Weekend 9.1

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Our hearts have been so heavy this week.  Houston, our thoughts and prayers are with you.  The devastation is staggering, and really, we are only at the beginning of this terrible mess – the cleanup and recovery will likely last months. To put things into perspective, Hurricane Katrina, which hit New Orleans in 2005,  had a maximum rainfall of 17 inches….while Hurricane Harvey has dumped almost 52 inches of rain on Houston.  One ABC affiliate calculated that the amount of water dumped on Houston could supply New York City with water for the next 50 years*.  The death toll is up to 35, and some 34,000 people have been displaced.

*Huffington Post has pulled together a few numbers to help put this storm into perspective.

National Geographic has a set of heartbreaking photos that illustrate the scope of the destruction.

This NPR article, How You Can Help People Affected By Harvey, is easily the best article I’ve found on the topic.  It includes where to give blood, how to open your home to displaced families (if you are in the surrounding regions), what food banks have been affected, diaper distribution efforts (diapers are not stocked in shelters FYI), and a number of organizations directly involved in the cleanup and rescue efforts who need online donations.

To be honest, it’s hard to keep posting about fashion during weeks like this.  So I really appreciated Christy’s recent comment: “…I’m loving the distraction right now because I’m in southeast Houston, going on day 7 stuck in the house with two active little boys. We’re VERY lucky we didn’t have any damage and never lost power, but there is destruction all around us and it’s nice to take my mind off of it for a little while. Thanks TME team, keep the posts coming!”

Ok. Yes.  Distraction time:


Yeti is donating 100% of proceeds (from today) to Hurricane Harvey relief.  I posted about their ah-mazing tumbler before but hadn’t gotten a chance to pull the trigger.  Done and done. (Here’s a direct link to the tumbler, and the beer holder – for guys like Mike.  I might actually get a couple of these for kids’ lunches.  Both have now declared themselves vegetarians, so I’m thinking SOUP.)

Take 60% off select styles at Shop BURU with code LABORDAY.  And for every order placed, Morgan will send a package of diapers to the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.  My silver shorts are part of the sale, I love this Lemlem top, and this mesh-sleeve pullover (perfectly on-trend).

My fav skincare is 20% off. Use code LABORDAY to take 20% off everything at Colleen Rothschild.  If you do nothing else, get the oil-based cleanser.  I’ve talked about it before, and it’s completely game-changing.  For anti-aging, I also swear by the retinol cream (night) and vitamin c serum (day). I layer each under my usual moisturizer.

Take an Extra 25% Off At Off 5th with code LABORDAY (I’m sensing a theme here).  I love this Chloe saddlebag, these Joie suede shorts, or this Alice + Olivia denim skirt.

Lastly, I wanted to thank everyone for their recent feedback on our picnic post and Cap Hill hotel post.  Both of those posts have been updated based on your feedback…..and we’re just going to chalk the whole thing up to end-of-summer laziness + with back-to-school craziness.  Thanks for the love, you guys.  (Because we do see constructive criticism as love…and we appreciate it SO much.)

Enjoy your last summer weekend, everyone.  And Houston….love and light and prayers of safety to you all.




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  1. Thank you for this post but Shana check your facts! Hurricane Katrina was in 2005 not 2012 and the clean up in Houston will likely take YEARS not months.

    • Oh good grief, I knew that. [bangs head on desk]. As soon as I get home, I’ll fix the year. And it’s funny…I originally put in “years” to clean up, then saw some weather report that predicted months, and didn’t want to be overly pessimistic. But i’m afraid you might be right.

      • Yes sadly it will be years, one may be optimistic. There will be so much trash and debri. Texas is strong though. My graduating class was under 200 and 4 guys from my graduating class in South Texas were in Houston in their own boats helping rescue people. That says a lot! They will get through it! The damage will be devastating!

  2. While I truly appreciate your post please be aware that this is far more than Houston. Houston will get a lot of press but there are huge areas of the Gulf Coast affected by Harvey. I would encourage everyone to do what they can to remember and support those people in the smaller towns and cities. I have many friends in South East Texas who are still under a lot of water. Many are without water (ironically). Others are facing dwindling food stocks as their communities are cut off by flood water.

  3. Christy Hartman on

    Hi Shana, I’m glad you appreciated my comment, on your previous post, about needing the distraction. And thank you for your heartfelt words.

    Another great resource for providing help was furiously built by local houston software engineers over the last few days (my husband included).

    This one is really cool. Shelters list exactly what they need, and with one click you can add it to your Amazon cart and Amazon will ship it to the shelter – no middle man: http://oneclickrelief.com/

    For locals – help coordinate volunteers with volunteer opportunities: http://muckmap.harveyneeds.org/

    Another great consolidation of resources here:

    Most of these tools were built in the last few days by volunteer efforts of local “civic hacktivists” and I’m proud to say my husband (https://twitter.com/neror) was one of them. While being stuck in the middle of this disaster he worked from home, doing his full-time software job while also leading two of these projects. Sorry to brag, but people are making it so easy. The outpouring of support from everywhere is enlightening to see.

    And I also wanted to give a shout out to the caregivers like me who want to go out and help but have little ones at home to care for (especially since schools will be closed for weeks!), it’s easy to feel like you aren’t doing anything, BUT supporting the supporters and shielding your little ones from the stress, is a big job, an important job, keep it up!

    And thanks to TME for providing well-crafted distractions from the craziness.

    • OMG Girl, I somehow missed this comment!! YES. Yes to everything here. Thank you SO freaking much for taking the time to post it. And major kudos to your husbands. Stories like this are insanely inspiring. Checking out those links now…..

  4. I have to say that I love this blog and read it many moons ago when you started up. I know that there will be posts with items/topics that are not for me, and so I really dig in to those that are and skim those that are not. I know criticism can be helpful and I appreciate your attitude toward it, but also know that you all are doing a great job keeping things real for mamas out there like me who love to read your blog.

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