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Do you spend as much time anywhere as you do in your kitchen?  I don’t.  I cook here.  I work here.  I am always cleaning-up here.  And we ALL hang out here and live and laugh.  I need for my kitchen to be calm, and clean, because my mind doesn’t work as well if it’s not.  So here are a few things I’ve learned along the way about calm kitchens, and how to refresh a tired one without doing an entire renovation:

  • All white dishes are your friend.  They go with everything.  They are typically the least expensive.  They look fantastic on open shelves and in cabinets with glass fronts.  And they let you have the freedom to accent with all sorts of other colors through linens.  They are just fresh.
  • Sometimes it’s worth that trip to Ikea to replace all of your glasses and mugs with ones that match one another.  They just look more organized and stack better in the cabinets or on the shelves.
  • The only things that really need to live on counters are good looking, often used large appliances.  Otherwise, clear those counters off.  Purge everything you don’t use and make some space to organize your cabinets, and then store the often used items in them…but not on the counters.
  • Store dry goods in similar or matching containers.  That way flour, sugar and coffee look so pretty!
  • Linens are the easiest most cost efficient way to freshen-up what’s tired now on a table.  Get some new placemats, a few sets of them, so that setting the table is more fun for the kids.  Get some new cloth napkins, in a few different colors/patterns.  For the same reason.  It’ll make all the difference!
  • Many people have pendant lighting in their kitchens that’s been there forever and is just dated.  Trade those out for something new that you love!  It’s an easy relatively inexpensive way to freshen-up or change the entire mood of a space!
  • Add a fun clock that coordinates with your lighting.  It’s fun, it’s functional, and it’s a great kitchen wall accent without being busy.  Except for what it represents.  That’s all busy.  But that’s ok, this is life.  xo a

1/  Madrot Glass Globe Pendant – Project 62™

Love kitchen pendants!  This one is really special.  The hint of black is just gorgeous!

2/  Newgate Mr. Edwards Clock

My FAVORITE kitchen clock!  My mom just got me one as a housewarming gift, for a house I don’t live in yet!  Love her.

3/  White Porcelain Dinner Plates Set of 8

Love white plates.  Prefer to buy dishes in stacks of like types rather than a box set.  It’s usually more cost efficient!

4/  White Porcelain Salad Plates Set of 8

The plate size other than dinner that we actually use!

5/  IKEA – GODIS Glass, clear glass 14oz 6 pack

We have a cabinet full of these pint glasses and their shorter friends, which are both kid water, kid orange juice, and adult wine glasses in our world!

6/  White Porcelain Cereal Bowls Set of 8

The third piece of white dish ware that we actually use!

7/  12-Piece Metallic Flatware Set

Obsessed with metallic and matte flatware right now.  It’s just so amazingly beautiful!


Ok, fine.  I do not love kitchen appliance trends.  But I do love consolidation.  And I cook.  So the rice cooker, slow cooker and pressure cooker combined=one item on the counter.  Win.  Also, it’s cold here right now…so I’m on soup, chili, or some slow cooked 1 pot meal just about every single day!

9/  H&M Napkin with Fringe

We use real napkins, always.  And I love the grey of these!

10/  Hermetic Storage Jar

Do you hate repartnering jars and lids as much as socks?  Me too.  Easy solution to that.  Great Storage.

11/  Chilewich ® Knitty Black Vinyl Placemat

I have these in circles, ovals, rectangles and squares.  They wipe so easily and look so fun!

12/  Ombre Brunch Tumbler + Carafe Set

We love still and sparkling water made special with some lemons, limes, cucumbers etc…and the kids love when a  carafe is set on the table and they pour their own!  And what a nice Sunday morning mimosa set this would make, just saying.  xo

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  1. YES! Your timing is impeccable as we are refreshing our house to either sell within the year or see if we want to do a simple addition. Until we know, I don’t want to invest a ton, but want to freshen things up while we are here…LOVE that pendant- but it is sold out. Any similar vibes? Our kitchen is minimal, white with accents of natural wood and some black. Ordering that clock it is fantastic! I need you to move in with us A! Your test is perfection- or perhaps it’s simply that it perfectly aligns with my aesthetic (and my husband’s too- and he is picky! But given that he is in the design world, I often default to his thoughts- he’s got a great eye!)

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