My Budget-Friendly Outfit: Think Cozy and Graphic Prints

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We all have different ideas of what budget means and what our clothing should cost but if you’re here you most likely enjoy fashion and want to be creative with your choices. That’s what I love about this current challenge: we can all show our different styles with the same limitations in cost. I LOVE RULES (hahaha) and I love a good challenge.

I’ve ALWAYS been a bargain hunter. There’s something way more satisfying about buying a great piece on sale or at a good price. I come by it naturally. My mom is the same way. It’s like the adrenaline rush you get is just too rewarding. I loathe buying things full price.

And while I’ve learned more through this job about spending a little more money on quality pieces that matter to me (jeans, boots, jackets) I still LOVE A GOOD SALE. I mean, show me how much I’m ‘saving’ on this item and I’m in. So, when this challenge came up I knew it would be fun. Easy? Not totally, but a great challenge.

What I Spend Less On

Like Shana, I like to spend less on certain items in my closet and a little more on others. The pieces I like to save on are:

  • anything trendy or a fashion challenge I’m taking upon myself (ie. anything out of my comfort zone or that I don’t wear often)
  • pieces in colors I don’t typically choose (pretty much any color besides black/gray/navy ha)
  • tops: I don’t like to spend loads on shirts/sweaters/tees in general…there are only a few exceptions (ahem, cashmere)
  • fun/bold prints

Favorite Budget-Friendly Brands

I typically go to H&M, Abercrombie, Express, ASOS, BP. (at Nordstrom) and occasionally Target for my wallet-friendly shopping. I love the sweaters, accessories, fun jackets and some shoes at H&M and Abercrombie has had a ton of pieces I’ve loved lately, even jeans. ASOS has amazing dresses (though sizing is a little tricky – size up) and Target always has great t-shirts, PJs and accessories. I LOVE Express for their jewelry and dressier tops for date night or girls’ night.

My Budget-Friendly Outfit

When I was shopping for this outfit I knew I wanted something that stood out and was a little special and for this look that was the star print jeans. I know, a little hard to see the stars here but I like that they’re bold but subtle (jeans $59.63 on sale.) The sweater ($34.99) was a color a little outside what I’d typically buy but I thought it’d be pretty with my new glasses. These sneakers just looked so cozy I couldn’t pass them up ($34.99, but even cheaper now!) My grand total? $129.61 boyeeeee. I told you I love a good deal. Do I win Shana? (Apparently we get bonus points for under $150!)

I love that this outfit is practical and cozy and has pieces I’ll actually wear regularly, but didn’t already have in my closet. And I love that it also has is something totally me in the star print jeans. I blame design school for my adoration of star prints, polka dots and stripes. Once a graphic designer…

Outfit Details

Sweater H&M Wool-Blend Sweater – So, I actually already had this in gray. Haha. I definitely buy budget pieces on the reg you guys. Wearing a Small. It’s pretty boxy and oversized, so I think I could have sized down.

Jeans Kut from the Kloth Mia Star Print Jeans – These are so my jam. It’s the designer in me, like I said, but I’m addicted to cool prints. This one is subtle (but show up a little bit more than in these photos) and black on black print? UM YES all day. I’ll have to crop these (they’re tucked under right now) but otherwise they’re great. They have a 9.5″ rise and they fit TTS. Wearing a US4.

Sneakers H&M Warm Lined Slip On Shoes – Dang it. Of course these are almost sold out. But there’s a pretty gray color fully stocked AND on sale for $24.99. These, while not fitting in the budget of this post, look cozy and come in black. They also fit TTS. Wearing my normal 8. If you’re between sizes though go down a 1/2 size.

Pink Sweaters

Patterned Jeans

Cozy Lined Sneakers


What are your favorite budget brands? I did a round up of lower cost denim during the summer sale and I think denim is the toughest for me. I was again impressed with Kut from the Kloth that I’m wearing above.

Hope everyone’s staying warm and cozy and finding good deals. Would love to see some of your suggestions along these lines!




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  1. Oh Laura, what’s not to love?!? Star print jeans?? YES. As you know I’m a star print fan too since I bought the RM Julian in the star print. These are a good deal too! Another good (budget-friendly) denim brand that I get at Nordstrom is Wit & Wisdom. Great fit, good quality, and not crazy expensive. Super cute sneaks too! I also love Target for fun items that I may only wear a bit here and there. Great post! I love a bargain and rules too. Oh and I get most of my bargains (good brands) at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Rafter on

    Ah! So so good!!! Love everything here! And while I’m loving this bargain week, since I’ve ordered at least one thing that everyone posted so far, I don’t know how much of a bargain it’s all going to turn out to be for me! Haha!!!

  3. I absolutely love finding deals too! I just feel I am getting away with better quality and paying less for it. Might not always be the case, but that’s how I feel 😉

  4. That color of sweater is actually pretty great on you! Works not only with your great glasses, but your hair and skin tone…and with black jeans – total winner! And if you don’t mind Target, look at the Roselyn Suede Sneakers, on clearance now and I always get tons of compliments (make sure to treat the leather before your kids spill milk on them)

  5. I love that the Mom Edit is doing a bargain week! While I love the idea of “investment” pieces, sometimes we’re just not in a place in life to make those purchases. Between giving birth and being diagnosed with a chronic disease, my weight has been all over the place. So dropping $$ on jeans that are unlikely to fit me in 6 months just don’t make sense at the moment. And while I still don’t mind dropping a little more cash on accessories and footwear, I’ve embraced the thrill of the bargain-hunt. Thanks Mom Edit for joining me in the hunt this week!

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