Hearth & Hand Collection: An Early Look

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Source: Target 

Well, OKAY, Target. Just take all of my money now. You might as well.

As soon as I heard chitter chatter about Joanna Gaines curating a special collection with Target, I had my hawk eyes on social media…ready to spot if it was actually true. When it was officially announced on their Instagram feed I was beyond excited. Oooooh, did I slap that date right on my calendar? YES. I. DID. I circled it about 5x, too. Just in case (because I am one to miss things right in front of my face).

This is just too good to miss. As as a huge Fixer Upper/all-things-modern-farmhouse fan (along with half of everyone else in America), I knew that good stuff was about to be shared with Target go-ers. It also just so happens to be arriving at the perfect time – right before the holidays.

Here’s an early look at all things I’m loving from Hearth & Hand so you all can be in the know (and get all of this amazing stuff ASAP like me).

Shop Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Home

Shop Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Holiday Decor

Shop Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Gifts


I may have gotten a few things.

Or like ten.

We’ll all know in a couple of days when the boxes arrive on our doorstep. haha. When they DO come, however, I’ll give you all a peek at how I style them in and around my home.


Cheers, Cams

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  1. Oh dear. TME, I’m sorry, but you have lost your way. Is this a fashion website or a home decorating website or just one full of clickbait? There are no less than 100 links for a 290 or so piece collection. This is not editorial in any way, nor is it an early look at Hearth and Hand when the collection already launched today. I used to come here for practical advice on fashion trends that are still mom-friendly, but what with the poorly chosen sponsorships and no clear vision, you’ve lost me.

    • Hey AJ! I am so sorry you’re so dissapointed. This post was not, in fact, sponsored. I shared this on my own volition. Joanna Gaines is a favorite of mine. I share a lot of my home on Instagram, too!

      I hope you’ll stick around, because we post outfit-type posts almost daily.

      Cams 🙂

    • I’m confused. Isn’t part of being a mom having a home? Don’t most moms want their homes to be cozy places to raise a family? Did you not see all the kids toys and Christmas decor Camille shared?

      Fashion has evolved to home decor- we use our homes to express ourselves just as much as we use our clothes. I think this post is highly applicable and Camille has adorable style!

      Great job, Cams! Can’t wait to see what you purchased and how you style it! (:

  2. I thought it was a fun post and I think it’s been clear that the blog has evolved to include home decor. Might need to make a trip to Target 😏

  3. I love the post! I appreciate things at a price point that I can actually consider at a place a frequently go. Thanks Cam!

  4. I love Chip and Joanna! Not surptised I’m not alone. Can’t wait for season 5 and wish I could access Target from where I live!! Fun to see the picks you like.

  5. I went to my local Target and was disappointed that they didn’t have more items on display. But it looked of good quality… I just wish they had more options there that were not holiday-ish. I’ll wait till the next installment, but it was all lovely.

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