What to Buy At J.Crew Right Now (With….SELFIES)

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A blogger walks into J.Crew and finds…..happiness.  Retail therapy at it’s best.  We’re talking sweater dresses that look good on everyone, surprisingly good jeans, and allll sorts of fun little party tops, as well as some interesting weekend staples.

Best of all?  J.Crew is currently offering 25% off all full-priced styles with code GETSHOPPING.  So….let’s go get shopping.

Go Get One of These Sweater Dresses…

…Striped Turtleneck Sweater Dress

A J.Crew salesclerk was wearing this dress – it’s the Striped Turtleneck Sweater Dress.  She was gorgeously curvy, and it looked stunning on her.  I took one look and said, “WHERE IS THAT DRESS?”  She cracked up and admitted that they had sold several that day based on her fabulousness (my words, not hers haha).

…Bow Back Sweater dress

I also love this one! It’s the Open Back Sweater Dress.  A shorter length, and cute back (perfect for messy bun days), and I think this one could be easily dressed up for holiday parties.

A Few More Fancy Pieces….

…Velvet-front Cardigan

This Harlow Cardigan doesn’t look like much hanging on the rack, but it’s shockingly sexy on.  I love the deep v-neck (when unbuttoned a bit) and the strong menswear vibe.

Sweater: Harlow Cardigan (xs for reference)

Scarf: Leopard Faux Fur Stole

Pants: Cargo Pant (size 25 for reference) and then High-Rise Toothpick Jeans (size 25 for reference) – kind obsessed with both of these pants.  Both fit like gloves, were super comfy, but so sleek on.

Shoes: Audrey Flats

…A Velvet Bomber

This is just a really cute and easy way to make anything fancy….even a tshirt and jeans.

Jacket: Velvet Bomber (size xs for reference)

T-shirt: Tres Chic T-shirt (size S for reference)

Jeans: High-Rise Toothpick Jeans (size 25)

Shoes: Audrey Flats

…This Cute Red Skirt, Three Ways

I kinda LOVED this skirt.  Such an oh-la-la, French-girl vibe, especially with a graphic tee and a blazer.

Skirt: Ruffle Mini Skirt (size 0)

T-shirt: Tres Chic T-shirt (size s)

Tank: Velvet Tank (size xs)

Blazer: Campbell Traveler Blazer (size 2)

Shoes: Audrey Flats

…This Velvet Tank

I’m obsessed with velvet right now, and this tank is a solid choice.  It’s beautiful, and comes in bunch of gorg colors, but I do have two words of caution:  It’s thick, so it doesn’t tuck easily into a skirt.  It’s better at tucking into something more substantial – like cargo pants pictured below, or jeans.  And lastly, the neckline is much more conservative than the online picture.  I could bend over and still not worry about risk of exposure.  Many of you like that, but I like something a little….riskier.  😉

Tank: Velvet Tank

Pants: Cargo Pant

Shoes: Audrey Flats

…Bow-Topped Chinos

OMG I love these stupid things.  I think….I think because they’re just boyish enough, and then have that ridiculous bow belt at the top.  Obsessed with graphic tee combo, but the can easily be dressed up with a silky little tank.  These came home with me.

T-shirt: Tres Chic T-shirt (size S)

Tank: Velvet Tank

Pants: Cameron Bow Stretch Chino

Shoes: Audrey Flats

Two Pretty Blouses…

I hate that word, ‘blouse’.  Let’s move right along and talk about these….ah ha!  SILKY TOPS

…Actual Silk Dotty Top With Waistband

Our world is filled right now with tops that make me go, “hmmm”.  This is in that category, but the Tie-Front Silk Top ended up being really flattering on.  With cargo pants for a boyish twist and a blazer, this would be a really cute work outfit.

Shirt: Tie-Front Silk Top

Blazer: Campbell Traveler Blazer

Pants: Cargo Pant

Shoes: Audrey Flats

…The Not-Silk, Pretty Top

This floaty little top (the Paisley Ruffle-Front Top) is just so fun to wear.  But I think it’s important to tuck in….and it does run a bit short.  It’s made for tucking into high-rise jeans, however, and J.Crew is doing those really, really well right now.  I’m kinda feeling the inky navy just for something different.

Shirt: Paisley Ruffle-Front Top

Jeans: High-Rise Toothpick Jeans

Shoes: Audrey Flats

Cute Stuff To Wear With Jeans…

…Cashmere Under $100

A few of you have been asking about J.Crew’s under $100 line.  This “Everyday Cashmere Sweater” is not nearly as soft or as thick as it’s $200 counterparts…..but it IS just as drapey, and will get softer as you wash it.  I’ve been needing a basic camel sweater, and for $100, I’m calling this one good enough.  (Cashmere snobs may prefer J.Crew’s Cashmere Tie-Sleeve Sweater.  It’s insanely thick and soft, and the tie sleeves, while slightly annoying, are also stunning. )

Sweater: Everyday Cashmere Sweater

Jeans: High-Rise Jeans

Shoes: Audrey Flats

…Stripes and Plaids, You Guys, STRIPES AND PLAIDS

I love J.Crew’s tissue turtlenecks, and this genius plaid wrap has armholes, which means you can wear it as either a cape, or an oversized scarf.  Also, there are tassels, which, LOVE.  It’s a bit big on me as a cape, but since I”m prob shorter than 98% of you…..YOU WIN.

black and white striped turtleneck

Cape: Checkered Cape/Scarf

Shirt: Striped Turtleneck

Jeans: High-Rise Jeans

Shoes: Audrey Flats

…Plaid? Check.  Flannel? Checkity Check.

Year after year, J.Crew makes the best slim-fitting, flannel shirts.  Obsessed with this mini-buffalo check.  I especially love this shirt tied at the waist with high-rise jeans. Which, wait!  I forgot to talk about these jeans!  They’re…..amazing, actually.  The waist is nice and high, and the distressing isn’t overly much, just enough to be interesting.

Here are a few ways I’m wearing this flannel….

T-shirt: Tres Chic T-shirt (size s)

Flannel: Mini Buffalo Checkered Button-Down (size 2)

Blazer: Campbell Traveler Blazer (size 2)

Jeans: High-Rise Toothpick Jeans (size 25)

Shoes: Audrey Flats


…The Cutest-Ever Little Tee

Um.  These little puffed sleeves are so freaking sweet.   And I’m going back for these jeans.  For some reason I’m reallllly feeling a clean, dark wash right now, and these had a seriously sexy (yet comfy) high-rise.  SO GOOD.  

Shirt: Puff-Sleeve Top

Jeans: High-Rise Jeans

Shoes: Audrey Flats

…Pom-Pom Sweatshirt

I do love a quirky sweatshirt, and this is a fun one.  But I’d size down – it works best when it’s a little fitted, otherwise the fit is a bit boxy.

Sweatshirt: Pom-pom Sweatshirt

Jeans: High-Rise Toothpick Jeans (size 25)

Shoes: Audrey Flats

…This Sweater Blazer?

I do love a good sweater blazer, and this one….is just OK.  It’s not nearly as structured as J.Crew’s Open Front Sweater blazer (which I own in camel – see it styled four ways here).  Both blazers are the same prices, so maybe stick with the open-front one.  (Which now comes in a bunch of colors….)

T-shirt: Tres Chic T-shirt

Flannel: Mini Buffalo Checkered Button-Down

Tank: Scoop-neck Tank

Blazer: Sweater-Blazer

Jeans: High-Rise Toothpick Jeans

Skirt: Ruffle Mini Skirt

Shoes: Audrey Flats

So…..This Coat is GORG, But BIG.

Hence my use of ALL CAPS. . I felt like I needed to shout, to be heard by the giant whose coat I had stolen.

No but seriously – this thing is gorgeous.  However, it’s not lined, so the sleeves are a a little itchy (only a prob when I tried it over a tshirt – long sleeves, even thin ones were fine), and definitely go down a size.  I’m wearing an XS in the photo, but it does come in an XXS (and an XXXS good grief).

But honestly, these pictures do NOT do this coat justice.  Despite the oversized fit, I loved it so much I almost walked out of there with it.  Instead, I’ll just order my real size like a normal person, not talk myself into something too big like someone who is binging on retail therapy.

Jacket: Wrap Coat

Jeans: High-Rise Jeans

Shoes: Audrey Flats


Shop My J.Crew Try-On Sesh

For ease of shopping, here are the pieces featured above.  I’ve put in the size that I tried on…..


Happy shopping!




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  1. I own the sweater blazer in the same burgundy color and love it. It’s hard to find blazers with sleeves that are big enough (I curse you, genetics!), but this was pretty good. I find it runs a little big (I wear a medium), but it looked way better on me than the open camel blazer you wrote about earlier. I tried that one on and said, “jeez… we are clearly different people.”

    Thanks for a great post!

  2. Shana,Thanksgiving is coming and i need cute outfit to wear because my fashionable shyster in-law (meant sister but the typo seems appropriate so..) will be there looking great as always and I would like to not look like the dumpy one… PLEASE HELP!!!! Doesn’t have to be a dress actually jeans and something awesome would be fine, any suggestion would be appreciated Thanks!

    • Hi there! To be honest, the easiest way to not look like “the dumpy one” is to make sure you have seriously well-fitting jeans (a high waist is so on point right now), makeup done (I like smokey eyes lately, but bright lipstick can do wonders), and gorgeous shoes. The top, at that point, can literally be anything: graphic tee, flannel shirt, whatever. It’s the blend of polished (shoes, face), with sexy jeans and a casual top that gives that sort of nonchalant cool that will stand up to whatever your shyster-in-law has in store. 🙂

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