Girls’ Baking Day In

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This post has been sponsored by Amazon Fashion & Isotoner.

You guys. It is now seriously dark and cold apparently forever over here in Portland. #wheredidfallgo The only thing getting me through this abrupt transition is cozy clothes and baking treats, easily two of my favorite things in the world.

Sienna is just now getting to the age where she wants to help me in the kitchen. Or am I just getting to the age where I’m actually ok with letting her? I don’t know, but now that she’s 4 1/2 and I’m…it’s starting to work. It’s starting to be fun.

I’ve always loved baking and have learned to love cooking in the last few years. I think baking will always be my favorite though because sugar is involved. Duh. But I do love the presentation often associated more with baking special treats and the time and love and celebration that go along with it.

My love of baking came from my Mamma, my dad’s mom, and she would bake up the extra little pieces of pie crust with cinnamon and sugar on them for me. I just did this for Sienna this summer and geez, all the feels.  I do miss my Mamma. And gah, is the smell of a pie baking not the most amazing thing? If that isn’t cozy I don’t know what is.

cute slippers for women
You may have noticed a less-than-happy glare from the 4 1/2 year old above. Baking together is getting fun…for the most part. I didn’t say it was getting perfect. Two strong willed women collaborating on something will always guarantee you a few bumps. But at least there’s dessert at the end…

Slippers, Kid-Sized Tools and My Favorite Cookbook

We did find a few helpful things to aid us in our new love of being in the kitchen together. That white stool is amazingness and super reasonable. Those little kitchen tools are all actual utensils but sized right for kiddo hands. And don’t even get me started on these slippers…I think Shana said “namaste for your feet” and I whole-heartedly agree. They’re easy to slip on and off, warm but not too hot and supportive enough for standing and baking for a few hours. Plus, they have actual soles so you can wear them outside to grab the mail (or wrangle a puppy back in the house…ahem, Camper.)

baking with kids



1. Dishing Up The DirtAndrea owns a farm outside of Portland and makes THE most delicious recipes. I’ve been following her blog and IG for a while and am always inspired. Her cookbook is amazing and organized seasonally (of course) with gorgeous photos and complex-tasting, but simple recipes. I couldn’t speak more highly of this book. It’s my go-to now and has a mix of vegan, vegetarian and meat recipes. The Sweet Potato Tart we made is dairy free and could easily be gluten free by using GF oats. SO yummy. My other favorites are her Smoky Cashew Sauce, Spring Harvest Pizza with Mint & Pea Pesto, and the Early Autumn Moroccan Stew. This would make the perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook.

2. Isotoner Cheetah Flat – Seriously cozy and easy to slip on and off and wear all the time. The footbed feels like a springy foam mattress and I love that the sole is solid enough to run outside if you have to. TTS, but size up if between sizes. Wearing size 7.5-8 (and I’m a solid 8 shoe). As much as I love the leopard, they have some other super comfy choices, as well. LOVE that dark gray wool knit below and the updated ballerina slipper in heather gray!

isotoner slippers

Knit Marisol | Jersey Athena | Andrea Clog | Jillian Ballerina

3. Sanctuary Sweater (similar) – LOVE that this one is a bit chunkier than mine but has a similar cut at the neckline and on the shoulders. So cozy.

4. Japanese Style Denim Half Apron – I’m totally sold on this style of apron. The kind that go around your neck are just never comfortable for me. This is great, keeps the lower half of me clean AND has pockets.


5. Cosco Two-Step White Wooden Step Stool – This is a major kitchen upgrade from our paint-splattered metal step stool and now that Sienna is big enough it’s perfect for her to help out in the kitchen. It looks great sitting out but easily folds for storage. AND it’s only $40. Score.

6. Toddler Panda Apron (2-5yrs) The most adorable apron for kiddos. LOVE it. It’s adjustable so it will fit for a while, too. I’d say it’s a little big for a 2 year old, but should easily fit 3-5yrs.

7. Little Blue House Bunny Slippers – So super cute and cozy and I don’t know about where you are but we all definitely need slippers over here these days.

8. Smiley Whisk For Kids – The handle on this is not only adorable but easier for little hands to hold. LOVE this.

9. Mrs. Anderson’s Children’s Beechwood Rolling Pin – I mean, this is too cute. Kid-sized, but still useable for actual rolling out of dough. Presh.

10. Tovla 3-Piece Nylon Kitchen Knife Set – These are really great and Sienna loves being able to help cut veggies, etc. for lunch and dinner prep.

11. Norpro 2-Piece Mini Spatula Set – These are great for kids and for getting the last of the peanut butter or mayo out of the jar.

The winters are long here in the Northwest and I’m so excited that little S and I can now make it through together with this new-found (mostly) teamwork in the kitchen. I really hope to pass this love of hospitality and food on to her and you better believe we’re getting started right away!



A huge thank you to Isotoner and Amazon Fashion for sponsoring this post!!  Any time I can get in the kitchen and bake with my gal I’m a happy girl, especially when I have cozy slippers on to boot.  And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram @elletrain to see daily outfits, puppy updates, and of course, Sienna’s dance moves. Gorgeous photos by Posy Quarterman. 


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