Kimono Love (Try This Chic, Easy Piece on NYE!)

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Sometimes I’m up for fashion challenges and give a lot of thought to my outfits but others I just want a great piece that can make a basic outfit not so basic. This is one of them. When I was looking for great nursing holiday tops I came across great kimonos. The idea of wearing an easy top and jeans under a gorgeous kimono seemed so easy yet fashionable, a great option for New Year’s Eve for those of us who don’t go all fancy and want to go to bed right after midnight.

But you know what I thought would look even greater? A turtleneck. So I went for one of my favorite basic outfits (turtleneck, jeans and over the knee boots) and just layered a gorgeous kimono over. This mama is ready to party without abandoning an outfit she loves or doing a lot of shopping. #momwinforsure because I love shopping my closet. How about you?

Anyone else finding it hard to believe this year is almost over? I’m having a hard time accepting it. Especially because Ben was born in January and now he’s almost walking. How did it go so fast? Where’s my newborn? It really makes me cry cause I seriously think he’s my last #motherhoodaintesy. If you know a way to slow down time let me know because I can’t handle seeing my two boys getting bigger and older every time I blink.

Anyways have a fashionable and happy New Year’s Eve and a great start to a New Year.


Kimono – Loft Winter Garden Silky kimono – Wearing S for reference. Love the colors, the print, everything. Better yet is 50% off right now!

Top – J.crew tissue turtleneck – It’s great for layering and tucking into jeans without the bulk.

Jeans – Good American Good legs – It’s one of my go to’s weekly. To do things with the kids or going out. They are super comfortable and flattering. See them here in action while out with the kids. Recommend sizing down and in case you’re wondering I had to crop a couple of inches to fit my 5′ 2″ body.

Boots – Marc Fisher Alinda Over the knee boot – These are actually my mom’s and she loves them. She says they are very walkable and I agree. If only I could steal them without her noticing.

Bag – Rebecca Minkoff Love cross body – Over 50% off! Go get it! Gorgeous cross body for those times I don’t need to carry diapers, wipes and snacks.

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Special thanks to my little sister for this photoshoot! So proud of everything you do!

Ciao ciao,


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  1. I am right there with you! Taking it easy this NYE in something cute yet comfy. I have been obsessed with kimonos. Just got a port-colored one with fringe and have been wearing it on repeat over everything!

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