patterns and colors)


Anne isn’t into one-pieces but has a hard time finding a bikini top that’s supportive enough for her chest.  She needs tops that have an underwire and some structure and this bandeau from J. Crew has both (and comes with removable straps).  The surf hipster bottoms have long been my go-to and Anne loved the fit as well . . . enough coverage but still sexy.

Twist-Bandeau Underwire Bikini Top & Surf Hipster Bikini Bottom

Scotti (Me)
mom swimsuits

If you had told me a year ago I was going to be wearing cheeky bottoms, I would have told you you were crazy.  For reals.  BUT . . . this particular pair manages to be a bit cheeky and flattering.  They fit well so there’s no accidental thong happening and I’m LOVING these bottoms.  The top is also super comfortable and stays put even in crazy ocean waves.  I could nurse in it if I needed to (I don’t anymore) and the back is super cute.

Rip Curl Surf Lattice Halter Bikini Top (size medium, also in blue) & BCA Move Along Bikini Bottoms (size large, also in dark red)

Also, if any of you are wondering if we were at all nervous about having pictures taken of us in our suits to be put on the internet, the answer is YES.  Yes, we were . . . and here was our solution:

We had a great time, felt good about ourselves and laughed the entire time.  There’s something freeing about saying “screw it, life is short and we’re going to enjoy it.”  #bodypositive

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  1. PREACH!! This is my attitude now as well. Life is too short to wait for my mama body to get perfect. Not gonna happen:)

  2. Wow! You all look FANTASTIC! Thanks for doing this–it’s so hard to see what suits really look like without having a person actually put them on and move around.

  3. Elizabeth Rafter on

    You all look AH-MAZING!!! Love all four suits! All of you found super flattering suits that are still cool. Nothing that screams “I’m a mom!” at all. Love this!!!

  4. I was afraid of the title of this post and that I was going to see a lot of fully covered moms. Soooo happy that wasn’t the case. After two kids I did the tankinis. They’re great for some, but just wasn’t my style. Finally, I said “ef” it and bought a bikini. So liberating.

  5. You all look GOOD. Thanks so much for this post, as well as all of Julieta’s recent post-partum ones. Really helpful, practical, and empowering (unlike so much of the internet). Every body is a beach body!

  6. Again and again, THIS is why this blog rocks. More body positive, more non-hetero-normative family recognition (those Mr-Mr mugs in Anne-Marie’s post!), more more more! When I first became a mom, this blog helped me find myself and my new identity, and as I build a diverse parenting community around me, I love that this blog is starting to be a bit more reflective and supportive of the many types of mothers out there.

  7. Rock on mamas! You all look fab and are so inspiring to all of us (or maybe just me) who hates wearing a swimsuit in front of her family, let alone on the interwebs.

  8. This post both brought me quite close to tears by your braved confidence, and and left me feeling, “hell yes!!” You all look amazingly beautiful and confident in those swimsuits. My husband, kids and I just returned from a 2-week Lake Michigan vacation and I surprised my husband (and myself!) by wearing a bikini for the first time in 11 years! (that counts for 1 laparoscopy, 9 pregnancies, 6 miscarriages, and 3 c-sections later). At 41-years-old, and all that my body has endured to become a mother, I can honestly say that I felt more confident in that bikini than I ever did in my younger years. Thank you for empowering all types and sizes of moms to love themselves and be proud of their strength, confidence, and individualism–in wearing whatever feels comfortable and right. Love these kinds of posts!

  9. Pretty much I am Kenna right now with the breastfeeding! Funny because my suit this summer is almost identical!

  10. I love this! Life IS way too short to miss out on summer fun because you don’t want to wear a swimsuit. My husband and I just went on vacation with 8 other couples, and all of us had different body types but no one was going to miss out on the fun because of body issues!

  11. Kick ass post, ladies! Love seeing real bodies in real bathing suits (who has time for little skirts and all that ruching?). Way to embrace all of us in all of you! XO

  12. Love this. Every time I don’t want to put on a swimsuit I think, “What am I teaching my daughters? and I put a damn suit on. I have lower belly skin that hasn’t gone back, but I got a retro suit that has high waisted bottoms (Mod Cloth) and I rock that thing. (Although Scotti is inspiring me to be braver and look into some cheekies :)).

    I love the every body is a beach body and body positive movements. It’s so difficult to break through teh noise of”societal standards” that dictate what a beach body is, what it means to be “bikini ready” and who should or should not be wearing a certain type of swim suit. I know it’s something I continually work on when I don’t want to wear a bathing suit. I stop and think, “Is this just because society has ingrained me in that I should not wear this style suit or wait to wear a suit until I am X size?” It takes time to break old habits, but posts like this one are so refreshing to see and help cut through all that noise.

    Shana–I’ve noticed a difference on the blog over the past few months. I feel like The Mom Edit has really found its groove since the switch from “Ain’t No Mom Jeans”. I love the variety of voices, like someone else said the “non-hetero normative” posts and everything in-between. Keep doing you girl!

  13. I finally wore a bikini to the beach since my kids were born (ages 5 and 7). Athketa’s side scrunch boy shorts almost come up to my belly button, and cover up a lot of stretch marks/skin I want to hide. For a one piece, J Crew’s riches halter tank feels super hot! High rise bikinis weren’t flattering on me (too short waisted?)

  14. This is post is AWESOME. I’m a former college athlete and 3kids and 20yrs later its tough accepting the ‘new’ me in a bikini (but I wear it anyway). You have no idea of the impact your self image has on your children until you hear your own 16yr old daughter tell you to put your head up and be confident with who you are and what you have. I love that my kiddos love my few gray hairs that seem to poke through daily and that even my 10yr old has told me not wear that swimsuit that “looks like a dress”. This blog has been my go to the last few years encouraging me that I don’t have to wear the standard mom-i-form, that my tattoo is okay to show, that I can show off a little of that pretty bra, that I can still rock my denim undies (within reason). In a nutshell I love knowing regardless of my environment that I am not the odd mom out!. I love that being a mom can be so many things and look so many different ways. You ladies look A-MAZING and i am ordering my cheeky bottoms TODAY.

  15. You are all so beautiful! Thank you for post, it’s important to show mamas and women of all shapes and sizes in swimsuits, confident and having fun. Your daughters will thank you for showing them what it means to have a strong body image! Way to go ladies!

  16. I love this, and all of these ladies are gorgeous! I have a lot of weight to lose but decided, as the mom of boys, that it’s important for me to send them the right message. I have worth and am just as deserving of having fun and playing on the beach with them as I would if I were 80 pounds lighter. I don’t want them to see me hating my body or punishing myself for not having the “perfect” body. If they see me judging myself that way, they might think it’s normal to judge their future girlfriends/wives that way. Or themselves. Who knows.

    All I know is it’s not a positive message when mommy sidelines herself. So I wear a really nice crocheted cover up and get in the water and play on the sand!

    Thanks for this wonderful post and great swimsuit suggestions for different body types!

  17. I love the confidence to wear what you want! Me, I decided that women’s bathing suits look too much like underwear in comparison to men’s, which look like shorts and a t-shirt. I bought a rash guard that I love, and can relax and be protected from the sun!

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