Refresh Under $100: Master Bedroom/Master Bathroom

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The very easiest single way to refresh your Master Bedroom is new bedding.  And…we’re just in luck…most of the big sellers, West Elm, Nordstrom, AllModern, Bloomingdales, Pottery Barn,  to name a few, all do White Sales in January, so no time like now!

My very, very, very favorite bedding is Parachute.  However, it is not under $100 dollars.  I feel it’s well worth the investment, but if it’s over budget, then that’s just that.  There are plenty of alternatives we’ve rounded up!

My favorite way to make a bed is also Duvet+Cover, fitted sheet, and pillows.  I’m not a top sheet kinda girl.  I find that the duvet+cover is also a really easy way for everyone to make their bed in the morning.  And I am that kinda girl…I like to get into a made bed at night, and I find it more restful and peaceful for the kids to do the same, so we take the 3 minutes in the morning to actually make our beds, which really is just rearranging and fluffing pillows and giving the duvet a nice big shake.  Voila.  Peace.

And my favorite colors in bedrooms, are all the neutrals, because they are calm:  Black, White, Off White, Grey, and all the shades of Brown.  There are so many other rooms in the house where pops of color are so fun, in a master bedroom, I just love calm and peace – especially because that’s so hard to find anywhere else.

Feng Shui would argue this, but I love mirrors in bedrooms.  I like them instead of art, over nightstands, or oversized ones over a large single piece of furniture with sculpture layered in front of it.  And I like full sized mirrors, they help for getting dressed…but the master is also an adult bedroom…and well, let’s just keep it clean and say it this way – they also help for the getting undressed.  Insert adult wink.

I like sparse bedrooms.  Somewhere to sleep, something soft to step your feel on, a chair, chaise, or bench to sit on if you have the room, 2 nightstands for books, coffee in the morning, tea at night, and charging.  And a large plant in a large pot.  They add health to an environment and take up space in a beautiful way.  But that’s all.  If you have piles of other stuff cluttering up your bedroom, take some time, purge, and feel the peace.  You’ll sleep better.  I promise.

Here are a few home decor pieces that would work well together, regardless of your bed frame style to refresh a Master:

1/  Kittel Wood Wall Mirror

Love large round mirrors over nightstands, dressers, or accent tables!

2/  Wood Ladder Standing Floor Mirror Walnut – Threshold

This is a great mirror if you need to be able to move on to various angles, or aren’t don’t have a great wall to hang a full length mirror on!

3/  Sonoma Fiberglass Pot Planter

We just did a giant one of these, with a giant cactus in a masculine bedroom and I it is AMAZING.

4/  Polyhedra Pendant

Shana always tells me to buy the things that I want BEFORE I post them…I just bought two of these.  No idea where they are going.  But somewhere, for sure.  They are just gorgeous.

5/  Black & White Wall Art, Large Abstract Painting

I like very personal art.  Either by a local or known artist, or collected in travels, or something super meaningful…but if you have a space that needs something and you aren’t sure exactly what you want there, minimal abstracts in easy colors always look beautiful…and some of them even take you great places in your imagination!

6/  Zebra Print Box

I love boxes on nightstands for jewelry you forget to take off before bed, or for watches b/c I take those off to sleep and then put them right back on!  Boxes on nightstands can also store other fun adult things.  Again, Insert Adult Wink.

7/  Swanson Modern and Contemporary Wood 2 – Drawer Nightstand – Light Brown – Baxton Studio

This is so simple without being one bit boring.  It has just enough accent design and color!

8/  H&M Washed Linen Duvet Cover Set

Love the color of this, and washed linen is always a great bet!  So comfy!!!

9/  Charcoal Grey wool blanket – Pure Wool throw blanket – Organic Coverlet – Black fringed blanket

Beautiful throw, and wool.  I love wool.

10/  H&M Metal Tea Light Holder

Great little accent that casts a fun, very romantic shadow!

11/  Small Metal Bowl

If boxes aren’t your thing for jewelry maybe watches are?

12/  Dip-Dyed Stools

I love these!!!  Great for putting on your shoes.  Great as a little side table next to a chair in your bedroom.

13/  Cottonwood Chevron Cotton Floor Pillow

This is a beautiful floor pillow and a really fun accent piece without being too busy and has plenty a purpose!

14/  20×20 Black Chambray Colorblock Pillow Cover – Modern Home Decor by JillianReneDecor – Scandinavian

The modernist in me just loves everything about this pillow.  Everything.

15/  Hand-Tufted Taupe Sheepskin Area Rug

These aren’t practical for everywhere, but when they are first and last thing your feet touch before bed…magic.

And…while you are not going to refresh a master bed frame in less than $100, if you are in the market for one, check-out our HOME Weekend Sales Posts.  They almost always include a really well priced option.  And plenty of our Pinterest Boards do as well.  Now is also a good time for this b/c so many of the sellers have expanded White Sale to also include the actual bed frames and mattresses.  Score for us, big time.  If you have something specific you are hoping for, message us in a comment, or email us and we’ll come up with something for you!

1/  Marble Removable Wallpaper

Marble is a fortune.  But accenting a wall in marble with this removable paper…pure accent genius!!!

2/  Round Decorative Wall Mirror Brass – Project 62™

Best bang for buck large round wall mirror…and…as S says, “So Pretty!!!”

3/   H&M Metal Tea Light Holder

Such a pretty little accent piece!!!

4/  Hex Brushed Brass Bar Knob

If your cabinets are tired, this is the single most cost efficient, easy, way to refresh them!  Just switch out the hardware with something beautiful like these!!!


After you switch out your cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, coordinate your tp holder to them!  Gorgeous!

6/   Latitude II Robe Hook

These work well with the cabinet/drawer knobs/pulls, and the accent pieces, and they are gorgeous on their own, and they are a great excuse to gift one another some super luxurious robes!


See how just the hint of brass picks up the robe hooks, tp holder, and hardware?  So great next to or below the sink for washcloths or hand towels, or on a wall opposite the robe hooks for bath towels!

8/  Ferm Living Tray

I love a tray on the back of the toilet, to hold matches and candles, or next to the bath to hold bubbles and salt, or on the sinks counter to organize the stuff that you leave out because you use it twice a day!

9/  Chambray Black and White Bath Towel

I usually stick to all white linens…all of them.   THESE make me want to change my stubborn ways.

10/  Chambray Black and White Hand Towel

Or…I can keep my all white bath towels and just accent with these beautiful hand towels…I would take a baby step in that direction.

11/  Round Wire Basket Large – Gold – Project 62™

I use a washcloth for my face at night.  I’d roll them and store them in this basket.  Or…I’d put this next to the bath with a collection of soaps.  Or on the back of the toilet to hold my matches.  And I know a kid that would load this up with her bath bombs next to my tub.  And I’d let her.

12/  Black Label Champagne Candle

A bath, by candle light…Amazing.  Always.

Tired yet?  It’s probably time for a nice relaxing bath and bedtime in your super relaxing master suite.  If we haven’t worn you out yet…here’s more!  xoxo A

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Bathe well. Sleep well. We wish you calm and peace always! xoxo a


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  1. Haha! Adult wink. That’s awesome. I miss having a big mirror in my room. No wall space in my last two apartments 🙁 Darn tiny Bay Area living vs lots of space Tucson living (I moved 2 years ago from a house to an apt……)

    • Annmarie Naples on

      Mirrors make everything seem bigger. Insert Adult Wink. No joke, every time I move into a new house, my first few nights are dreams of an apartment. I just love sleeping in apartments, doing my mom chores efficiently in them. Having everything at arms reach. And living life when we all need a stretch in a big city. Just a me thing. #citygirllife. There’s something so great about ‘efficient’ life. And nothing forces that like life circumstance. How many times have I learned that life lesson? Embrace every loving minute of it, even the ones that seem hard to. xoxo

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