Weekend 1.26

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Happy weekend!  My birthday is on Monday, so Mike is taking me to NYC for the weekend…without kids.  I typically hate traveling without my little guys in tow…but…I’m getting better at leaving them.


Two nights, I can do.

I am excited, though.  We’re staying at Public Hotel, and seeing the NYC Ballet on Saturday night.  Besides that…..any recommendations?  Not gonna lie….sleeping in and never leaving the room sounds pretty good to me, too.  Maybe I’ll bring a pretty dress for that rooftop bar.

Now, The Usual Nonsense….

What’s in YOUR closet?  All the TME editors just updated our shops with the pieces we currently have in our closets.  Mine was giving me a headache, so I broke it out into categories (tops/bottoms/shoes/etc), and included a separate list for what I pack on ski weekends, as well as home (since I’ve been getting a few questions) and a random category of STUFF I MIGHT BUY.

Speaking of random STUFF I MIGHT BUY….Rainbow North Face beanie.  Bam.

If I were to pick out my own Valentine’s Day gift…it would be this.  SWOON.

Giveaway winner!!  If you follow us on IG (@themomedit), you may have seen our giveaway with Voloshin.  The winner is…..@shopps on IG!  (Congrats girl – and check your IG DMs.) For the rest of us non-winners (haha) Voloshin is having a sale – one week only.  Take another 10% off already reduced items with the code THEMOMEDIT, good until 2/2.  A post with all of our favorites will come out on Sunday, if you want to see some pics. (There are a few on our IG, too.)

Fly Eagles, Fly.  We’re so stinkin‘ excited for the Superbowl this year.  SO excited, in fact, that we rounded up a bunch of fun Superbowl party favors, recipes, and game-day gear.  (Like this cute sweatshirt.) You’ll find our favs in this week’s newsletter, under Editor Picks. (Subscribe here, if you haven’t already.)

Well, that explains it.  I didn’t realize the difference between Retinol (found in over-the-counter products) and Retin-A (prescription only), until I read this article.  Because your skin has to break the Retinol down, it could take months before you see your skincare products working (unlike Retin-A, which is already broken down, so will only take weeks to see results).  Hunh.

Speaking of Retinol….My favorite anti-aging serum is 20% off at Colleen Rothschild right now.  And I always stock up on my forever-fav, the oil-based cleanser when there’s a sale.

Don’t date Aziz.  Mike wanted to know if I thought the series of events that went down between Aziz Ansari and “Grace” constituted sexual assault.  My first thought was probs not.  I mean…dear God he sounds like a total and complete asshole, but is he a criminal?  And then I read The Fake Feminism of the #MeToo Backlash and wanted to give the author a high-freaking-five.  This is such a murky issue (the girl was so uncomfortable – how could he not notice??), and these words brought me some clarity: “Many writers….have responded to the overwrought, strawman attacks on #MeToo with nuanced, thoughtful essays on how to take this opportunity not to imprison Ansari or banish him from the public realm, but to have a frank conversation about improving our damaging societal scripts around sex.”  YES.  If you click through to read the article, that snippet comes at the end, and she actually links to several other well-written pieces.

I, Tonya.  I’ve been wanting to see I, Tonya, the movie about Tonya Harding’s life.  The Daily podcast just did an interview with her, and it’s both fascinating and heartbreaking.

Lastly….we’re gearing up for some February Style Challenges!  They’re meant to be light-hearted and fun (NOT serious) but we thought we’d let you guys weigh in.  Vote below….

(ps.  if the widget below bugs you, here’s a direct link to the survey)

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Enjoy your weekend, Gang.  By the time you read this, I’ll hopefully be ordering room service….





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  1. Socks with high heels as one of the challenge ideas? Not for me… I just congratulated myself for managing to pull off a denim shirt with jeans!

  2. Help! I can’t get the survey to scroll properly to see all the questions and options, only the first three so I can’t pick a top 4 – is there a link direct to Survey Monkey instead as I had the same problem opening from the Facebook Weekend 1.26 post link – thanks!

  3. My husband and I were in nyc together last week, so fun! Our favorite meal was at a Korean restaurant called My Name is Han.
    We also loved our visit to the tenament museum & paired it with lunch at veselka and shopping at Meg in the east village. We had a blast! Have fun!

  4. Socks with heels?? Yes please! Ive been trying to master this look for years, literally!!! For this last week Ive forced myself to wear pants instead of jeans or leggings and I love it!! I feel like Im actually dressing up but since Ive worn tennis shoes with most of the outfits its still pretty casual. To keep it fun Ive done quite a few mixed patterns (plaid pants and striped cashmere cropped sweater with black suede Adidas) and/or oversized sweater/sweatshirts with patterned cropped pants. I think the trick really is mixing styles I call it ‘everyday fancy’ but i suppose its just high/low dressing. Cant wait to see what yall come up with!!

    • I would LOVE to see how TME styles socks with heels. I kinda have an idea how to style socks with heels for more formal or date night outfits, but I would LOVE to see how to incorporate the look for more casual outings. I’ll be excited to see which category is selected and will be happy to see any and/or all of them. 😊

  5. I know the perfect bag for you to take with you on your New York trip! I have the BrennaB bag, it’s easy to carry and it keeps all your stuff safe. Has become my daughter and my go to bag now. You definitely need to look into it.
    Here’s where we found it. http://www.brennab.com

  6. Thank you for commenting about Aziz Ansari and Grace…my husband and I have had the same conversation. Also saw I, Tonya…it’s sooooo good!

    • Yes! I’ve had a couple conversations about it and realized I wasn’t quite clear on what I actually thought. The article Shana linked to (and the other articles linked to within that) really helped me clear up my own thinking.

      I come to this blog for the clothes but every once in a while there is something that just hits home in a more real way. This was one of those times!

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