The Big Sur Table Paired with 10 Chairs

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One of the most fun things about The Mom Edit is the community.  Every day, the readers all inspire us with comments, or questions, or you…check us and help keep us real and true, and even that we appreciate more than there are words for.  One comment that I haven’t been able to get off my mind was from HOME Weekend Sales Post 3.2.  The Reader fell in love with a pair of two toned chairs posted in the sales post, but was concerned that they were plastic+wood, rather than 100% wood.  It’s the contrast though that got her.  And us too.  Cams posted similar chairs in Space by Space: A Simple Bright Dining Room, and don’t we know, Cams loves her those chairs too!  I’m ok with plastic, I feel like it does hold up…but I did give it some more thought.

And then…ALLMODERN announced a sale on dining chairs through 3/25 (through Sunday this weekend)…and so it seemed now was the time to just sort this one out!

I love contrast.  The balance of styles, colors, textures, materials; but it is a balance.  So just for fun, we figured we’d show you how some of our favorite chairs paired with the reader’s Crate and Barrel Big Sur table, (also one of our favorites too) would look.

My vote for purely the look would be: #5 coupled with #9.

But if solid wood really is a requirement, I also think that:  #6 coupled with #9 is amazing!

And…if coupling isn’t an option, and we’re just choosing one chair:  I love the shape of #8, and its stylistic and color contrast to the table, or #2 all the way around-because those really do hold up and wipe well!

What do you think?  Maybe we need to ask Gwen for a chair styling challenge on the Grams?

Big wood tables and chairs are so much fun to pair!  Especially when they are on sale, and the whole thing really is just for fun!

Also, many of you asked about Cam’s table…stayed tuned for this weekend’s HOME Sales Post, there’s a strikingly similar one for a great price you’ll find there.  xoxo A

The Big Sur Table

1/ Marlow II Wood Dining Chair  This is solid wood and also from Crate and Barrel.  While the design of it is traditional, it pairs well with the more rustic/modern lines of the table and the two together are a great balance of contrast!

2/ Trige Solid Wood Dining Chair  These hold up well, are easy care, and the slightly off wood+black base+ the white plastic top material contrast work really well with the table and add some nice subtle detail to it.

3/ Slice Solid Wood Dining Chair  Ditto for this one, with just a little more shine if that’s your thing!

4/ Saint-Pierre Solid Wood Dining Chair Also a classic, just a slightly smaller frame than #1.  Also a great contrasting partner.

5/ Otis Side Chair  Two-Toned Favorite.  For sure.  Just beautiful lines.  But you need to be ok with the mixed materials.

6/ Clarence Side Chair  Similar to #1 and #4, but just slightly more modern in its lines.

7/ Bel Solid Wood Dining Chair  Another beautiful two-toned, more to the modern side, but still nice clean lines.

8/ Fronter Solid Wood Dining Chair  Yup, solid wood, fun lines that work well in contrast to the straight lines of the table.  Pretty much perfection!

9/ Poly and Bark Wegner Wishbone Style Chair  Who doesn’t love a Wishbone?   I’d make a wish every time I sat down.  Clean classic modern.  I’d do just two at the ends to leave room for more side chairs, but they’d also look great all the way around!

10/ Mustang Side Chair  Fun take on the Wishbone!  Same comment as above, maybe for the ends only?

Ok.  I feel like we’ve given that some good thought.  Back to sick kids, science fair boards, plumbing roughs and weekend sales post round-ups.  But thanks for taking a fun little break with us.  We appreciate your comments, all of them.  And obviously, you are all always on our minds!  Follow along with us on Pinterest and Instagram and you’ll see how true that is!  Hope your weeks are ending well!  xoxo A



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  1. A, it’s B- the reader who wrote that comment! This is AWESOME! My husband and I have been trying to figure out chairs for this table forever. This is so helpful as I cannot ever “see” the total project in my mind. I love our table- it is so rugged and is big enough for our many gatherings. However, finding chairs for it that give a vibe of mid century modern or modern traditional and not farmhouse, has been hard!

    My husband will laugh. He has been saying Eames style chairs or these leather ones from West Elm ( I have been loving the wishbone chairs but wanted different chairs to go at the head of the table. Your post might have done just that!

    Now not only do I need to try and move to Philly to attend Laurel Card’s dance classes, I need to move there so you can decorate my home!

    Thanks so much- love your eye, love your detail, and love that you featured this! Much gratitude!

  2. This is such a great idea for a post! Dining tables and chairs can get so expensive since you need multiple chairs so thank you for the great ideas/options on chairs – most of which won’t break the bank.

    • Annmarie Naples on

      Thank you for your support, it means a ton! And heck yes could I spend ALL the days putting together collections of high/lo how to furnish a whole house on a budget. That would be way more fun than most of what’s on my real ‘to do’ list on any given day! True story: I actually really do love doing the weekend HOME sales post for that reason…maybe one of these days we’ll lay out all the rooms that have either come of those or exist in my mind. We’ll sneak some more of these types of posts in though, somehow, soonish, for fun when we need a break from other random realities- xoxo

  3. We have a dark wood table and either the exact #4 chairs or very similar (I can’t remember if I got them from Wayfair or overstock) and I love the look. However, they have absolutely not worn well under the use of a family of 5 (and 2 of the 3 kids don’t even sit in one yet) and I’ve only had them for about 3 years. So, affordable? Yes. Lasting? No.

    • Annmarie Naples on

      It’s always a trade-off, right? Unfortunately. My youngest brother still has the insanely well made gigantic Ethan Allen kitchen table and chairs we all grew up with (and yes, he’s in his 40s too, and we were a rough crew)…They weren’t cheap then. They’d be a fortune now. Sometimes it’s worth it to go with the really well made pieces. Luckily though, sometimes it’s easier for all of us to go budget, get our small amount of monies worth out of what we can and then switch it up when the time comes. If number 4’s style is a favorite, #1 is well made, just more expensive than the others. xo

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