Weekend 1.12

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Raines turned 10 last week.  If you follow me on IG, you might already know that Mike and I woke up the morning of his birthday and realized that we had nuthin’.  No cake, no presents, no balloons.  In our defense, we had only been home for a couple of days after spending our holiday break in Michigan, and that with an early Jan birthday this is his lot in life, but….still.

Thankfully, Uber Eats delivers Beiler’s Doughnuts as early as 6:30AM (!!), and Philly randomly had a snow day, so Pax and I snuck out to Momo’s Treehouse which is a little wonderland of a toy shop and came home with fun little things like unicorn poop and a Squishables taco pillow and water dancing speakers – all beautifully wrapped – as well as a dozen balloons.  We walked in the door and Raines’ whole face lit up.  And then friends came over and food was ordered and Mike played dungeon master for 14 kids as they battled goblins while the adults drank in the kitchen.  Eventually there was cake (Metropolitan’s chocolate layer cake did NOT disappoint), and Gwen saved the day with this mini ping-pong table (you guys have been asking about it on IG stories) and I made it through almost the entire day before I broke down.

Ten.  Ten years.  Ten years ago, I became a mom.  Ten years ago, I met this little boy who would become one of my life’s greatest teachers.  This little boy who helped me realize that not only could I become a mom, but I would love being a mom.  At least, I would love being his mom.  This boy who fills me with an inexplicable joy just knowing he exists in this world.  I hope he (and Pax) both know, someday, that just the thought of them – of their essence, of who they are – fills my heart so completely that it literally feels like it will burst out of my chest.

Ten years is a long time.  But it has felt like minutes.  And I realize, with each passing year, that Raines and I have passed our halfway mark.  That the years we have together, our cozy little existence with just us and Pax and Mike – these years are numbered.

And so, when our friends had left and the kitchen was cleaned and the house was dark and the kids were in their room putting on PJs, I cried.  I cried because I have been lucky enough to have these years, I cried because I’ll never have enough of these years.  Mike, chuckling softly, wrapped me in a hug.  (He is annoyingly unperturbed by LIFE.)  As he absentmindedly rubbed my back, I heard Raines call from his room.  “Mom?  Can you read me a book tonight?  Maybe that old one we used to read ?  I think it’s called….Where Did Thursday Go?”

There was only one possible answer to that question.  YES.



Ok Pantone.  I’ll get on board.  The 2018 color of the year is “Ultra Violet” which….IDK.  Confusing?  But then the interns rounded up a bunch of ultraviolet pieces in honor of 2018 (you’ll find them in this week’s newsletter) and….I like it.  I’m seriously excited to try this lipstick (Scotti says it’s the best purple lipstick out there).

LOVE.  If any of you have been lusting after Bella Freud’s vintage-looking sweater with 1970 across the front (UGH so good and so expensive)…..I found one with a similar vibe that is in the $200 range.  Instead of 1970, it says….wait for it….LOVE.  SWOON.  (You can see it on my stories, @shanachristine.)

Two of my favs, together and on sale. Sundry and Lou and Gray (of LOFT fame) did a collaboration.  Two things you need to know:  one, it’s amazing, and two, a bunch of pieces are on sale.  I’m especially loving this sweatshirt, these skinny sweatpants and – oh heck.  It’s all good – here’s a shopping widget:


Sales, sales, sales….If you haven’t yet checked out this week’s Weekly Sale Report, it has a ton of good stuff….like this Madewell top that I (annoyingly) ordered while on backorder status, and is now 30% off.  GRRR. Also?  We have a separate sales report this week for home because it’s just soooo good. Example:  I might order this bed.  It’s a fraction of the price of most of the beds I’ve been looking at, but looks…..exactly the same.  (Good find, A.)

Also, THIS…..

What are you doing for MLK day?  National Parks across the country will be fee-free on that day.  I think I’m going to head over to the African American museum in Philly – have you been?  (The one in DC is also high on my list.)

Wanderlust?  The NYT just released 52 places to go in 2018.  On a personal note, Mike and I are thinking of taking the kids to the Grand Canyon over Spring Break.  Where should we stay??  Any off the beaten path, amazing suggestions?

Philly!!  It’s a club night….for parents.  I’ve been taking dance classes – both hiphop and latin – with my dear friend Laurel, who is one hell of a teacher.  You can see what we’ve been up to on her IG, @solorhythm.   She’s been hosting these monthly club nights at the studio and they’re…INSANELY fun.  There’s a ton of us who show up – hubbies included – (with booze, obvi), Laurel does a little salsa lesson and then….we DANCE.  We’ve been jokingly referring to it as Club Night for Parents and I seriously have been looking forward to it ALL MONTH.  The next one is Friday, Jan 19th.  You can find more information here.  I’d love if any of you can make it!!

Get Excited: Budget-Friendly Week is Coming….Next week, we’re going to be covering all of our favorite budget-friendly finds.  Whether it’s something on crazy sale or just a realllly affordable piece that we love, everything featured next week will be under $100.  (Or at least on major sale.)  I’ll throw a sneak-peek up on IG this weekend (it involves this jacket – the tailoring is shockingly good).

The survey results are (almost) in!  A huge thank-you to everyone who took the time to give us feedback in our 2018 Reader survey.  You guys rock.  If you haven’t yet taken the survey, there’s still time for some honest feedback or post requests.

Happy weekend!





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  1. Shana, you document life as a mom so sweetly and beautifully. My oldest just turned 10 also and my husband reminded me of that halfway point. I watched him play today and I saw some hints of him as a 3 yr old…went by so fast! Happy birthday, Raines!

  2. Oh Shana….I started reading Ain’t No Mom Jeans in late 2010, when I was pregnant with my second (and last) child. That baby boy just turned SEVEN years old on January 8th. My little baby is 7, WTF happened? My oldest, my amazing, sensitive, intuitive daughter will be nine years old next month. It seems like no time has passed…I had kids in diapers and naptime and suddenly I have these brilliant sassy frustratingly wonderful big kid people with opinions and attitudes and so much personality. It’s a little overwhelming to realize that we are currently creating the next generation that will inherit the world. Here’s to doing our best, and happy birthday to R. God, I remember when he was a chubby little toddler and Pax was a little baby.

    Do you ever feel like you are improving your way through this whole parenting thing?

  3. We took our 11 y.o. to the Grand Canyon last December after Christmas (so it was busy, but not as busy as it gets in the summer). It was amazing, and really there is so much to do all around AZ if you rent a car (Sedona, Flagstaff..). You can also fly into Vegas and come in from that route (we came from Phoenix). Have a great time!

  4. Elizabeth Rafter on

    So perfectly said. I am having all of the emotions right now as I prepare for my oldest boy’s…18th…birthday on the 26th. I remember, so clearly, his birth and now he’s, technically, a man. And it is a scary scary world out there to send my baby into. So, I totally get your feelings on this one. You are definitely not the only mama crying at the end of the birthday celebrations! It’s so overwhelming sometimes!!!

  5. It’s crazy to feel so much love and be sad for the days that have just passed and the ones that are not even over yet. How lucky are we? Let’s just all cry together. #mamaslove

  6. You can stay in an old converted train caboose in Williams Arizona which is where the Grand Canyon railroad starts. The canyon hotel only has 2 rooms that are old train cars. My boys loved it at that age. Cute town too.

  7. I love al your posts and variety!
    I’m a mom, who has a Jan 4 birthday, and it was always a challenge for my mom in the 1970’s to celebrate and keep my birthday separate. You are doing great- tell him about this birthday someday! Especially his partner some day….

  8. I’m fairly new to your blog. Think I found you back in September. My daughter Started college this past August. She is our only child. It’s teally bittersweet. I’m fortunate she’s not too far. It’s been amazing seeing her blossom into a young woman! Love your posts! The photography, documentation, all of it!

    • Hi Dana! I keep telling my mom that my best years are over and that it’s all downhill now that my kids are getting older…and she just laughs and shakes her head and says that having older kids is different…but still amazing. It sounds like you are there. Good job, you. Xoxoxo

  9. I LOVE these posts. Your writing style really expresses the emotion and reality of your life. Thanks for sharing the real. Your posts are what I enjoy the most when reading this blog.

  10. We just visited AZ and the Grand Canyon at Christmas with a 3yo and a 9yo. Yes, take the train from Williams, AZ for the final 65 miles. It takes 2.5 hours, but the drive is long and sitting in traffic mostly. The train lets off at GC Village, in the national park, so you skip the traffic and have panoramic view train cars. There is a nice restaurant there and lots of lookout points. There is a bus that circulates through the park if you want other views.

    We stayed in Cornville, 90 miles from Phoenix, 90 miles from Flagstaff, 15 miles from Sedona. Check out Out of Africa wild animal park – feed a giraffe and a tiger!

    If you fly in/out of Phoenix, visit the Musical Instrument Museum, it’s very fun!

  11. Having sent my youngest back to college today after winter break, I can completely relate to your feelings of time lost and time left. As a mother, time is not our friend. Parenthood is a series of the most joyous moments and punches to the gut. What a journey. I wouldn’t change any of it.

  12. I have two boys too. The little one just turned 1 on Jan 10. “Our years together are numbered” is so well said. I want to make that my wallpaper and remind myself to cherish every day every moment. Despite how exhausted I feel daily or how frustrated I maybe when my 4 year old throws a tantrum. I’ll be missing all of these sooner than I think. I love watching you documenting your moments with your boys – makes me think about when my boys….

  13. We celebrated our oldest daughter’s 5th birthday this past week, and for the first time I did that math: how many more of these do we get before she’s an adult? And it’s not enough. Never enough.

    On another topic, if you haven’t already you and mike should check out “No Thank You, Evil!” Silly, easy, D&D for kids.

  14. Grand Canyon! We took the kids last spring. Spring is super wonderful there, but Spring Break means it will be nearly as busy as summer. But the cool weather makes it all worthwhile. If at all possible spend a night or two at one of the lodges IN the park. They aren’t super fancy or anything, but being able to get up in the morning and take the park bus to wherever you want to be gets you ahead of the crowds and gets you out of the parking craziness. One morning we rented bikes and spent a couple hours pedaling around and checking out the amazing overlooks. The kids had a ball and us parents enjoyed it way more than we expected! Another morning we got up early and took the bus to the far end of the geology trail that runs along the rim. We ended up at the big lodge right on the rim for breakfast and super-fancy hot chocolate.

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