The Most Wearable Fall Trends of 2017

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Gang, after several months of research – looking at both runways and retailers, as well as pouring over magazines and street style blogs – I came up with a list of the top ten Fall trends worth considering.  It’s not a comprehensive list (I couldn’t bring myself to add “PLAID” to the trend list because I was raised to consider Plaid a God-given right #yooper, much like Florals For Spring) and I suspect there are some trends on my list that, upon further investigation, will prove tricker than I thought.

But for now, I have a list of what I think are the most wearable women’s fashion trends. These are the trends that should fit nicely into your existing wardrobe, the trends that I think retailers will actually be stocking this Fall and Winter.

You can find our complete coverage of Fall trends in our Fall Trends SHOP,  including styling notes and round-ups of our favorite trends. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find over there…



See more in the  Fall Trends SHOP!!




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  1. kristina f jacobson on

    Yay! I love posts like these! I know you guys took a beating on some of your recent posts, but articles like this are what made ANMJ so great and why I still read. The Nordstrom shopping enabler is ok (don’t tell my husband I said that!), but I really like posts about trends to add to my existing wardrobe and especially how to style what I already have. And now I’m off to find an Icelandic sweater. Looooooove.

    • Agree with everything in this comment, Kristina! (Except I’m searching for some sport chic–Icelandic sweaters don’t mix well with Phoenix “winters.”) Bravo, TME team.

  2. Christy Hartman on

    I am soooo excited for wrap dresses! I’m hoping to find lots of true wraps, opposed faux wraps! And I might do a floral bootie. None of the others really excite me, but I echo the comment above, I love that reading your trend posts leaves me feeling better informed to make fashion forward decisions. And I’m loving the distraction right now because I’m in southeast Houston, going on day 7 stuck in the house with two active little boys. We’re VERY lucky we didn’t have any damage and never lost power, but there is destruction all around us and it’s nice to take my mind off of it for a little while. Thanks TME team, keep the posts coming!

  3. I was really looking forward to this post. It has got me thinking about my own personal style. Like plaid, I think menswear and tailored silhouettes are my favorite mainstay trend of fall dressing. I think I am coming to terms that I like “pretty” clothes and traditionally feminine silhouettes. I’m seeing less and less of clothes that attempt to “flatter” in fashion. Everyone in fashion magazines dresses like the man-repeller– and well, I’m not there and that’s ok. On the other hand, I like to continue to evolve….Thanks for being food for thought.

  4. I love these posts. I have been to Iceland. I bought a bunch of sweaters and am amazed that the Icelandic style is finally reaching the states.

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