High-Rise Denim That Doesn’t Squeeze My Middle

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Have you guys jumped on the high-rise denim train yet?  I’ve been waffling.  My most-worn jeans are still AG’s legging jean (they’re just so hard to beat in the comfort department, they look amazing cropped, and fit nicely under OTK boots)…..but I have been noticing that the low, low rise isn’t quite as leggy as a well-fitting pair of high-rise denim.

And I love leggy.

rag and bone high rise jeans

The issue, however, with high-rise denim is comfort.  I don’t love being squeezed around my middle, and since that’s where I tend to carry my, um, softness, I need an uber-comfortable pair.  (One that also fits my butt yet doesn’t over-squeeze my stomach.)

striped cashmere sweater

high rise black jeans

rag and bone high rise jeansI should’ve known that Rag and Bone – my longtime favs – would come to the rescue (here’s a link to the exact pair I’m wearing).  Admittedly, they were pretty slow to the high-rise game, but totally worth the wait. I also love that, true-to-form, the wash is a faded black wash, not a uniform one.

These are quickly becoming my go-tos, especially with stripes (tucked-in to show off that high-rise).

rag and bone black jeansrag and bone high rise black jeanscomfortable high rise jeans

Outfit Details

sweater100% cashmere Jorgie Sweater by Velvet – xs for reference – I love this sweater. For a lower-cost option with a similar vibe, this bright striped little LOFT number would be super cute half-tucked into high-rise denim.

jeans: Rag and Bone High-Rise Ankle Skinny Jeans (size 25 for reference)

Rag and Bone High-Rise Denim Extravaganza

And by “extravaganza” I mean alllll of the pairs of Rag and Bone’s magic high-rise that I was able to find on the internet.



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  1. The jeans are flattering on you! But I hope you keep your AGs!

    I have a couple from Current Elliott which I love with a tucked in white shirt (or anything tucked). But the rise is 9”. Anything more for me would not be flattering on me. Mid rise is what…6-8? I’ve basically ridden my closet of all “low rise” (5-6”) the last couple of years, but kept one pair of Helmut Lange circa 2002 – they are huge, wide legs, trouser style, and I still love them!

    What’s awesome about denim is that everything is in…anything goes! I’m a big believer in love-loving what you wear. It’s not worth wearing anything that you feel Meh about. My mantra is “does my closet deserve this?”

    Curious to know…what denim styles are you keeping / tossing???

    • I’ll never be rid of my AGs. Wearing them now. 🙂

      But let me think about your question. I’m with you on the thought that anything goes – that’s more true now than it ever has been!

  2. Rag & Bone also make a great high-rise wide leg! Super-comfortable and super-flattering. But my favorite high-rise jeans right now aren’t skinnies but slim straight-legs: Citizens’ Liya. I also love my Citizens’ Rockets, Vince high-rise sailor jeans (amazing), Agolde’s Jamie (very retro but flattering), and Rebecca Taylor high rise jeans.

  3. Based on Camille’s post, I tried Madewell’s Roadtripper jeans ( 9 inch rise ). Life changing. It lfeels like I’m wearing my yoga comfy pants but I’m really wearing a smokin’ hot pair of jeans.- jeans that garnered lots of sideways jealous glances from other moms at the Durham Life and Science Museum ( Well, the glances were probably aimed at my four feral boys, not my jeans. But hey).Within a week, I bought both the black pair and the blue denim pair. And the price ($75) is always right. Thanks Camille!

    • I bout these too and love them but mine stretch out as I wear them. I have to tuck in a tank underneath and/or wear a belt so the waist stays up. Maybe I should’ve sized down…

    • I tried these too after Laura’s initial “hike” post as I was looking for that color of blue denim, but hated how the crotch hung too low: just too much extra material. I had sized down, so they fit well every where else. Also tried the black and had the same problem. Has anyone else experienced this?

      • I definitely sized down on these. I’m 5’9 and always, always a size 28. For these I am a 27 Regular ( I wanted them to be slightly cropped at the ankle). The black pair is less jegging- ish than the blue denim pair. If I had ordered my normal 28, they would have been a total fail.

  4. I *finally* discovered that I need to have 10” rise (not 9”!!) on my stretch skinny jeans & can only wear mid-rise on boyfriend jeans or cutoffs. So much money wasted until I finally figured that out. Latest faves are 10” Madewell skinnies in faded black.

  5. Side note Shana, have you tried HALE jeans yet? They are AG’s affordable line available only through amazon. Dying for a review!

  6. Ok, since I foresee more tucking on the horizon (now that I’ve kinda/mostly got the half-tuck down, of course we’re moving on): are we really full-tucking sweaters/sweatshirts and just in denial, or on a don’t-ask-don’t-tell-status, about the lumpy waistband feel? Cuz most sweater/sweatshirts are either too long, hence much to tuck & much lumpage, or too cropped and come untucked constantly. Just me?

    • I hear ya. This particular sweater was both thin enough and not overly long, so it tucked ok. I’ve noticed that shirt hemlines are starting to creep up in response to the high-rise pant thing, so I suspect this trend is staying a while….(also, bodysuits. Not a bad option, haha)

  7. High rise jeans are all I wear anymore after 2 kids. I can’t stand bending over in low rise jeans and having my mummy tummy flop over. Or having to tuck it in and yank my jeans up when I sit down! I agree with the other comments regarding Madewell. Perfect jeans without the super high designer price

  8. I’ve bought designer denim for ages and also waffled about high-rise jeans, but randomly tried American Eagle. 10in rise and 36in inseam (x-long, I nearly died of happiness) was life-changing! I should try the Madewell ones too.

    • Me too! American Eagle Hi-Rise is the BEST affordable jeans. I started weight lifting so my composition is changing and so can’t invest a lot of money in one size jeans right now, and AE lets me switch sizes affordably while still looking great.

  9. I a premium denim snob myself, but I was pleasantly surprised by Levi’s 721 high-rise skinny. I have wide hips and a smallish waste and they fit my like a glove (in my usual premium denim size). I think they were only $36 or something like that on Amazon.

    • Oops, “I am a premium” and I just checked price, black were $49.50. I have the black and gray, the gray ones seem to be better quality, but the black ones were at least as nice as Madewell (IMHO).

      • Yes! I just tried my first Levis 721 and couldn’t believe it. They fit so well. But, I’ve found that for some reason when I overheat at all, they get itchy…

  10. I am SO happy that high rise are in!! After 15 years of mid or low rise and worrying about my backside showing every time I sat/bent down, I have found wearing high rise life changing. I’m also loving how much this opens up buying of different shorter and cropped tops, as I’ve spent the last decade only buying longer tops given my worrying about bending over.

    Madewells are my favorite high rise too (although I haven’t tried too many others).

  11. Shana, this has absolutely nothing to do with this post…I am really struggling to select an every day handbag. Would you please do a review/round up of the every day handbag for us mommas, please?
    Thank you!!

    • I second this! I just bought a pair of Top Shop high-waisted flares (after seeing them on Meghan Markle 🤦🏼‍♀️😂) and they’re making my 5’2” self feel extra tall!

  12. I’m a big fan of high rise jeans after 2 pregnancies, but I have to disagree a little with Madewell roadtripper jeans recommendations. They are soft and stretchy, but they also seem to create more pooch around the pooch I’m trying to hide. They weren’t as flattering on my lumpy body as I had hoped. I saw some others comment about Levis, which I have a pair of in white denim, and they really are rad. Would love to see more recommendations for high rise for different body types.

    • They are only 9” rise, which is not high enough for some bodies – it creates muffin top on me. Their 10” rise skinny jeans are much better for me!

  13. I want to be on the high-rise bandwagon, but I have such a short torso that if I tuck a shirt into a pair of high-rise jeans, my jeans almost go up to my boobs, and that’s no good! The whole long top with low-rise jeans combo is perfect for making me look more evenly proportioned. I would love a post on making this look work on those of us with a short {or no} torso… or maybe an alternative? The jeans look great on you!

  14. J Brand Sky High jeans are for all us tall/long torso girls! With a 13” rise, they are the first high waisted jeans that actually go over my muffin top and don’t stretch and fall down. They come in a ton of colors. I first tried the Seriously Black but they stretched out way too much so I switched to coated black denim and they are the most comfortable and flattering jeans I’ve ever worn. I would get them in every color if it weren’t for the price, which is their only down side, about $250. I bought mine for 30% off on cyber Monday. But seriously, I have found my Spirit Jean.

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