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Gang, if there’s one thing I’ve learned by blogging over the years, it’s this:  Our readers rock.

I am repeatedly humbled by your wisdom, your support, your humor, your style.  And the way that you are not afraid to voice your opinions and dish out some tough love when needed.  So many of you are committed to keeping TME real – and we love that you love us enough to care.

I’m pretty pumped with what we have in store for 2018, but since it’s a fresh new year, we figured a check-in with the experts was in order. So we’ve been off crafting a survey to see what you, our readers (aka the TME experts), want to see more of (or less of) in 2018.

The Mom Edit’s 2018 Reader Survey

It’s less than 20 questions, and we would be forever grateful.  Survey closes on Sunday, Jan 14 at midnight, EST.

(ps.  if the widget below bugs you, here’s a direct link to the survey)

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Shana founded The Mom Edit in 2008. She lives with the love of her life (his name's Mike) and their two crazy boys in downtown Philadelphia. She loves a good styling challenge (her engineering side shows eventually), appreciates kindness, and usually picks scotch over wine, sneakers over stilettos, and denim-underwear, always.

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  1. I love your site and have followed you for several years. I use Feedly and recently noticed I had not been able to get your new posts. I can access your site directly but not through Feedly and I have you listed on my blog lists through Feedly so not sure what is going on. Looks like the last post that came through was from 6 months ago. Tried re-adding your URL but that did not work. Wanted to mention in case someone else having this problem or if something on your end was causing this (inadvertently?) Any help appreciated.

  2. I really love your posts about children books and STEM presents… but specially the books ones. My children are a little younger than yours, and after getting most of the picture books you’ve recommended in the past I really would love to know chapter books, etc

  3. The survey isn’t working for me: the widget won’t load and surveymonkey keeps asking me to answer a question I’ve already answered (#11). Help!

  4. Survey worked for me. Did have to go back and adjust (“pick 5” but i selected > 5, once adjusted fine), also I was able to leave a question blank.

  5. Maybe I missed it, but after I was finished with the survey, I started thinking about all the gift guides for the holidays, Mother’s Day, etc. Please do more of those. They are super helpful! Especially the toys your boys’ love.

  6. One thing I find difficult about your site is that so much of it is now about things to buy. I have a limited budget for clothing and, especially when a lot of the products you are wearing have been sponsored, I can’t afford to buy even a fraction of the things you recommend.

    I do enjoy other parts of the site and wish you luck with it!

    • I agree. That said, I do understand that you have to make money from the blog and thus to some extent this can’t be avoided.

      I most enjoy posts that are “10 ways to style xyz item.” In other words, posts that help me maximize cool items I already have, but may not be wearing to their/my full potential. Maybe more posts like this, and you could definitely attach shopping links and suggestions for items to buy.

      Also love the make-up posts!

  7. Keep up the AMAZING JOB!!! I’ve been reading your blog for close to a year now (you popped up on Facebook!) and I’m #obsessed!! Great style tips, gorg pics, I feel like I know y’all through the stories, your kids are Adorabes, you do a great job of covering style options at multiple price points, jeez, I love everything about your site!

  8. I wanted to add: more variety of work wear! Scotti’s post on teacher uniforms was great because it showed a different dress code. I don’t wear suits and stilettos, so more business casual and dressy casual would be great. Also, pieces that do double duty for work and home/play.

    I also would like more real life. Like, OOTD or a week in the life instead of the hyper-curated 35 pics of one outfit (or maybe do more casual instagram pics for this?). I don’t get anything from one outfit shot 35 different ways (but, on the flip-side, I do get value from one piece done 35 different ways!)

    • Yes, exactly this. I agree with everything Candace wrote, especially the one outfit shot 35 different ways, I’m not going to lie, those posts almost make me angry (same post with 1 or 2 pics would be better IMHO) Love most of what you guys do though.

  9. I already filled out the survey, but then thought of more things after I submitted it!

    1. As a spin-off of the “1 item 5 ways” type posts, maybe do posts where you pick one item and multiple people style it. Not just the same trend, but the exact same item (sized appropriately for each of you, of course). I’d like to see your different takes on trends, plus it would be great to see how things work on different body types.

    2. The #myeverydayedit series was fun! I’d love to see that back again.

    3. This is my very favorite blog. I check it every day (multiple times lol now that you’re posting so often). I’m telling you my suggestions because you asked for them, but I also love reading here. So thank you for that.

  10. I also have loved the toy and book suggestions. I agree with what someone said above about so many posts being about shopping/buying. I’m torn because I understand you can’t and shouldn’t! work for free, but I am generally able to find my own version of a piece. I look to your site more to answer the questions “how do I wear X?” and “what do I wear in X situation?” Of course, I may sometimes need a very specific reco for something I haven’t bought much of… In those instances, I jump all over whatever you guys can give me (examples are maternity jeans, which is how I found ANMJ in the first place; and swimsuits for my new, mid-thirties mom-bod). Thank you for asking for insight!

  11. I already completed the survey but wanted to second the love for the book reccos! Also, maybe consider some posts on different styles (edgy, preppy, etc.) and how to achieve the vibe you’re going for?

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