Refresh Under $100: Kid Bedroom + Kid Bathroom

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Kid Spaces

Continuing the refresh challenge with kids’ bedrooms and bathrooms!  A few notes on kids’ rooms:

*Rooms age with kids; Neutrals are our best friends here.

*Stars and Stripes count as neutrals.  So does plaid.  So do graphics and big bold patterns.  They age well.

*Neutral functional storage will last; what’s in the bins will change with age, but the bins help with tidy at all ages.

*Fun, inspirational, happy, safe and calm.  Not so busy they can’t sleep and keep themselves organized.  Places for everything that’s important.  Plenty of warm comfy decor to sleep, and easy ways to get through the ‘wash, brush, flush’ sequence, but also fun pieces that let them just ‘be’ in their own space, we all need that, right?


Easy install.  So sweet.  And they can turn-out their own light when they are done reading at night.  Perfection.


Bins are a ‘time to clean up your room’ best friend.


Plenty of places to hang things on walls also helps everything have a ‘place’.


A little inspiration goes a long way, for all of us!


Do your kids ask you to tell them stories from your own life?  Like, Mom, why does that poster make you smile so big?  For the same reason you guys singing all of the songs I grew-up with does sweets.  All of them.


We do lots of boxes:  cash/bank boxes of tooth fairy money and special grandparent gift money, and foreign money from travels, boxes for special cards and notes, boxes for jewelry and pen and carving knives and all kinds of other tiny little items that the kids consider special but would otherwise be lost in the shuffle.  Basically we collect boxes along with everything we collect in them.


This one works as well for laundry as it does for nerf gun, barbie doll, stuffed animal, sporting equipment etc. storage.  Lots of these=Tidier.


Duvet Sets make it easy to make your bed.


On theme.  Why not?


Our current favorite nightstand at a super reasonable price.  Such great lines, color, and accents.


A little bit of light fun goes a long way, and you can play ‘change the message’ just for fun with your kids.  Maybe they’ll even play back!


Great steal!  Super sweet.


I have a kid who needs her own space.  Even when she’s already in her own space.  It’s where she goes to calm her big brained big hearted big energied self.  A sheepskin rug in a tee pee= a great place for a kid to calm themselves.  It serves a big purpose for us, but it also just looks so cool!

1/   Black Curtain Clips

Just a little fun twist on a necessary object!

2/  Palazzo II Stripe Bath Rugs

Stripes.  Fun Chevron Stripes in Blue!!!

3/  Kate Spade New York Candy Stripe Bath Rug

Love the Rainbow Stripes too!!!

4/  Wash Brush Flush Floss Typography Funny Quote Printable Art

Strong Messaging.  I’m getting one of these and hoping it saves me saying it.  Over. And Over.  And Over!!!

5/  Deco Dot Shower Curtain

Neutral enough, Fun enough, dresses both up and down well!

6/  ‘Harbour Stripe’ Shower Curtain

In kid baths, guest baths, vacation home baths…stripes are so amazing!!!

7/   Boon Patch Countertop Drying Rack

We have these in the kitchen.  We also have them in the kid’s bathroom and in the powder room…b/c when they ‘forget’ to brush their teeth upstairs, they do it there before we walk out the door!  Great as a drying rack, but also as a toothbrush, toothpaste, cup holder.  And just so fun!!!

8/  Fiboo Swing Top Trash Can

Cool.  Clean.  What more do you want from a can?

9/  Booty Round Bath Mat

Did everyone read French Kids Eat Everything?  Somewhere in there, and among many other parenting books did I pick up two thoughts:  let kids use potty words…in the potty room…and make that distinction for them.  And I forget the french term for this…but kids should have a small collection of small ‘kid’ almost not ok, but still acceptable words that are healthy for them to use, appropriately.  Save the NO for the big big stuff.  Let them have a little wiggle room.  You know…to wiggle their booties.

10/   Black Towel Hook

THIS is a hook kids can actually get a towel to stay on.  Done.

11/  Acrylic toilet paper holder

If not matte black, and not white, have some fun with lucite!!!  Looks totally amazing!!!

12/  Casa Tissue Box Cover

Does anyone else dislike the designs on tissue boxes as much as I do?  Once every 5 years there will be a box I can live with.  Otherwise, I just love fun things like this to hide the stuff I don’t want to see!

13/  Free Standing Black Toilet Paper Holder

Hands down.  Works everywhere.  Best looking free standing tp holder on the market.

Kid Room/Bath More?  Sure.

Great Hooks:

Great Duvet sets:

Great Room Rugs:

Great Storage:

I love pinterest for many reasons…but it’s also a great visual way to have kids help choose their own decor!

If you don’t already, play along by following us here:  The Mom Edit.Home Pinterest.  It’s where we do all our fun brainstorming, organizing, planning, and selecting.

For more kid style ideas and bedroom decor, check out our kid’s style archives!

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  1. Love these ideas – especially because we recently moved into a new house and have used it as an opportunity to make a “big girl” room for our 9 year old. Question for you though: we also have lots of boxes and small bins for exactly what you described – a place to hold all the random special things…but we struggle so much with what to DO with these boxes and bins. They end up cluttering her dresser, or sitting on the floor (eye roll) or being moved from place to place. Makes me crazy! I just feel like we are constantly wandering around the room trying to find a place for the small things and then a place for the thing the small things are now in. Gah!

      • I would love to learn your response… my son has two Ikea Billy bookcases filled with books… a couple of cubbies for bins, but honestly, he has crap everywhere. I would love to donate some of his older books to make room for bins, but apparently “Mama, that’s a hard “no” “. And who am I to get rid of books? I love to read, too…

      • Thank you Annmarie! We are still in the wonderfully insane (read: not wonderful, only insane) unpacking stage, but I feel like this is exactly when I need some input. If you’re really willing, I’d happily send you a few pics. I’ll work on it this weekend. <3

  2. Love this round up. My kiddos are on the older end of the spectrum- a teen, and almost teen. But I will say this color way is great. We just painted their room white with one dark accent wall (Soot by Benjamin Moore) and it is fantastic. Neutral all the way, storage, and pieces of art that work for them. LOVE!

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