Wear Velvet With….More Velvet (it works)

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I have completely embraced the velvet trend this year.  It’s soft, cozy, and an instant party.  I mean….if you are wearing velvet than obviously you must be verrrry fancy, or you are celebrating something.

In Pax’s case, it’s the fancy thing.  (BTW – His blazer sold out at H&M in two hot seconds, but Target has a similar one.)

I was originally looking for a dress.  Well, not a dress, the dress – the one that would solve all of my holiday needs:  jaw-droppingly amazing, insanely comfortable, super flattering and warm enough for visiting Michigan.  #thatsall . Turns out, it doesn’t exist.  (At least not YET.)  But in my quest, I had started playing around with velvet dresses and learned that it’s hard to out-drama velvet at the holidays.  Sequins would do it, obviously, but on a cold day in December, I rarely think to myself, “know what sounds amazing right now?  COLD PLASTIC SEQUINS.”

My point is that I was already on a velvet kick.  And then I found Madewell’s insanely amazing velvet tee and it was all over.  This tee basically has the most perfect cut.  A little bit slouchy, with a rounded hem to either tuck or wear out (but really, just tuck), and a luxe tomboy vibe I can’t get enough of.

This velvet tee looks amazing with jeans, obvi, but when kicking things up a notch, I really loved it with…..more velvet.  

The dressy fabrics, when paired, almost give the feeling of a suit, or a dress, or a gown, depending on what pieces you pick.  Granted, comparing my outfit to ‘a gown’ is a stretch (ha!), but there’s no doubt that velvet + velvet = drama^2. #fashionmath

And besides, finding velvet pieces right now is dead easy.  SO easy, in fact, that it’s much more fun to buy two velvet pieces and wear them all. the. ways.  than to lock yourself into a dress.

Commitment issues?  Velvets.

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Outfit Details

velvet tee: Madewell Tulip-Hem Top (xs for reference)

velvet leggings-as-pants (don’t judge): Sanctuary Leggings (xs regular, but petites would’ve been better)

boots: Steve Madden Goldie Booties

faux-fur: old Forever21, but this H&M Faux Fur is similar

On R (older): H&M suit | JCrew flannel shirt | JCrew tie | Adidas Superstars

On P (youngest): Velvet blazer | H&M suit pants | JCrew shirt | JCrew tie | Adidas Superstars

Shop Velvet Tops

Obsessed with velvet tops right now.  They work with virtually everything (denim, more velvet, silky pants, wool)….and are insanely versatile (office/date night/weekend/etc).


Shop Velvet Bottoms

Doesn’t that just sound so…chic?


Shop Velvet Blazers (and Bombers)

I’m planning to do a little post on velvet blazers – something I’ve been coveting for years – but then I couldn’t decide.  Which one is your fav?  I keep thinking I have a solid fav, and then change my mind….





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  1. This velvet tee with your leather shorts (ok, not so cozy) or thr long princess-y tulle skirt would also be amazing I’m betting.

  2. Oh Shana I so WANT those Fenty leggings with lace up sides but what I’ll actually order are the Adidas and try to style them the same. Twenty years ago? Absolutely the Fenty!
    The velvet top looks great on you especially the velvet on velvet but when I try the velvet t-shirts for some reason it comes off VERY…. geriatric- not sure how to make it work or what Im doing wrong 😕. Perhaps one of the blazers will work better, loving both of the green ones above. Too much to wear with green velvet loafers???

  3. Just adore Pax’s face in the pic with his hand on his hip–priceless! And Raines clearly has a long career ahead of him as a model. Your children are seriously trend setting handsomeness! Made my day. : )

    p.s. Yay to velvet! Loft has their strappy cami out now in black and a really chic navy/black lacy, velvet combo!

  4. oh how I love velvet! Five years ago I tried on the most amazing sapphire blue velvet romper. I was in the early stages of pregnancy and wasn’t sure I would wear it much but it is hands down my biggest fashion regret. It haunts me to this day and I’ve never found a suitable alternative years later. You look great!

    I also agree with M about velvet tees looking off. I’ve experienced this too but sometimes I wonder if it’s just the quality of the velvet.

  5. Amanda J Parker on

    I don’t comment often but just wanted to say that I’m really enjoying all of the voices on TME. My style aligns with some more than others but I almost always take something away from each post! So, thank you! You guys are one of my most enjoyable reads!

  6. I’d LOVE more on how to style a velvet blazer for everyday- lunch with my kids, date night and holidays. I had my eye on a gorgeous navy one burst $800 it was out of my CPW. But I’m still looking- these gave me good places to start. Love!

  7. Loving velvet! But until I find the perfect piece at rock bottom sale price that fits my very low key life style, I will pretend that that super soft wide wale corduroy blazer that I have in chocolate brown is the same thing!

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