#TMEStyleChallenge Week 3 Results!

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Our biggest turn-out YET. Week 3 of our #TMEStyleChallenge: Wear Skirts in Colder Temps has again, blown. us. away. For those of you who participated (and have been participating) we want to say thank you. For those of you still waiting to take the plunge..Week 4 is below! This has been the most inspiring reader style month on TME in a long time. We’re kind of in heaven over here.  We’ve noticed some seriously clever layering (I mean…belted coats and all), some classic looks that you could even rock at the office AND color color COLOR.

Who says winter wardrobes have to be boring?! Not you guys.

Week 4 Starts NOW: Wear Your Workout Gear Like It’s A Real Outfit – If you haven’t pulled the trigger on those AMAZING (yet pricey) workout pants you’ve been lusting for..make ’em do double time. That’s our kinda price-per-wear. We’ll style up our own favorite pieces..then it’s your turn. *P.S. This challenge had the highest amount of your votes!!

Here’s how to play (and get featured on the blog!): Snap a selfie (ours are casual mirror selfies), upload to Instagram and use the hashtag: #TMEStyleChallenge and be sure to tag @themomedit so we can see what you’ve come up with. *IF YOU’RE A PRIVATE ACCOUNT* but you’d like to be featured, DM us!! If you’re a little hesitant to put yourself out there, have a girlfriend/sister/your mom try it, too. The point is to work common pieces already in your closet into something a little ..unexpected. We’ll then publish them (with your permission) into one big article for the rest of February.

Week 3 Results Are IN!

Tracee (IG: @traceejaliotti)

Tracee took on this challenge and made it simply sexy. We’re loving those little peeks of skin.

Tiarra (IG: @beingtiarra)

Hi, Tiarra! Blushy goodness mixed with some classic black has us thinking ballerina off duty CHIC. Again, you’ve rocked it chick.

Jessica  (IG: @jessthurbergould)

This one is totally reminiscent of A’s style! (Keep scrolling) Great minds think alike, huh? You can never go wrong with a great tee + a leather jacket.

Alastar (IG: ozncocosmama)

THIS. IS. AMAZING. Alastar casually rocking a skirt while ice skating with her mini is everything we want to be and more. How amazing do these two look?

Krista (IG: @kjkauff)

Monochromatic anything = the way to my heart. From her fun frames to her booties, Krista look so effortless, chic and dare I say..COMFY?!

Katie (IG: katieinbkln)

 Short skirts and OTK boots are always so freaking good.

Sarah (IG: @salalone)

A girl after my own heart with the classic black & white. Sarah, you look ready to take on the world and I’m coming with you.

Elizabeth (IG: @elizabethrafter)

Simply sweet and always beautiful. Our friend Elizabeth rocks those booties (S has ’em too!) and now, we need a pink skirt.

Shana (IG: @shanachristine)

Even layered over thick, warm tights, try a mid-length skirt or dress with your favorite sock boots. Works for S every time. And oh by the way S…I’m borrowing that DRESS.

Jess (IG: @jessbobess)

Monochromatic vibes again just like Krista above and I’m loving every second of it. Go girls! There’s nothing “blah” about this grey.

A, Ceci & Gracie

Not a #TMEStyleChallenge week goes by that A’s girlies don’t ask to participate. Stylish AND sweet..no wonder they’re hers. Here A rocks all leather with (of course) her favorite grey tee. Can’t beat that combo.

Julieta (IG: @theunbosom)

My jaw dropped when I saw those Spanx faux leather leggings (I have them too) layered until a high-slit SKIRT. #thingsidontthinkof

Laura (IG: @elletrain)

Now this…is a LOOK. I’d wear this head-to-toe every day. That leather jacket has yet to let Laura down. If you’re still in the market for a good one..check it out.

Cam (IG: @camilledipaola)

Pair your favorite feminine wrap skirt with something a little preppy. These pretty layers could surprise you. Oh..Cam’s disclaimer: she DOES wear tights with this when it’s actually cold in South Carolina..which I think is…never. (love you Cams!)


Is February really almost over? Yeesh. Let’s finish the month off strong with PLENTY of Week 4 submissions: Wear Your Workout Gear Like It’s A Real Outfit. You know you want to.

Team TME


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  1. Elizabeth Rafter on

    So much fabulousness!!! Love so many of these looks. Can’t wait to see the workout gear challenge. I’m definitely looking forward to some inspiration to step up my game with my gym clothes!

  2. I haven’t yet tried the gym wear as street clothes look yet. I’m not quite as young as you gals. But I’m excited to see what you all come up with

    • Annmarie Naples on

      Young is at heart. And you clearly have that! And we love you for it. My girlfriends that are younger than I am keep me on my toes. And my girlfriends that have me by a few years keep me true. This is officially ‘middle aged’ and I wouldn’t trade any of them for anything, nor my years; I’ve earned them. And this just in: I have “old lady friends.” Loads of them. They teach me things I never even knew I needed to know until they teach me, they refine me, and they keep me on track. And I love them so. They inspire me. Every. Day. And they also remind me, that it’s my job to do the same for those that come next-b/c yes, at this point, I am other people’s “old lady.” How that happened still stuns me. But heck yes we could all use some help setting some kinda example for tomorrow. So don’t you count yourself out lady…I’d count you as my inspiration of the week if you took the challenge just for the love, and fun of it. Sometimes we all need a little ‘experience’ to show us how it’s done! (This from the one that hates having her own photo taken, always but will do whatever it takes to keep the group whole-always, and who knows I need to ‘show-up’ so that my littles know that that’s just what we do…without insecurity, without concern, without a care in the world…we just be, and we laugh, and we participate, for fun.) xoxo A

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