What To Wear On Holiday Outings With Kids

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I’ve been getting fancier this holiday season. Finally! After some years, specially last year that I was heavily pregnant and living in sweats. This year my heels, dresses or special dress pants have been worn more. However, the holiday season also means going out with the kids to all those great holiday activities. Our favorite is New York’s Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show. If you’re in the New York area I truly recommend it. It’s gorgeous and we enjoy it so much. We even snuck in a full day there before flying to Colombia. (Some stress involved but seeing those two boys in love with the show was worth it)

Whenever it’s not just me dealing with the kids I like to wear something different than what I wear on the regular. (A sweater, jeans and sneakers.) But you know! Sometimes that’s just the most comfortable thing to wear on a Sunday with your family. Which brings me to: let’s make that more fun and fancy without taking away the comfort factor. That’s when chenille sweaters and shiny sneakers come in the picture. Chenille is having a moment and I’m all about it. It just adds that glam factor to anything, especially when it’s a dark and rich color.  Add to that a cute guitar strap and it becomes a comfortable Holiday season outfit. It doesn’t sound bad for Christmas day at all.

I felt like a million bucks. So much that I had to ask my husband to snap a few shots, because this wasn’t something I was planning on posting about when I got dressed that day.

casual holiday outfit

casual holiday outfit

casual holiday outfit

By the way….this might just be my Christmas Card pic. For next year of course #mypoorbrainisallovertheplace


Top – State Split Neck sweater* – Wearing XS for reference. Retail pic is bad! I’m glad I saw it in store cause then I probably would have never given it a try. I don’t know about you but I wash all my sweaters in a hand wash cycle and lay them flat to dry…Nursing mamas, I wear a bodysuit under to keep my midsection covered when lifting the sweater up to feed my baby. *still available to have by Christmas Eve!

Jeans – Good American Good Legs* – My favorite jeans. Really comfortable and stretchy. I’m wearing a 25 which is my regular size but I could have sized down. *still available to have by Christmas Eve!

Sneakers – Adidas Super Stars with Gold stripes – I decided to skip the black stripes for these gorgeous gold ones. I’m so glad I did. If your size isn’t available, these are very close.

Bag – Rebecca Minkoff Jumbo Love Crossbody – My favorite bag. Not a diaper bag lover here. The jumbo size is good to fit more things.

Bag Strap –  Rebecca Minkoff Guitar Strap also available here and here.

Earrings – Asos Pom Pom Statement Earrings sold out. Here are similar.

Shop more chenille sweaters

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  1. Yes, love this! And as a mom of littles myself, I’m wondering if you can share tips on flying with them. I’ve got plenty to entertain my 4 year old daughter, but my 18-month-old son is the one who worries me! We are facing a couple of three-hour flights over the holidays. What did you do on your flight to Colombia?

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