Our Magnetic Lashes Fail

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We had really, really high hopes for this magnetic lashes review.  Magnetic lashes sound so easy, and there are a plethora of bloggers singing their praises, but….these?  Nope.  Not even freaking close.  Maybe we were just missing something, or perhaps we just don’t have the wide, Disney-princess eyes required to make them work, or it could be that we just got a dysfunctional set but…..

….the case was really nice?  #snort

The lashes we were using were Verebeauty Double Magnet False Lashes and if you are surprised by the number of 5-star reviews…so were we.  Upon a second read-through, however, the language of the reviews is a little suspicious.  Wayyy too many words.  They sound a whole lot like the spam comments I’m often deleting off of TME.  Interesting.

I think magnetic lashes could work (or maybe I’m just starting a needless quest that will result in nothing) but….do you guys have your eyes on a specific pair??  Should we give them another try?




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  1. I tried the originals, bought all their sizes/styles… but they would not bend at all, and stuck out on the sides. 🙁 total bummer

  2. Why can’t someone fix our lash issue?!? I want More lashes but the time & effort which comes w/ lash extensions is literally killing me slowly!! There has got to be a better way. I had Hoped this was it…guess not. Thanks for letting me know😂

    • Liz, try Latisse. Honestly, if you use it everyday for 3 months, you’ll lashes will be thicker and longer. One bottle will last 3 months. Afterwards, apply every 2-3 days to maintain (and you might need a new bottle every 5-6 months). Takes literally 5 seconds to apply in the am.

      • Oh, and if anyone opts for Latisse, don’t use the brushes the kit comes with. It will use up far more of the product than you need! Get a teeny tiny eyeliner brush. Pour a drop into the CAP and then dip your brush into that. (Been using this stuff for years.)

        Side note….two friends of mine have been using the lash product from Rodan & Fields and it’s worked equally well as Latisse.

  3. Haha!! I ordered the same lashes and oh gosh, fail! Then I ordered from Urban Lash, they are just kind of those wing ends, also a fail for me. I really wanted them to work!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, I just now watched this video. Holy cow, HILARIOUS! Sounds like the case is indeed the best part 🙂

    While I had the flu last month, I spent a lot of time scrolling through Instagram and spotted that same lash video. I’ve never, ever been interested in false lashes, but man, did that video suck me in. It’s so well done! Had my fever not been 102, I might have bought these! (Oh, I did buy the Wander Flash Foundation stick…and the Rothchild cleansing balm you guys have talked about, which I love….being sick is expensive sometimes!)

  5. This was hysterical! Maybe my skin is just crazy sensitive, but RF Lash Boost made me want to claw my skin off–SO much itching.

  6. Elizabeth Rafter on

    I agree with most people about the R+F Lash Boost. It’s a miracle product as far as I’m concerned! Drift worth a try!! As long as you’re not allergic (my sister in law has problems with it, too)!

  7. I need to echo many others, this was the best time today! I loved laughing along with you two! So many great moments…”eyebrow lashes” “the container is cute” “I can barely see through them” omg just #dying!

    That said, I’ll send you a free Lash Boost if you’d like to try it and share your honest results… let me know (as long as you don’t have a nut allergy)!

  8. LOL. I tried the Ardell magnetic lashes that I found at Target. They only had the end whispy version. They were SO much bigger than my actual lashes. My 9 year old thought they were weird and hilarious. And I couldn’t get them on correctly. I returned them to Target for my $13 back 😂

  9. I tried those exact ones and for some reason the full-width kind are BEYOND difficult to wear, however, if you get the half-width ones they look insanely gorgeous and as good as lash extensions. They’re $15 on Amazon for 4 pairs and I can wear one pair for a month before having to toss them. 🙂

  10. Nicola Evans Skidmore on

    A company called One Two has the kind that are just on the outside edge of the eye (accent lash). Tempted to try but just can’t believe they’d work for me. I love your video. 😉

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