#TMEStyleChallenge Week 2 Results!

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Some of us went with light and airy whites (maybe because we don’t get to wear it all too often around kids) and others went for color and coziness with maybe a hint of skin showing or some lace. However you took on the challenge, we’d call Week 2 a total success. Keep reading to see what our readers & TME team members alike came up with to make their loungewear sexier…whatever that may mean to YOU individually.

Week 3 Starts NOW: Wear Skirts In Colder Temps – It’s not uncommon for us to get reader questions about SKIRTS. We’re all in this one together. Whether you’re the kinda gal who goes for a classic pair of tights, or you like the OTK boot look + a little skin we’re all. for. it. Just because there’s snow on the ground, doesn’t mean we can’t rock a skirt.

Here’s how to play (and get featured on the blog!): Snap a selfie (ours are casual mirror selfies), upload to Instagram and use the hashtag: #TMEStyleChallenge and be sure to tag @themomedit so we can see what you’ve come up with. *IF YOU’RE A PRIVATE ACCOUNT* but you’d like to be featured, DM us!! If you’re a little hesitant to put yourself out there, have a girlfriend/sister/your mom try it, too. The point is to work common pieces already in your closet into something a little ..unexpected. We’ll then publish them (with your permission) into one big article for the rest of February.

Week 2 Results Are IN!

Alastar (IG: @marbleheadstaginganddesign)

That creamy white cardigan even matches her pedi! Bonus points. Alastar does relaxed lounge oh so well.

Sara (IG: @sarastas)

In Shana’s words, Sara is a freaking badass. And we love it. Be sure to check out her instagram (linked above) for some inspo for style and beyond. As for this look, legwarmers are always a subtly sexy favorite of ours. S is no stranger.

Tiarra (IG: @beingtiarra)

This is Tiarra’s second week playing along with our #TMEStyleChallenge and…where has she been all our life? She took the base layers we all reach for (I’m wearing leggings as we speak) and popped a silky kimono over top! I’m kind of loving that it’s not perfectly tied..that little “undone” goes a long way.

Shana (IG: @shanachristine)

S has been lusting for the right silky sleep set for-eva and this one by La Ligne x Lingua Franca is just right. Shop similar easy, sets that are juuust menswear inspired enough to add to your own loungewear collection.

Scotti (IG: @scottiliz)

Scotti’s wearing our team favorite leggings. Seriously..these FP Kyoto leggings don’t quit (and come in a ton of colors) She opted for her fave: a graphic sweatshirt with a little sexiness in the open back. I love the pop of purple and how she tastefully showed off a great bra.

Gwen (IG: @gwenwandalowski)

Oh, hi. I love this set. You could also rock the sweatshirt and joggers separately out in the real world but…ya know, who wants to do that? Netflix on the couch for life.

Jess (IG: @jessbobess)

Not only are chemises like Jess’ sexy…they’re COMFY. I would totally want to lounge around in this all day with a chunky sweater.

Julieta (IG: @theunbosom)

Our instagram followers have spoken and Julieta kiiiind of won with these blushy-pink relaxed joggers and that tee I would probably never take off. She credits her iPhone X for an amazing pic..but we credit her for her amazing taste in loungewear (it’s a thing.)

Laura (IG: @elletrain)

Laura went for simply sexy here. Layer something dark instead of your typical nude under your favorite white lounge piece and it may surprise you.

Cam (IG: @camilledipaola)


If you’ve been following Cams on her Instagram stories, her family just got hit with the flu. She STILL rallied to show us her loungewear though not feeling 100% and if this is the stunning-ness she gives us….maybe I want to get the flu, too. #kidding #butimnot It’s hard to tell, but she’s also rocking those FP Kyoto leggings…seriously. Get them.

If you saw this original post on our IG, I mentioned that A’s amazing, silky loungewear set + robe are WASHABLE. Yup. Not only does she look gorg draped in this heavenly white robe over a simple navy top & shorts…she’s all good if little hands happen to tip that coffee cup.


Which look(s) do you wish you were loungin’ in right about now? There are only 2 weeks left of this challenge so now’s the time to join in! We love to see how you all shop your closets so let’s keep sharing the inspiration!


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  1. Elizabeth Rafter on

    These are fabulous! Love Cam and Julieta’s looks! And Tiarra looks awesome, too! I’ve ordered Shana’s pjs and Laura’s tee already this week! Love this challenge and can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with this week!

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