HOME Weekly Sales Post 3.17

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HOME.  What is home, right NOW?  Obviously it’s always where our hearts and loves are, and thankfully those are ‘a plenty for me this weekend.  Amid world craziness and tragedy, do I absolutely count those blessings daily; while simultaneously wishing for sanity, peace, calm, and spring.  Please.  Please.  For all.

But real talk?  We (the kids, an awesome architecture/build firm, a crew of many, many trades, and I) have been gut renovating a home for oh, you know, the standard 11 months now, and temporarily living in a rental, amidst a complicated and friend/heartfelt house trade, that’s now 2 months expired on its term (read:  sanity) limit, for all of us.  And our stuff…that’s all living somewhere, not with us, not most of it.  But yes enough of it that the movers will need to make 3 stops before collecting and dropping all items at the ‘new house’, someday.  I’m just about over it.  Again.  So while that’s hot on my mind:  if you don’t subscribe to the TME Newsletter, do that NOW, here.  Because we’re going to start teasing with this crazy project of mine and we’ll do a reveal, hopefully by late summer…you know…once the dust has settled, been cleaned, resettled and been cleaned again X at least 3 rounds.  And please note, that’s my forever optimism speaking with that whole…late summer thing.  Do we all know the chief character trait of an optimist?  LATE.  For EVERYTHING.  Optimistically, of course.  We drive those realist people crazy like it’s our job!

It looks kinda like this, and we call this, “PROGRESS!!!”  Full photo cred to our amazing construction foreman and progress documenting,  Justin, (the man I defended fiercely the other day when my new next door neighbor asked, “at what point to do you start dropping f’bombs on them?”  And I explained, simply, “this man, Justin, he’s the solution.  The ‘history’ of this home is the problem.  The insane challenges we anticipated 85% of, are the problem.  And the horrible cat urine smell permeating from not this house….that story tbc…also still a problem.  I know from f’bombs.  Not now.  And not here.  I’ll let you know when and where.”  Keep on J.  For me.  Just keep on, keeping on.  Please.  Because here’s where we are:

/Rat Slab waiting to happen.  Please pour the concrete+spray the heck outta it(lessons learned in city living)/ 

/Don’t worry about that-the basement’s getting dug out anyway//Let there be light./

Yup.  We are where we are.  Onward.  Always.  Ain’t no turning back now.  Plenty of light to come.

In other news:  Gwen, the amazing and endlessly talented and patient Gwen, is teaching this old lady how to use the grams.  One might think that’d be a 5 minuter.  Nope, we’re going on weeks.  I have three followers right now-basically because I’ve been keeping the grams a secret because it scares me to death:  Gwen the person, Gwen The Mom Edit, and Mike D (Shana’s hubs-always my sister-brother in full-support through all life-learning experiences.)  So really that’s two actually. There’s comfort in that, to me.  Feel free to scare the pants off me and start tagging along on my learning to use Instagram story.  Pause, that means something different than I mean for it to mean.  Ugh.  It’s a whole new language almost!  I mean the story of me learning to use Instagram.  Instagram Stories are a 400 level class that I’ll be ready for…ummm…never.  But you never know.  Right?  Alrighty Grams.  Here we go.  Follow us here.  You know, on the grams.  On the inter webs.  And wish Gwen some serious good luck with me, goodness gracious does she need it.  But I promise to try.  Real, real hard.  Promise.  Ugh.  Scary.

And so, as we do…let’s find some beautiful, fun and functional home things on sale this weekend whilst procrastinating on design projects, momming, life, puke virus laundry and home renovations of one’s own?  Take a break with me?  Escape to somewhere fun.  And on sale.  Where better than that?  xo A

POTTERY BARN 20% off with Code: LUCKY (great sale to stock up on large baskets!)

Ebay: Outdoor Elements, up to 70% off:  Fire

Ebay: Outdoor Elements, up to 70% off:  Patio

Ebay: Outdoor Elements, up to 70% off: Kids

Target Up to 30% off Outdoor Living + extra 17% off Fire, Patio, Accessories + Home on sale!

Wayfair, Console Tables under $150

Wayfair Up to 70% off Game Tables and Rec Room+RELAX!

URBANOUTFITTERS: HOME SALE ++++ take a close look

Anthropology 50% off Furniture

One Kings Lane 20% off orders over $600 use code OKLCHEERS20

H&M HOME Big Spring up to 70% off Sale

Overstock Dining Room for less, Sale ends soon!

ALLMODERN:  Pendant + Floor Lamp Sale, ends soon!

Houzz Outdoor Preview Sale, ends in 5 days

And…Daly, McManus, and O’Neill are three of my four quarters. Love you Mom. And the Irish half of you Dad, at least. Here’s how I celebrate my Irish at HOME:

Luck of the everything to you. xo A


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