Weekend 10.28

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Are you guys ready for Halloween?  We are, relatively speaking.  The kids are ready, and Mike has technically seen the costume I bought for him and I have typed “Cleopatra makeup video” into the search bar one time so yeah….ready.

How do you guys handle Halloween candy?  The last couple of years we’ve just let the kids eat whatever they wanted on Halloween night, and then threw the rest away.  And by threw the rest away I mean that Mike hid it and ate it for several days afterwards until I found the stash and put him out of his misery.  True love, obvi.  This year Raines has negotiated to keep 13 pieces to be eaten after Halloween.  So we’ll go with that for now, but I’m genuinely curious how others handle Halloween candy?


It’s a Fall thing.  The sales are nuts right now, so we created a Weekend Sales Round Up and picked the best pieces on sale from Nordstrom, J.Crew, Abercrombie and River Island.  Let us know if there are any other good finds out there….

A nod to the original.  In the photo above I’m wearing Madewell’s sweater – it has so far so good embroidered across the front, which is basically my life motto.  However…..it just dawned on me (like, 10 seconds ago), that it could be a knock off of Lingua Franca.  So let’s be clear:  if you want the authentic version, the hand-embroidered one in 100% cashmere with a powerful/irreverent/empowering message across the front….stick with the original gangster.

Velvet for day.  As in this midnight blue velvet Herschel backpackAmazing, right?  I’d sling it over my shoulder while wearing this icy blue off-shoulder sweater and these velvet oxblood sneakers.

Velvet for night.  Madewell has a whole new line of pajamas and I LOVE them.  You can see the little velvet set on me via the TME IG (@themomedit).  NOTE – the color in our IG is much more true-to-life than the muted gray on madewell.com.

It’s called fashion, Brenda.  These….pants?…are all over Amazon.  Aptly titled, “fried chicken pants,” they’re also referred to as “solid loose fancy mid-length pants” as well as “carrot pants” or my personal favorite, “pleated closure ankle-length pants for Thanksgiving.”  Well.  There you go.

Also, This….

My Slow and Non-Glamorous Life.  In the latest Do You Even Blog podcast, Pete interviews me about blogging, what I’ve learned over the years, and does a little behind-the-scenes Q&A on The Mom Edit if anyone is interested.  We had so much fun chatting.  He’s seriously great.

Hey Portland, Get Sweaty With Laura.  <— not my best choice of words, but I’m tired, and I couldn’t think of a Barre3 pun. ANYWHO….Laura and Barre3 Portland have teamed up to offer Portland readers a free class and meet and greet (complete with FOOD and prizes).  The class will be at 3PM on November 11.  Sign up here – Laura’s excited, and dying to meet you guys!

Hey Philly, Come Watch My Friend’s Movie.  My dear friend Amanda has made a movie.  Not on her iPhone, but, like, a real one.  Her movie is Love Means Zero, and Rolling Stone named it as one of The 10 Best Movies We Saw at the 2017 Toronto Film Festival.  I’m over-the-moon excited, obviously.  There’s a screening this Sunday as part of the Philly Film Festival, and if any of you can make it, please come and say hi.  The film starts 2:20PM, and you can buy tickets here.  (Mike and I are bringing the boys which may not be a great idea but, ya know, life…..)

200 Women.  This book, 200 Women, asks women from a wide variety of backgrounds the same five questions.  Chronicle has an excerpt from the book and it’s fascinating.  Expect to see this one high on my holiday wishlist.

Enjoy your weekend!!




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Shana founded The Mom Edit in 2008. She lives with the love of her life (his name's Mike) and their two crazy boys in downtown Philadelphia. She loves a good styling challenge (her engineering side shows eventually), appreciates kindness, and usually picks scotch over wine, sneakers over stilettos, and denim-underwear, always.

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  1. Halloween candy…. People donate or do a “Switch Witch” situation….I sort of don’t get this – we are “everything in moderation, 80/20” sort of people who believe in chocolate. We just keep it and eat it over the next several months. I toss a fun size in lunches, have a piece after dinner for dessert, etc. Eventually the stash will dwindle to DumDums and SweetTarts, and then we can move on…

  2. My boys are similar ages to yours and get A LOT of candy for Halloween and it is just too much to keep. We let them go to town Halloween night, then pick out 20 pieces to consume over the next few weeks. We donate the candy (many dentists, and schools collect them) and in exchange let them pick out a small Lego set. Once the candy is gone it’s thanksgiving and sugar overload til New Year’s!

    Also, love the Sherpa jacket!

  3. Omg too funny about Mike and candy! I let my kid take what he wants, leaves those in his pumpkin. I don’t limit him since he did all the hard work of running thru out the nite door to door, it’s alot of work ya know? The rest I bring to work, leave on the kitchen table. I work with a good team, by early afternoon all the candy, several lbs, every type you can think of, even the weird ones, are gone. It’s pretty funny! Oh those pants should be called “turkey leg pants”

  4. We have an annual Candy Draft. Everyone piles all their candy on the table. We decide together what an acceptable amount of candy is (usually the kids say about 20 pieces which I’m cool with). Then we go around in a circle and every body gets to pick a piece of candy until we have the 20. They are pretty happy with this and they enjoy sorting the candy into categories before the draft begins. lol. Then I pick out things I can bake with later in the year. Freeze a little bit of the chocolate for parties. Donate the rest. We donate A LOT.

  5. As a fellow Portlander, I’d love to do a Barre3 class and meet Laura. Sadly, we have kids’ sports that afternoon. Bummer. However, love this idea.

  6. Christy Hartman on

    I just listened to the interview and it was great to get a behind the scenes look at how you run the blog, how you make a profit, it’s history, and the struggle with work/life balance. These were all things I’ve wondered about over the years. Good stuff, Shana. Or should I say, good “content”. 😉

  7. We just dole out the candy over time- it typically lasts until around Thanksgiving. I’ll sometimes have some leftover to use in holiday baking. If you want to get rid of it, I’d encourage you to look into donating it to organizations that collect it to send to troops overseas.

  8. We have candy/chocolates in our house year round. We stock all sorts, skittles, m&ms, Reese’s, you name it, it’s in our pantry year round. So my kids are used to having it all as a dessert option each night. Mind you they don’t always opt for that dessert option, but it’s definitely always in the house. Needless to say, Halloween candy isn’t a huge treat and we end up taking most to the dentist or to donate to the troops. Maybe I’ve ruined the excitement of candy on Halloween??? But I have also realized that my kids are much less attached to it than I was as a kid…like this is the last possible peanut butter cup I will ever get in my lifetime 😉

  9. re: candy.

    Ha! I like Mike already. Thank you a TON for coming on the podcast. I sincerely enjoyed it (and of course you should start your own…)


  10. I let me kids eat their candy until only the rejects are left…it takes a few weeks. We eat healthy on a regular basis, and I just don’t worry about the Halloween candy thing. They get a piece in their lunches each day and they can have some after dinner. On Halloween night there are no limits. They eat as they trick-or-treat and when they get home. And my husband and I help ourselves to their candy once they go to bed (my kids are aware of this–they don’t mind!).

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