Fun Little Dresses for New Years Eve

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If you follow me on Instagram (@shanachristine), you may remember that I posted this pic with a Shimmer & Shine joke….which made me realize I am definitely not the only mama who sees a shiny dress and ends up with “shimmer and shine!  shimmer and shine!” stuck in her head for the next week.

Genies divine, you guys.  #pleasemakeitgoaway

In any case, Modcloth had reached out, asking if I wanted to talk about New Year’s Eve dresses.  Um, yes.  YES I do.  NYE is actually one of my favorite holidays (weird, I KNOW, but to me it represents a reset of sorts, a fresh start), but if nothing else, NYE is an amazing excuse to get all glammed up.   And I do love getting all glammed up.

In my way.

I cracked up reading Cristina’s IG comment: “So weird,” she wrote (ironically).  “You’re in a turtleneck and Scotti’s in sequins!”  Yup.  Sounds ’bout right.

In Defense of Turtlenecks

Just kidding. Turtleneck need no defense.

So here are the fun (and affordable!) little dresses that Scotti and I wore to BalletX.  These will likely make a repeat performance for NYE……

cute dresses for nyecute dresses for nyecute dresses for nye

My Outfit (left)

dress: BB Dakota Invite to Shine Mini Dress (wearing an XS for reference) – I adore this dress, but the neckline is low.  You’ll want to layer over a turtleneck (ha!) or at least wear a substantial bra top.

turtleneck:  mine is old, but here’s a similar Black Turtleneck

coat: mine is old, but I’m eyeing up this pretty cream one from BB Dakota

clutch: I’m carrying my mom’s old prom purse, but Modcloth’s Metallic Clutch has a similar vintage vibe (and I love the idea of combining gold and silver together…..especially with the cream fur coat).

Scotti’s Outfit (right)

dress: BB Dakota Sequin Sheath Dress (size S for reference) – know what Scotti and I both LOVE about this dress?  The fact that it combines a ton of glitz (allover sequins) with a silhouette that’s almost demure. It makes sequins so much more wearable – keeps it from being too over the top. (Not an issue for NYE, obvi, but means that you can easily wear it other places as well.)

jacket:  Scotti borrowed my old leather one for the night, but this Vegan Moto Jacket is similar.

tights:  these Sheer Tights have a seam up the back that is soooo sexy.

clutch: Scotti’s is an old favorite, but we’re loving the Embroidered Velvet or Iridescent Essence .

earrings: Scotti’s are old, but these are similar.

Shop A Few More of My Fav Dresses For NYE

Shop Some of Scotti’s Tops Picks for NYE

Fun Little Bags

Because they do this so well.

Happy holidays!!!!!

A huge thank-you to Modcloth for sponsoring this post!  I’m always happy to look at pretty dresses, especially around the holidays. As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are our own.  And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.


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  1. Hey gals! Love this post! I was wondering about that black Millie dress from the anniversary sale over the summer along with the Steve Madden booties S paired it with in the pics. Can that outfit be winterized for holiday parties? We have a work holiday party that actually isn’t until early January and I’m concerned about striking the right tone given that the glitz and glam time will have passed. Thank you and adore you all!

  2. Hello ladies! I have been curious about this a lot, and thought I would finally ask. I have noticed the different tattoos each of you has and would love to hear more about them! Maybe a tattoo post?

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