HOME Weekly Sales Post 2.24

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And February is gone.  Poof.  Just like that.  We’re getting teased with some cold weather reprieve out here on the east coast, which has us all dreaming of spring…yet knowing we aren’t there quite yet.  Soon enough, it will come, soon enough; it always does.

Hopefully also will soon come some necessary shifts , in all of our energy, hearts, minds and policy.  The best (and worst by many estimations) of what I read this week is this and this.  I know it’s overwhelming.  I feel it.  But I won’t tune it out.  I’m just figuring out how to process it in real time, just like every other mom in the world.  I took a very young friend to meet an even younger friend a few weeks ago, and at some point in conversation, young friend said to younger friend, “…you don’t know what you don’t even know yet.”  And my interjection was this, “she knows what we don’t, let’s listen, and learn.”  After this year which has brought us #metoo, #timesup, and #neveragain, (in addition to Russia, Korea, DACA, and the wall, to name some other major concerns) in 2 short months, I’d now add to that, “let’s listen, learn, love, and act-smarter, stronger and better, together.”

We’ve got one weekend left in this month.  Make the most, and the best of it, that you possibly can, wherever you are.  Tune-in to it all, as best you can.  And let’s make the next two, and the ones after that, ones to look forward to, no regrets.  xoxo A

One Kings Lane Sale Up to 70% off, New Markdowns

Neiman Marcus Home Sale

Horchow Home Sale

ALLMODERN:  Up to 70% off 
Side Chairs (leather and woven is what took my heart today)

Console Tables (b/c it seems a few folks need these so we’ll keep eyes open for sales)

Overstock Prez Day up to 70% extended


Wayfair Up to 70% off Sale

West Elm Final Weekend, Up to 40% off


Wisteria Home Sale, coffee tables up to 40% off, up to 10% off everything, and clearance PROMO CODE:  extra10

DESIGN WITHIN REACH: SALE Final Weekend Dining, Classic Knoll, plus other Sale Items
(theres’s nothing DWR that’s inexpensive, but some of our favorite pieces are on sale, maybe now’s the time)

Target Home Sale up to 30% off


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