Anniversary Sale 2018 Dressing Room Selfies: Laura’s Picks (+ Favorite Jeans)

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Believe it or not, this is only my second rodeo with this sale. I know. It feels like I’ve been here forever trying on all the jeans, no? Rookie mistake in-store here, and I didn’t know I could bring in shoes, so the black wedge sandals are old. These are very similar and part of the sale.

Last year I did focus on athleisure and jeans, but this year…free reign! To try whatever looked cool to moi. Hooray! So much fun and um, exhausting, but in a good way. I love trying on all the clothes, I really do. I’m crazy. But enough about me…let’s check out what’s on sale!

The Coolest Moto Jacket In The Land?

Possibly. I adore this thing. It’s like a moto jacket meets a coat. It runs quite large. This is the XS and I’m glad my instinct was to try the brown in that size online, too. It’s so cozy inside and just makes me feel rad…forever. And it’s super doable price-wise for such a great find. 

Outfit 1: Jacket – XS | Tee – S | Jeans – 6

And, More Jackets, Of Course

It wouldn’t be shopping with me without trying out ALL the jackets…or most of them, in this case. I love all three of these. That white blazer is my gem find of the sale so far. It’s knit and comfy. That moto jacket is amazingness with a hoodie liner (runs a little small…wearing a Medium Petite here). This fuzzy cozy sherpa jacket? Forget about it. SO good.

By the way, I have two different pairs of jeans on in these photos (I know, black jeans forever but they’re hard to see) I LOVE them both. I brought home the slightly washed pair which are the Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution (Yeah) Ankle Skinny jeans. They have a super comfy waist band and fit really well. I love the wash. I have them cuffed here but I’ll chop them off at the right ankle length for me.

The other pair (far right below) are the Kut from the Kloth Donna High Waist Ankle Skinny. They’re a great inexpensive jean, too, and the petite length is perfect on me. The legs fit tighter though and the waist a tiny bit bigger than I’d like so they stayed. FYI I sized up to a 6 in both of these jeans, so I’d say they run a little small. I might have been able to get away with my regular size 4 in them, but they would have fit quite tight.

Outfit 1: Jacket – S | Tee – S | Jeans – 6
Outfit 2: Jacket – Medium P | Tee – S | Jeans – 6
Outfit 3: Jacket – S | Tee – S | Jeans – 6P

These jackets are. all. amazing. The one on the left is the BLANKNYC vegan leather jacket and it’s super cute. I prefer the feel of the leather jacket above, but this pretty taupe color is good. The hoodie is a bit thicker making the jacket feel heavier overall, so it’d be for fairly cool weather.

Moving on to the middle fuzzy Zella jacket…Um, yeah, keeping. (Final decisions are gonna be a beyotch) Super super flattering and cute. Most fuzzy jackets I feel make my shoulders seem big or proportions are just off, but not this one.

The knit blazer…another great one. It has 3/4 sleeves so just be aware. So soft and lighter weight than the white one above.

Outfit 1: Jacket – S | Jeans – 28 | Shoes – TTS/ 8
Outfit 2: Jacket – S |  Jeans – 4 | Booties – TTS/ 8
Outfit 3: Jacket – S  | Jeans – 26 |  Shoes – TTS/ 8

Cardi A & Cardi B

Ok ok, sorry. I can’t say cardi now without thinking about Cardi B. But I digress. THESE. Both of them. Coziness in brown or dark gray. The one on the left is the Halogen brand cashmere blend and gahhh. It came home. The one on the right is a less expensive and a bit lighter weight super soft cardigan that also really wanted to come home.

Outfit 1: Cardigan – S/M | Tee – S | Jeans – 6
Outfit 2: Cardigan – S | Jeans – 6P

Another Zella amazingness below, this cardi is so soft and lightweight but warm. And it has a hood! I think I like the one above a little bit better but they are super close and both great.

Outfit: Cardigan – S |  Jeans – 27 | Shoes – TTS/ 8


I can’t ever get enough striped tees. These were both so adorable. The one on the left is so cute and those colors. Heart eyes. I might have liked to try a size up though. The one on the right super loose fit and so soft. I always want to wear more turtlenecks. It’s selling fast in stripe, but it comes in a couple solid colors, too.

 Outfit 1: Tee – S | Jeans – 6P
Outfit 2: Top – S | Jeans – 6P

Two Great Outfits

These came in this afternoon and yes. LOVE this whole first outfit so much. I’ll be keeping this top and these jeans for sure. And these shoes I just so want to keep around, too. The jeans are TTS as are the shoes. The top is a little sheer but not overly so, making it just right in my book. And it’s like $15, y’all.Outfit: Top – S |  Jeans – 27 | Shoes – TTS/ 8

This sweater was super fun in a 77 degree house this afternoon (we don’t have AC, y’all), but it’s so cute. Sadly, this color is already out of stock, but check back for it or snag the red gorgeousness if you want a really warm, cozy sweater for all winter long. LOVE these super comfy Madewell jeans, too. Duh. I have these Cali Demi Boot in black and imma just have to keep these super soft blue ones. Oh goodness. Deciding what to keep is gonna be cray.

Outfit: Sweater – S | Jeans – 26 |  Shoes – TTS/ 8

Updated: My 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Jeans Review

I know you’re still here because you’re serious about jeans like I am. And, who doesn’t love a good jean on sale?! I don’t know anyone.

I’d say overall there is a really nice jean selection this year, you guys. And I’m happy to report most of these are still stocked well. Whew.

I was excited to try out some of these that are a bit different than my go-to black skinnies (and I only tried on one pair of black skinnies!) You’re proud of my branching out, aren’t you? Of course, the fav pair wound up being gray, but whatevs. Let’s check it out.

Skinny & Straight Leg Anniversary Sale Jeans

Sweatshirt – S (still available in M & L) | Top – 8 (a few sizes still left) | Sneakers – Sized down 1/2 size | Shoes – TTS

FRAME Le High Ankle Skinny – LOVE. Love love love. I’ve been searching for a better pair of gray jeans and these are they…them. These are good. TTS and super soft and comfy. Surprisingly, a good gray wash is hard to find. Get on these, y’all! Wearing 27.

Top – 8 | Shoes – TTS

rag & bone Side Stripe Skinny Jean – Ah, rag & bone. I had almost written you off for jeans, even though I adore your shoes and jackets. But, the Dre Boyfriend fit. I keep trying, but they’re SO bad on me. To get the legs to work I have to size up, so then…it looks like I have a…crotch thing going on (see below — I almost didn’t post them!) Just not the look I’m searching for currently. BUT, this skinny high-rise. Gorg! It’s making me reconsider their jeans. Love these.

Top – 8 | Sneakers – sized down 1/2 size

Good American High Waist Ankle Skinny – These fit so well. They are super-sexy. They’re soft and stretchy and move with you. My only thing about them is that they’re not really denim feeling and I love denim. If denim is uncomfortable for you or you need a sexy going-out pair, try these for sure. TTS. Wearing size 4. Comes in regular and plus sizes.

Straight & Flare Anniversary Sale Jeans

Top – 8 | Shoes – TTS

Halogen Ribbon Stripe Slim Jeans – A bit more faded than they seem online, which I like even better. These are SO flattering and so cute! Love them with a flat or a mule. I’d of course have to grunge them up somehow for most days, with a leather jacket or high tops or something. They’re quite tight, but not uncomfortable, and again, so flattering! Super-reasonable, too! TTS. Wearing size 27.

Top – 8 | Shoes – TTS

rag & bone Dre Slim Boyfriend Jeans – Don’t look too closely y’all, but, um. Yeah. Not working. I’ve tried these a couple of times because on some people they look so good! But, alas, I think it’s my thighs? Or something? I have to go up one size to get the legs to fit, but then the crotch sags. Not. Pretty. Arg. But I love the wash and the straight leg and everything else about these, but yeah. No go. If you have thinner thighs try these out. Wearing 28.

Top – 8 | Shoes – TTS

Hudson Talley Cuff Ankle Straight Leg –  These. Are amazing. They’re SO soft, a thinner denim, but the perfect vintage fade you know I love. I love the cuff for something just different, and they’d look super cute with sandals. They’re amazing on the booty, and I so want to keep these. Did I mention they’re comfy? TTS. Wearing size 27.Top – 8 | Shoes – TTS

Leith High Waist Crop Straight – These are cute. I wish the color was a little closer to the brighter blue they look like online. They run small I’d say, but are flattering tight. If you want more of the look on the model, definitely go up a size. Wearing size 27. I think they’ll stretch some, but it’s hard to tell how much.

Sweater – S | Shoes – TTS

Madewell Cali Demi Boot – You know I love my Madewell jeans. I have this style in black, and this blue wash is amazing. It’s even softer than the pair I own, the high-rise waist is so comfy, and the chewed hem is super cool. At my height, I like this style best with a shoe with some height. I wear my black ones a lot in the winter with a sleek black ankle boot that comes higher up on the leg. These would be cute with that shoe and and a cozy black sweater. LOVE.

Sorry, some things are already out of stock, but check back on them as people return things. Have fun perusing, and send us pics if you try any of these out! We’d love to share!

Favorite Jeans From the 2018 Anniversary Sale

Favorite Athleisure

Favorite Jackets

Favorite Sweaters

Favorite Shoes

Favorite Tops


Good luck and have fun you guys! And don’t forget to check out my LikeToKnow.It page for easy perusing throughout. *Content was updated this afternoon with more arrivals!



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