Why I Love These Anti-Aging Products (Plus An Exclusive Discount Code)

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Roughly a year ago, I did a review of one of my favorite skincare brands, Colleen Rothschild.  I had been using their oil-based cleanser for years (and loved it), so was thrilled to try out a few additional products:  a scrub, a mask, and a few moisturizers.  One product that caught my eye – that I didn’t have a chance to try  – was the Retinol Treatment Complex.  Since I was obsessed with everything else, I ordered the retinol cream (a year ago), and promised to follow-up with a review.

So when Colleen Rothschild reached out recently, asking if I’d like to work together, I realized I owed you guys a review of their anti-aging line, which, at this point, I’ve been using religiously for a year.  (Personally, I don’t trust any ‘anti-aging’ reviews unless the product has been used for at least six weeks – three months is better – so a year?  Consider that a really good sign.)

This has now been my night-time routine for almost a full year.  I know I’ve gushed over the Radiant Cleansing Cream before – it IS life-changing, I swear – but I wanted to really, um, ILLUSTRATE THE POWER, so we did this shoot at the end of a Major Makeup Night.  You’ll see in the photos that (well, first you’ll see that my Major Makeup Night is not nearly as dramatic as it sounds), but you’ll also see that when I wake up in the morning, there’s no tell-tale eye makeup residue.

And yes.  If it’s dawning on you that Mike and I shot this at 2AM after dancing our butts off, THEN again first thing in the morning (with no makeup, yo) in the middle of our coffee…YES.  Yes we did.  DEDICATION, you guys.  That’s what it looks like.  (And smells like coffee.  FYI.)

Even better, Colleen was nice enough to extend a discount code, just for our readers.  Take 20% off all regularly priced products with the code, MOMEDIT20.  This code is valid from 9/18-9/25.

Let’s Cleanse, Shall We?

I know I’ve talked about the Radiant Cleansing Cream ad nauseam, so to quickly recap:  smooth this oil-based cleanser all over your face, including your eyes.  Towel off with damp muslin cloth (included).

The reason(s) I’m so obsessed with this product?  Not having to splash my face with water changes everything.  I find I actually look forward to washing my face at night!  And the smell is divine.  It’s subtle, but enough, so the whole experience feels like a spa treatment.  Lastly, it removes even stubborn eye makeup, without over-drying your face.

(And buy extra muslin cloths.  They’re worth it.)


Next: A Gentle (but Effective) Retinol

If there’s one product I can credit for tightening my skin tone, shrinking my pores, and fading my fine lines….it’s the Retinol Treatment Complex.  Retinol is great because there’s just so much data behind in.  No dubious claims, no “promising” reports, just real, solid data.  And I am a real, solid data kind of girl.  (I’ll also answer to nerd.)

I like this particular retinol because I didn’t need any sort of breaking-in period.  No redness, no adjustment necessary.  I even used it all summer long.  (I used sunscreen in the morning, obvi, but still.)


Lastly, Mix Up Major Moisture

I’ve been using the Extreme Recovery Cream over the Retinol Treatment Complex for most of the last year.  It’s thick and rich and moisturizing enough (thanks to Hyaluronic Acid) for even our Colorado ski trips.

In the last month or so, I reached out to Colleen to see if she had any advice to tweak my nighttime routine.  What would she recommend to address fine lines and wrinkles, given that I’m already obsessed with the Retinol Treatment Complex?  Her suggestion?  To mix the Extreme Recovery Cream with a few drops of Face Oil No.9.  The result?  Decidedly glowy skin.  I haven’t tested it out for a full six weeks, but the glow was pretty immediate (and obvious).  Four weeks in, I’m totally obsessed with this combo.

The oil does feel a bit greasy at first….but if you let it sink in (and it only takes a minute or two), the greasiness completely disappears, leaving your skin baby soft.  I find that if I need intense moisture, I use a couple of drops of the face oil with my usual serving of Extreme Recovery Cream.  However, if it’s humid or something (like at the shore last weekend), I use a little less Extreme Recovery Cream and a drop or two more of the face oil – the result is moisturizing, but a little lighter.


Et Voila….Me In The Morning

So here’s my face, all forty-one years of it.  All things considered? The swimming in the lake, the summers lifeguarding, those ill-advised cigarettes in collage, the all-nighters for books and then for babies, and the cancer and the laughter and the love and the extra slices of pizza and wildly unnecessary but oh-so-fun One More Drink Nights times a lifetime of days for those of us lucky to have them?

I’ll take it.

(Retinol helps.)

Shop My Colleen Rothschild Favorites

Don’t forget – take 20% off all regularly priced products with the code, MOMEDIT20.  This code is valid from 9/18-9/25.  Below are my top picks….



A huge thank you to Colleen Rothschild for sponsoring this post!!  Obviously, I’m a huge fan, and am always so thrilled to work with you.  And readers, thank you for your continued support!  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.


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  1. terrific photography! my own experience and research- nothing beats straight up retin-a micro when it comes to skin care and anti-aging, canadian pharmacies rule.

  2. Can you wash the muslin cloths? And is it good for sensitive skin and one last question, if your have a reaction is there a return policy?

  3. Thanks for the review! Your skin looks amazing. I’ve been wanting to invest in good skin care products for awhile and this was what I needed to go ahead and do it. But… I just went online and purchased some products, entered the code, but the final price did not reflect the discount. Not sure if you can look into this?

  4. Can’t wait to try. Post breast cancer, I’m strict about no toxic ingredients including parabens, etc. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Elizabeth J Paul on

    Can we talk about your bathroom?????? Are you willing to take a photo of your gorgeous sink/wallpaper/faucet? Drooling…. And yes your top is also just amazing. Please share.

    • I’m with Elizabeth- I’ve loved the tiny glimpses of your home from the kitchen to the bathroom to your bedroom. (Yes, I know you are sitting on an all white bed with white walls- but that is our bedroom right now and I love the serenity of it all!).

  6. Shana- do you use these products during the day too? I’ve tried 101 natural products free of parabens etc. and haven’t had a lot of luck. It’s a fine line between balancing my need to feel good about what I am putting on my skin (and not using harsh chemicals) AND having results. Your testimonial AND use of these for a year have me convinced to try this line. And, if I am going in, I am going all in- day time and night time routines. Thanks for sharing! xo

  7. Score! I am 6 months in on a no clothes buying oath, but my year long self regulated restriction didn’t say anything about skin care! I was about to order the PM set and the retinol for under $200. Thanks!!

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