Reader Q: What To Wear to a Spring Wedding

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Spring is tough. Dressing for Spring weather can be equally tough. And if you’re going to an EVENT?! Just forget it. I’m not going.

Don’t do that. You’re going. We’ll help.

When reader Shelley reached out to say she’ll be attending her brother’s wedding (yay!) in Grand Rapids, MI this April, but she’s in need of some outfit inspiration we were totally up to the challenge. Since we all know that the weather can be so unpredictable, it’s best to just check the forecast, hope for the best andddd….wear what you want (maybe with some closed-toe shoes). Grab a travel umbrella to prevent tragedies and just get inside and have some fun. 

Shelley, have a blast celebrating your brother and the newest member of your family! We hope these ideas spark some style inspiration for the big day. To narrow it down, we thought it would be fun to go by Pantone’s Color Trend Forecast for Spring 2018. Here are some Pantone inspired looks we think would look great on anyone:


May they live happily ever after!



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    • Gwen Wandalowski on

      Ugh,’re right haha. Faux fur would be amazing over most of these! That’s an awesome solution. Xo

  1. I loooove the Ted Baker dress. I am going to a spring wedding and it would be perfect. Any way you can direct me to something similar in a lower price range?

  2. Kristine Cooper on

    TME, would you please consider a summer wedding post? I have two VERY summer weddings–one in Texas in August–and despite being over 50 and a northerner, I want to be fabulous! And cool (in all senses). Thank you!

    • Kristen, being from Texas and having been a bridesmaid in outdoor Texas weddings in August, my advice would be this. You ARE going to sweat, so stay away from things that will obviously show pit stains – patterns and cotton are your friends. Also, bring some layers for when you go indoors. Texans LOVE their airconditioning and BLAST it all summer. I’ve seen many a northerner shivering in a banquet hall or convention center because they were thinking “hot” when they packed.

    • Gwen Wandalowski on

      Of course we can! Give us a little time to whip something up. And Christy – thank you for chiming in to help! (things this PA girl definitely did NOT know haha) Xo

  3. Shelley Foster on

    Thank you so much!!! I’m a little too excited to have my question answered!!! 😁
    Excited to go shopping now!!

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