Have you seen Shana’s Fall Trends post yet? So fun. And so relatable. I also recently purchased 10 actual print magazines. But then I packed them to move. And now I can’t find them. Not yet. But I will. Boxes be damned. I’m sure they are somewhere. And when I get to that box, I will lay down with them and call the 20 minutes of breezing through them my reward for the day!

She’s right, nothing is really new. It’s just us loving things all over again. But isn’t that just the best?  When you take the old and make it new again?

Mike D, I’m looking at you. My love of Camo is long-lived. I remember being pregnant with my first child 11 years ago. I was walking down a hot city street in a pair of camo cargos and a black Isabella Oliver tank. It was 105 degrees in June, and I was 10 days overdue with my first child. And so big. Just so freaking big. And the sweet, cute, and very hip, millennial restauranteur proprietor of the trendiest spot in town was sitting outside his establishment, mid-day, sipping an espresso. He eyed-me-up, stared me dead-on, and said this: “Lady, you ain’t hiding from nobody at this point.” #truth

It was one of my favorite, pregnant, fashionable moments. It was 11 years ago. I have two pairs of those pants. And when recently doing a necessary closet purge, I gifted one pair to Mike D. He’s yet to wear them. While I still wear mine all the time. Imma gonna steal them right back and regift them to Davis. He’ll do them justice. Ain’t no vintage like vintage my own closet. Hold on to those keepers. They’ll come back.

You’ll always see me in black leather. Lots of it. And my home too. And hell yes, do I have a serious collection of cowboy boots. And hats too. My brother Shane was in fact named after the cowboy. Western was an early influence in my life; thanks Dad. And I’ll always stay true to it. You let me know when to pull those boots and hats back out, S.

For now, let’s just have some fun and see where Shana’s Fall Trends inspiration takes us @ HOME.

Pretty Midi


When I think Midi, I think lunch long before I think of a calf-length skirt. But in browsing fashion’s definition of, I noticed that most of what’s trending is floral. And so pretty. While I tend more masculine in all my choices for everything, I do love a floral in wallpaper, and as a print on a fabric. These chairs are so beautiful and so bold, yet also blend so well into just about anything. They can go modern or traditional.  They can be the neutral base or the pop of color.  They are right there in the midi of adding something a little beautiful to a room. What more midi is there?

Varsity Stripes


For classic, we go classic. I don’t think I’ve ever met a stripe I don’t love. It’s just that some, I love more. Pendleton blankets are a family-owned, made-in-the-USA wool classic, and I can’t get enough of them. They are just the best for picnics, and cool summer and fall nights outdoors. And for movie night and carpet picnics all through a long cold winter. They look great rolled in a basket, or folded at the end of a well-made bed, or on a great armchair or ottoman. And they feel even better than they look when you are all cuddled-up in them with your loves! This one in particular is a beautiful striped pattern and a great neutral base color scheme. It’s just kinda awesome. In a varsity level blanket kinda way.



Long live my love of camo. Ironically. My cargo pants will live forever. And the backpack I’ve been carrying since May and am hesitant to give up and switch seasonally over — is also camo. So it might just carry on.  (giggle out loud.) And everyone wants to know what it is and where it’s from. And it’s just kinda fun to answer, “Vans. The outlet store in FL.”  This answers lends cred to my sensible side. We all need that cred. And that Camo. This rug is great b/c while absolutely camo, it’s all blown-up and abstract. So the coloring is perfect, yet it doesn’t scream, “I’m on a hunt.”  More like, I’ve found my place, and I’m just gonna hide here and be happy.

Leopard Print EVERYTHING


I just adore animal prints. Throws, pillows, rugs, EVERYWHERE!!!  I don’t think I’ve met an animal print I’m not so happy to wear nor throw anywhere in my home!!! This sweet butterfly chair is an especially easy way to work this idea into your home. It’s so simple, but the lines are so lovely and the print is insane: in a crazy good kinda way.

Glam Fleece


Um, almost too easy. Like not even a challenge. Start here and load your sofa, basket, ends of your beds, and everywhere with all the faux fur blankets!!!  But if those aren’t your thing, or if you just need more of that certain thing, try this throw pillow that’s so easy to love. Think soft, comfy, cuddle time! That’s our favorite time!

High-Rise Flared Denim


Denim is always the one I can’t help but to think of RL first when working-into home. And then I focused on the ‘high-rise’ piece of this trend, and while I’ve been on the mad hunt for textured wallpapers for 10 spaces this week, I found myself falling in love with denim ones especially! First of all just BLUE. We all need some deep, deep blue. And then texture. Texture gives us all the feels. So pick a wall that needs some love, and accent it with some denim textured wallpaper. High-rise/flared for your wall. Done.

Plaid Femme


I love all sorts of home decor in men’s tailored fabrics. This chair is a careful balance of masculin/femme and I love that balance. It’s just enough of a subtle pattern to add a little interest, and pairs well with all other side chairs, traditional and modern, just the same!

Plaid Masculin


This might be my very favorite plaid thing I’ve seen recently. It’s classic, yet bold and modern. And the colors are fantastic. And I’d plop this right on a leopard print chair and be so pleased with myself! Or on a bed with navy bedding and let it be more subtle, and equally as pleasing.

Corduroy Forever

Bed Set

I was born in ’74. So I’ve basically never lived a year without a pair of cords. My current favs, and the ones I wear all too often are these. At home, cord can get old. Or it can be brand new. I LOVE the contrasting pattern of this comforter set because you really get to see the texture of the cord! It comes in a few color options, but we’re most in love with blue. No S, it doesn’t come in pink. But maybe it should.

Pajama Dressing


My home answer to this trend is simple: Make your bed well and then stay in it. For bedding, I’m Parachute Home everything, always. In fact, we need to dial them up for a refresh in our own home. My very personal favorite of all their beautiful linens, is the Euro Sham in black linen. It just makes every place we plop it in look more loved, more beautiful, more together, more better. Euro pillows are my favorites to throw on king-sized beds. I like 6 standard pillows, and 2 or 4 Euros tossed in front. And I also love a Euro or two on a twin or queen sized bed. There’s just a certain, Je ne sais quoi about them. As if we all need one more reason not to get out of bed? Nope. But we may as well create a heavenly space for when we get to be there! Give yourself a reason to stay in bed. These are it.

Just as soon as it stops being 80+degrees and 120% humid, I will believe Fall is here. For now, we’ll prep for its coming. Soon enough friends, soon enough.  xoxo A



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