I Tried “The World’s Most Comfortable Shoe” (and My Fam Did, Too)

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Every time we visit Shana and fam in Philadelphia, I somehow forget just how much walking is involved when you live in the city.  At home, we don’t really walk in the winter (unless it’s indoors for exercise or outside in snow shoes).  It’s cold (like below 0) and snowy (we’re talking feet of snow) and the most walking we do is to and from the car.  So when we pack for Philly, I’m bringing shoes that can handle miles of walking without hurting.  And when I saw Allbirds sneakers advertised as “the world’s most comfortable shoe,” I was intrigued.

On our latest trip to Philly, I busted out our brand-new sneakers and we set off for a day of walking around the city.  I was actually nervous they would hurt after awhile (like most new sneakers that have to be broken in), especially since we were wearing them without socks.  We walked allllll around the city, all day long.  Our feet?  Didn’t hurt.  Not only that, but they were warm!  I’m always cold (my feet are usually in smartwool socks) and the wool kept my feet warm.  They kind of were like wearing slippers around – they were that comfortable. We are that family that has absolutely no qualms about matching . . . give me alllll the matchers!  (Ok, so maybe I’m a bit more enthusiastic than Zack or G, but I’ve been able to get away with it so far).  


Sneakers: Allbirds Sneakers – these come in three classic colors and a bunch of limited-edition ones.  I’m eyeing up the white ones now that i know they’re machine-washable!

Sweater: J. Crew Turtleneck – super soft and comfy, still available in burgundy

Jeans: J. Crew ToothpickJeans (so comfy and available in regular, tall and petite sizes . . . I’m wearing a 28P)

Jacket: Shana’s Leather Jacket (I borrowed hers daily when we visited . . . here’s my favorite budget-friendly version)

Earrings: Express (on sale!)


Sneakers: Allbirds Sneakers c/o – these also come in a bunch of colors

JacketH&M Bomber Jacket – Zack loves this jacket.  (Wearing size medium.)

Jeans: Straight Jeans – Zack can’t fit into their slim (let alone skinny) jeans, but he loves the straight cut.

Shirt: Sweatshirt, under $20 and also in black or khaki green.

Necklace: ‘Saints’ Pendant Necklace – similar to a necklace I gave him for Valentine’s Day, I love the way it looks.


Sneakers: Smallbirds Sneakers c/o, the kids have a ton of colors to choose from including an awesome all-red pair and a blue with white sole.  (Of course I had to go with the matchers!)

Coat: Belted Puffer –  Similar (on sale), also in gunmetal (a pretty shiny grey).

Top: Sweatshirt – similar, under $10 and available in a bunch of colors and patterns.  She loves these tops from H&M.

Skirt: Tulle Tutu –  similar and on crazy sale (I’m having a hard time deciding which of these adorable skirts to buy since the sale price is so good!)

LeggingsH&M Jersey Leggings – Our favorites.  Inexpensive, comfy and always available in lots of cute colors and patterns.


Allbirds sneakers are lightweight and breathable, keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer,  are machine-washable and comfortable (the wool isn’t itchy like you might think), but the best part?  You can try them for 30 days and if you don’t like them you can send them back (for free) for a full refund.  Let us know what you think!




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  1. I’ve been interested in them for a while, but I’ve heard they lose their shape and end up looking sloppy. Have you found this to be true after several wears? Thanks!

  2. For now I just can’t get behind the aesthetic. They are just not cute, at least to me. But used to say that about TOMS and eventually caved there so who knows.

    • I can appreciate that! It took me a long time to even give sneakers a try . . . I’m definitely more of a boots/heels girl at heart. BUT like I said in the article, Shana’s level of walking is just too high for my typical boots!

  3. I’ve had these for over a year and love them! I walk a lot of for my job and they are comfortable all day. I get blisters very easily but never had a problem with these. After a year, I replaced the inserts and they are like new shoes.

  4. Elizabeth Rafter on

    I have a non-shoe related question here…I have the j. crew sweater in black and I love it. I wear it all the time, probably too much because it’s so soft and comfy and warm (hello, freezing Philadelphia) BUT it looks so sloppy because it pills so much!!! Any suggestions? Have you found this with your sweater? I love it, but feel like it looks to messy to wear out of the house now. Help!

    • I don’t have that sweater, but have you tried a sweater shaver? My old college roommate had a little one that you just comb over the sweater and it worked so well! That was almost 20 years ago, but I imagine they still sell them.

    • So I actually bought the black one when it was on crazy sale over the holidays and I’ve found that color pills more? Not sure why, BUT . . . I finally took Shana’s advice and bought a sweater shaver (this one, actually: http://amzn.to/2DjlIsh) and I’m obsessed. I busted out all of my sweaters and spent an afternoon shaving them! It literally makes SUCH a difference, I don’t know why it took me so long! (I’m also a little OCD, so it felt so good to get all of those little pieces off!)

      • Elizabeth Rafter on

        Thanks, girls! I do have a small manual block thing to remove pills, but it didn’t help much. I ordered the one Scotti suggested. I can’t wait to try it! I see myself spending a day locked in my room shaving all of my sweaters like a crazy person!! Haha!!! Thanks for the suggestions!

  5. Just discovered Allbird via a Conde’ Nast article about comfortable travel shoes. I ordered the Birch color for a trip to Italy, but I am loving the charcoal on your family.

  6. My husband bought me the loungers as a Christmas gift. I loved the…at first. But then after 5 wears, I noticed that the toe area was getting worn away and my toe was close to poking through. 5 wears! I don’t have long toenails and I didn’t wear them running or anything like that. We’re talking 5 wears to the park and to my office. Allbirds is letting me exchange them and I’m willing to try again, on the chance that it’s a fluke. (But if you Google, there are reports of people loving the shoes, but noting that they have to buy a new pair after 3-4 months because of the toe issue.)

    • I’ve been in them for over 18 months and no toe issue. Are yours too tight, maybe? Seriously, I was hoping to ‘need’ a new pair soon, but they are still going strong and I have to convince myself to wear different shoes every so often. But mine are the runners not the lounger.

    • Oh no! I’m glad they’re letting you exchange . . . I haven’t tried the loungers . . . maybe they’re thinner? Keep us posted on the new pair!

  7. Ugh I have these shoes and after wearing them for a mile + commuter walk ended up with the WORST blisters on my heels and pinky toes. Anyone else had this problem? I love their look and softness but after walking any sort of distance in them, I blister 🙁

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