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Living Rooms

There are lots and lots of thoughts on living rooms, because, well, we all live differently.  For us in our own lives, the living room is a conversation, comfy/cozy/cuddle space, with plenty of space for game playing/block building.  Shocking…but true…we don’t have a television in our living room.  No judgement.  It’s for the same reason I don’t eat meat except for cheeseburgers…I just don’t prefer it, but I love that you do!  Our favorite living rooms are ones that have plenty of comfy seating, tons of comfy pillows and throw blankets, and lots of games in baskets or bins under a coffee table, or on shelves.  We love tea, and wine, and board games and cuddles…that’s how we like to live in our living room and here are a few ways to freshen up your space if those ideas sound good to you too:

1/  Black Throw Pillow, White Stripes

Something about the texture and the proportion of the stripe on this pillow are just pillow perfection!!!

2/  Love Throw Pillow

I’m a Philly girl.  I’ll probably never stumble upon this icon and not fall in LOVE with wherever I find it.

3/  Personalized US Map with Heart Pillow Cover

This is fun as a gift!  It’s also a great way to represent meaningful places where your heart still lives!

4/  White Large Lacquer Tray

It’s shiny.  I’m like a kid about shiny things; they just make me smile!  And I love trays for snacks and tea and treats!  Also, the trays help my kids not get crumbs all over everything…and they make for easy transport back and forth to the kitchen for whomever is tasked with that.

5/  Water Hyacinth Basket

Keeping mulitple board games, puzzles, cards, etc on hand can get messy.  So I like a nice collection of similar baskets on shelves or under a coffee table to keep blankets and games organized.  I still have a young niece, and we live for our baby G visits, so there’s also always a basket of blocks too, but in truth, we all play with them as often as they do!

6/  Modern Dominoes Box Set

Dominoes is such a great game, especially when it’s “match the design”, that just makes it even more ‘fair’ for kids!  This set is beautiful!

7/  Marble Chess Set

My kids now look me dead in the eye and ask, “Mom, are you SURE you want to make that move?”  No Sweets.  I’m not sure of anything.  Thanks for asking.  Needless to say, our chess board sits out.  We find that when that’s the case, everyone just casually plays as they go.  Which is really, really nice.

8/  Chunky Throw Blanket

I don’t know of anyone that’s not overjoyed to receive one of these as a gift, and even from my pickiest comfy blanket friends (the little ones) these are just magic:  big, giant, comfy, and they just look so amazing!

9/  Black Patio Bar Cart

This one will be a stretch for some…like I can hear my mother saying to me (cup of tea in hand, while pretending to listen)…No.  But hear me out.  It’s an outdoor patio bar cart.  I like it indoors.  It’s black, it’s neutral, it’s modern yet transitional.  I’d use it as a bar cart, but also as a tea cart (we like that in the afternoon), and I’d also use it as a puzzle cart and/or board game cart.  And then I’d push it outside in summertime for it’s intended purpose.

10/  Tripod Floor Lamp

Sometimes, once you purge a living room and you are down to just a rug, and seating, and a table…you need a little something 3D, tall to take up some visual space.  Lamps like these are as much sculptural interest as they are functional soft lighting for when the high-hats are just too much!

More Living Room Love:





Throws (all soft, all comfy, all natural fiber):

Bar/Tea/Puzzle Carts:

Happy Living.  Happy Room.  xoxo a

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  1. I love the look of those chunky throws but I have questions, are they really warm? Because they look like they have a lot holes in them; and can you wash them? Also, you linked to one on Etsy from a foreign seller, have you actually ordered from that seller?

    • Annmarie Naples on

      empty wall…so you are thinking large accent, like a console table? not small accent like an end table? if yes, i have a few favorites, i’ll comment back for you. xo

  2. Yes, console table. I probably need to put up a really large picture with some cool Scandinavian-ish/modern console table underneath.

    • Annmarie Naples on

      there are two in the weekend sales post that will post…hmmm..sometime b/w 11pm and tomorrow…but I can round you up other favorites this weekend. xoxo

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