Our Top Picks For Fall (25% Off For Three Days)

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Alright gang, it’s time for one of our favorite sales. Shopbop is offering up 3 glorious days of deals and seriously, it’s worth taking a look. Today – 9/29 (Friday) shop online to receive 20% off orders under $500 and 25% off order of $500 or more (think COATS, cashmere, lots of denim…the usual lust-worthy pieces).

During checkout be sure to use code EOTS17 to get the discount.

The TME team and I have gathered up a ton of favorites to get you started or just inspired. Scroll down to see what everyone’s adding to their carts by Friday. But I suspect things will go QUICKLY so keep that in mind.

Happy Shopbopping!

Shana’s Favs

I love using this sale to stock up on pieces that will end up in my forever wardrobe (an article I’m still working on – haven’t forgotten about it!).  For me, this means drool-worthy cashmere, OTK Weitzman boots (they’re part of the sale!! holla!), a leather jacket worth saving for, and seriously good denim.  One item I’m considering?  Leather pants. Like….real leather.  If ever there was a time to invest, it’s now.

Scotti’s Favs

Laura’s Favs

Cam’s Favs

We’ve been talking a lot about transitional outfits lately, here at TME. I put together a boutique of things I think are really perfect for this current season, but also ones that can  easily transition into late Fall & Winter. I pretty much have the majority of everything below (not the exact same ones, but their equivalent) and I live in them all, from school drop-off to adventuring on the weekends.

Julieta’s Favs

Amanda’s Favs

Wearable, on-trend pieces that fit seamlessly into your wardrobe – you’ll reach for these over & over again.

Jess’ Favs

Gwen’s Favs


Team TME


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Shana founded The Mom Edit in 2008. She lives with the love of her life (his name's Mike) and their two crazy boys in downtown Philadelphia. She loves a good styling challenge (her engineering side shows eventually), appreciates kindness, and usually picks scotch over wine, sneakers over stilettos, and denim-underwear, always.

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  1. surprised SW lowland’s not on the list?? Are they part of the sale or are there new coveted styles these days? Thinking of taking the plunge on OTK boots!!

    • I KNOW. But I typically use this sale to buy a forever piece that I normally wouldn’t purchase at full price. So most of my picks were chosen with that in mind.

  2. I always get really frustrated with shopbop posts, because I find so many things I love then realize I can’t fit into any of them. They don’t even carry size xl in most if not all of their shirts, sweaters and dresses. I guess because I’m a size 14/16 I’m not allowed to shop there! So off putting.

    I suggest adding a true plus size girl to TME team. I love your blog but this is frustrating.

    • Rachel, every time someone leaves a comment like this, I have the same response: are you volunteering? Seriously. I’d love to have a true plus size girl on the TME team. If you’d like to volunteer, or know of anyone who would be good, please let us know. xoxo

  3. I love checking out the blog, but agree with Rachel above. You need to acknowledge that fifty percent of women are a size 14 or larger. I love clothes. I would love to see options beyond footwear that I could wear and look and feel great wearing. I recall the first time I went into a store that carried nothing in my size. I said, “I guess fat women don’t have money to buy nice clothes.”

    Consider being more inclusive.

  4. Hello! What is the deal with the Moussy jeans at $330? I mean, I’m completely down with breaking the bank on jeans that make me feel like a rock star, but dang…..do they do liposuction while wearing? Do they massage your legs while walking? They are completely drool worthy, but I have to know…why so special for the honkin’ pricetag? They look fabulous on you S…as does everything!

    • Dude, I totally get this. I’m trying them out just to see if they are worth it. And I love the slouch, and how they seem to get softer with every wear, but man, they’re expensive. I remember when we all eventually got used to 7’s being over $100, and then True Religion came out and their jeans were priced over $200 and everyone was PISSED. And then a few years later, we all sort of got used to that price point, too. I’ve noticed more and more brands creeping into that $300 range and I’ll bet 5 years from now it’ll be the norm for designer jeans. Ugh, this is the most depressing answer ever. Anyway, all of this was a long way of saying YES, GIRL. I HEAR YOU.

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