Weekend 10.6

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Hi Gang!  This week has been a whirlwind of work, homework, and…..well….that’s it, I suppose.  It seems like there should be more.  How depressing.  Maybe we can all just blame the full moon and move on.  Agreed?

In the spirit of moving on….I will be living verrrry vicariously through Laura this weekend.  She and her hubs are headed to London for a few days….alone.  I cannot even begin to imagine.  Even just the flight!  All of that uninterrupted time with just your guy/gal/love – I mean wow.   She’s taken over The Mom Edit’s IG stories this weekend, so it should be fun to follow along.  (And by “fun” I mean eating buttered popcorn while weeping in jealousy.)


Just delivered…..the latest video is up.  I think I found my new go-to outfit for date nights and maybe even the holidays.  Featuring giant knits, because there’s nothing sexier than wearing yards of yarn.  (We should make that a company motto.)

Nothing sexier than wearing yards of yarn.

– The Mom Edit

I cannot stop obsessing over Shearling Coats.  My only issue is that the swing wildly between fabulous ones for $2K (ugh I hate you for being beautiful) and $50 (like this one).  I’d prefer a slightly higher quality one with good drape for, say, $200.  Could this be it?  (That collar strikes me as a bit large, tho.  Anyone find a good one?)

And then there it is.  LOFT is having a giant sale – 40% off regular priced pieces, 60% off sale.  And as I was perusing through, I found this faux-shearling Aviator Jacket.  Well played, LOFT.

Top 10 Pieces to Shop At LOFT’s Sale


J.Crew, too.  Take 30% off almost everything with code GOSHOP.

Top 10 Pieces to Buy at the J.Crew Sale



Wonder Woman Lived.  A viking skeleton, whose bones are over 1,000 years old, has just been identified as female.  The skeleton was originally discovered over 100 years ago, but it wasn’t until recently that genetics testing revealed her two X chromosomes.  The article warns about jumping to conclusions (wonder woman?), but it’s still pretty freaking cool.

“You don’t get laid in Everlane.” I loved this candid look at Everlane in the New Yorker, and how they’re trying to disrupt traditional retail models.  And I especially appreciated the author’s thoughts on what Everlane has been doing best – it might surprise you. (Hint:  these.)

Tapas, cleaned up.  At least once a week we end up doing “Party foods” for dinner, which is just a fancy way of using leftovers by turning them into bite-size “apps”.  The Healthy Apple has a seriously inspiring take on a tapas platter, using leftovers that are anti-inflammatory, and sometimes need a little extra love to be delicious (sweet potatoes, I’m looking at you).

Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!!




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  1. On the Sherpa coat ideas – check out the new and only one by Mother. Amazing and good price point. Not quite buying into the look. But if I was – this would be the one for me;)

    • YES! Belinda, it’s really, really good. I ended up getting the Mother Denim one, so the LOFT one went back, but it’s honestly because I already have so many moto style jackets that I wanted something different, NOT because the LOFT one wasn’t amazing. I have a link to it in my shop (and it’ll be on IG tonight….)

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