Weekend 7.7

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We’ve spent the last two – glorious – weeks at the shore.  Mike and I both had to work a bit (there’s was that pesky little re-design, haha), but I also got some major quality time with my boys.

I’m always so much happier when school is out.

Raines, especially, seems so much older.  It turns out he’s funny – he was making fun of me for not allowing him to wear athletic shorts everywhere.  “Where CAN one wear them, according to you, Mom?  You once made me wear ‘tailored pants’ to SKY ZONE.”

In my defense it was a birthday party.  And perhaps I was unclear on what SkyZone was.


He’s been listening to music constantly.  The other day, I was in the kitchen and Raines snuck up behind me and put his headphones over my ears.  Then he just stood there, watching me, a small, shy smile on his face, as One Direction’s Drag Me Down played in my ears.

I’ve got fire for a heart
I’m not scared of the dark
You’ve never seen it look so easy
I got a river for a soul
And baby you’re a boat
Baby you’re my only reason

All my life
You stood by me
When no one else was ever behind me
All these lights
They can’t blind me
With your love, nobody can drag me down

When he was younger our moments were more obvious.  He’d wrap his chubby arms around my neck, or we’d play together, or he’d get hurt and need Mama.  As he gets older, I simultaneously feel him pulling away from me yet reaching out, checking back in.  So as I stood there, listening to the song he picked for me, I realized that this was one of our moments.  Just a new kind of one.  So I looked him right in the eye, letting him know I got it, I got this song selection, I got him.  And then I danced.  And he laughed and rolled his eyes but he did the guy-head-bob-thing so I know he didn’t hate it and when the song ended he gave me the fiercest little hug and buried his face in my arms.  “How did I get so lucky?” I whispered into his wild hair.  “We both did, Mom” he said.

Ah, Summer.  Never leave.


Short, red, and dangerous.  Remember this flippy little red dress I wore it in Barcelona?  It’s long-gone, but LOFT has an almost exact piece currently 40% off!

While you’re there….pick up a few fun pieces to update your basic tank.  Like LOFT’s linen cargo pants, this pair of tie-waist beach pants (cuter than they look online), or this pretty eyelet skirt that looks wayyy more expensive than it is.  (And is especially good with a graphic tee.)

Oh hey, J.Crew.  I’m obsessed with this allllmost off-shoulder, slouchy white tee.  So sexy with a pretty bra.  On the complete opposite side of the spectrum (what can I say, we’re complex creatures)…I’m swooning over the retro vibe of their postcard print.  I’d wear the top and matching shorts with my saltwater sandals.  YASSSS.


Are you a Yeah, Maybe person? I loved this Ted Talk by the CEO of Wildfang about the importance of using the words, “yeah…maybe?”  It’s going to be my go-to answer for my boys.  (And if you’ve read Tina Fey’s Bossypants, it’s in a similar vein to her “yes…and?” )  SO GOOD.   (thanks for the find, Laura!)

Welcome to my messy home.  We’re all big, HUGE fans of scruffy hospitality.  Do you practice it?  As my friends can attest….Mike and I are THE WORST at getting everything ready for dinner parties – it’s pretty normal to show up at our pad and have to help pull dinner together.  (But according to this article…maybe the best?)

We’ve been carrying car seats wrong THIS WHOLE TIME.  Instead, try this.  Mind. Blown.

Mark your calendars… the epic Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts on Thursday, July 13th.  Are you ready?  We sure will be!  Look for my favs to go live first thing on Thursday…..

Enjoy your weekend!




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  1. You know, reading this post about watching our children grow into adolescence and processing the changing dynamic in the relationship brought to mind a book I think every parent should read. A Mother’s Reckoning, by Sue Klebold is an absolutely astonishing book. I will admit that it is a deeply disturbing subject matter and there are parts that are too confusing and upsetting for me to process still, but it is an eye opening book nonetheless. I highly recommend it, but will admit that it is a very tough read and answers will not come easily. What it will do though, is cause a great deal of introspetion into how we raise our kids, how we listen to them, and what we are willing to really hear when they speak to us.

  2. I’m at the same stage with my son, and I kind of love it! We have such great conversations, and then he slips back to being a little boy. I also got a little revenge the other day when I joked with one of his classmates at the park. After we left he said, “You know, Mom, that reflects on me.” Ha! Just as all of the public meltdowns he’s had in the past reflect on me. It was a little light bulb moment for him and also kind of mixed emotions for me.

  3. My oldest just turned 8. I don’t know how to handle the transition from little boy to older boy. I know how to handle babies and toddlers, so, while different because each child is different, being with my 1 year old is easy, practiced, comforting. I feel baffled at my oldest. When did he learn to read chapter books, create assays in his mind to solve multiplication, play video games that he couldn’t do (but tried so hard) 2 years ago?

    I really like the mixtured content of posts, it reflects the varying interests of the mother. Tidbits of parenting, fashion, home, kids fashion, etc. Thanks for the content!

  4. my boys are 4 and 6. The 6 yo wants to wear basketball shorts to school every single day…and calls everything else “pants shorts” which he hates! i thought it was just us! thanks for sharing!

  5. Isabel Lopez on

    This just made me tear up. I have a 16 yr old boy and 10 year old girl. This moment you speak of is soooo true. I love when my boy shares his music with me. Sometimes i feel its a way of him stalling to do something but then realize, no, he’s sharing his love with me. Every now and then i still get cuddles. I’m treasuring every moment i can with my girl. Every bit counts. Time goes by so fast.

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