My Everyday (Under $180) Outfit

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I’m a “buy the best you can afford” type of person when it comes to denim, shoes, bags and jackets. Which is why you’ll notice I don’t have or buy a lot. My denim collection is very small because I practically gave away all my jeans after I had my second baby. I had to get very picky about it due to my excess skin and have had to explore more expensive territory, which between us, I love. My shoes and bags are not many either because I have this thing that I don’t like to buy if they are not leather or well made. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to do this post. I’m in Colombia and I have to really just work with whatever I have here without the opportunity of ordering something.

But…I did it and this outfit comes down to $179.91!! Now I’ll tell you why: This outfit is an everyday outfit for me. Something I’ll wear for school drop off/pick up, or running errands. What makes this outfit be inexpensive are my Uniqlo pieces: t-shirt and fleece and favorite under $100 jeans.

  • What keeps me warm that you don’t see – Uniqlo has been a source of great, warm and high quality cold weather essentials for some time. I wear their HEATTECH long sleeved t-shirts on the regular. They have three levels of warm: Heattech, extra warm and ultra warm. The ultra warm being the thickest and warmest of them, hence my favorite.The extra warm is too.They are pretty thick and look good. I wear them by themselves with joggers at home, sometimes I even make them look like bodysuits tucked in high-waisted jeans or if I’m going to be out in the cold for a long time I layer them under chunky sweaters. Best of them they are between $14.99 and $24.99.
  • Warm outer layer – The fleece is on sale for $14.99 right now. It’s so soft and warm and I just ordered mine cause this one is my mom’s and she didn’t want to give it away. This zip up was perfect for Bogota, however not for NY. So I usually wear a camel coat on top for added warmth and style.
  • Best jeans under $100 – Even better mine are on sale for $59.98 Even though I’ve become pickier when it comes to denim, Levi’s has always have my heart and I’m obsessed with their high-rise skinnies. Sometimes I like them more than my more expensive pairs. If you follow me on Instagram (@theunbosom) you may have seen these on repeat since I got them in November. The high rise keeps my mom stomach in place. I also love the thick and not so stretchy denim. I don’t know why the website doesn’t show the seam it has along the back, but as you can see in the pics it has that seam. It’s funny cause that was one of the things I loved the most about it when I bought it at the store. Other details I love are the side hem slits and raw hem. Although I must admit I had to crop them and redo the slit.


Jacket – Uniqlo Fluffy Yarn Fleece Full Zip – $14.99 on sale. Stole it from my mom until she noticed it and made me return it. Anyways I just ordered one for me. It’s incredibly warm and fluffy jackets like this one are really in right now.

Top – Uniqlo Ultra Warm long sleeve – $24.99 – Wear them under chunky sweaters if I’m going to be out for long time or by itself tucked into jeans or joggers for quick errands or for playing with the kids inside. Love that is thick and looks great.

Jeans – Levi’s High-waisted 721 altered jeans – $59.98 They sold out at Nordstrom and Shopbop, but you can still find them at the Levi’s website. Love the fit, even more that some of my expensive jeans. I’m wearing a 25, I could have sized down for a skinnier fit but I didn’t want the waist to be too tight.

Shoes –  Adidas Super Star Sneakers – $79.95 – Not on sale but under $80. I wear them with jeans, joggers, leggings, and make everything look more put together. The gold stripes give a nice and stylish touch to my everyday, running errands outfits. Seriously coveting these rose gold ones.

Chao Chao,


Find me over on Instagram (@theunbosom) for a lot of tired-mom style and rawness about motherhood. I’m in Colombia at the moment so come and see a little bit of this gorgeous country.


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  1. I have the same thoughts on clothes, buy the best you can afford- But I recently discovered Levi’s 721 and went out and bought another pair. They are my new favorite jeans! I would love to see your travel wardrobe.

    • They are really amazing. I went to the Levi’s store in NYC and tried on every style. The 721 were definitely my favorite!! and yes I’m working on a couple posts about my trip to Colombia.

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