Easy Shoe Update: Detachable Pom Poms

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I randomly came across these pom pom clip-ons and thought they were so cool. I had been thinking of making my own for the longest time, but ya know…no time (kids, n’ stuff). It just hasn’t happened, so I grabbed these ones right up when I saw them.

How I Wear Them:

clip-on pom poms for shoes

trendy accessory for fal 2017


pom pom: H&M, but seem to be gone now. Etsy has some options! My favorites are these from FurForestFox. They come in several different colors (I’d totally get the grey). Now, if you prefer a faux fur option, take a look at these Pom Pom shoe clips. They look a bit more fluffy, too. 😉

shoes: Target, old. These BP. Ankle Strap Heels are almost identical. My Sam Edelman Lulie pumps would also look really cute with pom poms.

Anyways, I thought you all might like to know about this easy and trendy way to update a pair of old (or new) shoes. I’m always game for easy, so this one got me!



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  1. Do you really need to recommend Pom Poms made out of an animal’s real fur? Really, faux won’t due for this? Disappointed.

  2. I love the ability to transform an outfit with accessories! I am dating myself but I remember back in the 80’s using shoe clips, how fun!! On a separate note, I wish there were more ankle strap shoes with thinner straps like the ones you are wearing. It makes the style even more wearable for us Shorties!

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