#DressingRoomSelfies…SWIM (Ugh)

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Well….it’s March so that means swimsuits, right?  RIGHT?



I know, you guys.  I know.  But some of us are Spring Break prepping, some of us are just the Prepared Sort (knowing that summer is a-comin), and some of us are masochists.  Nothing better than swimsuits in March!

For the record, I am everything listed above save the Prepared Sort.

Now, onto the #DressingRoomSelfies SWIM EDITION, you perverts.

psst!  We’ve already started working on our giant 2018 Swim Shop, if you’d like a sneak peek.

My Favorites

The Happiest-Ever Swimsuit

Obsessed with this Mara Hoffman rainbow suit.  It’s a bit cheeky in back, but fits great, sucks me in, and just….makes me happy.  Wearing an xs for reference.

suitMara Hoffman Adeline Rainbow Knot-Front Suit (size xs)

This Mara Hoffman suit also comes in a seersucker stripe.  Loved this one also, but it’s hard to compete with rainbow. (This black and white suit looks MUCH better in person, fyi.  The stripes almost disappear in the photos.)

suit: Mara Hoffman Adaline Bridgette Stripe Knot Swimsuit (size xs)

The One That Makes ‘the Girls’ Look Amazing

I’m wearing an XS in this suit, and it does fit pretty tight.  Going up a size may have been smart.  But I LOVED how secure it was in the chest, and the romantic, pretty print.  Picture with denim cut-offs and metallic flat sandals.

suit: Plunging One-Piece Suit, Anthro (size xs)

Lace?  Crochet? Whatevs – me likey

I like the idea of army green swimwear.  A little unexpected, maybe?  And this Becca suit, with it’s slight mermaid vibe totally nails it.  This suit won’t suck you in (and with all of the holes, that’s a good thing), rather, it just skims over.  Surprisingly sexy, even with the high neck.  Would be cute with high-rise cutoffs, too.

suit: Becca Color-Play One Piece (size small)…also available in plus-sizes


That’s a Wrap

How fun is this Vince Camuto wrap suit?  The stripe is so very girl-next-door, but the wrap style (and belt) take it a totally different direction.  Loved this one.  (And, thanks to the overlay, it felt secure….or as secure as any wrap-style top can be.)

suit:  Vince Camuto Sailor Stripe Wrap Suit (size 4 for reference) – also comes in blue!


The Ones That Almost Worked….

The One For Mamas With Much Smaller….Girls

This suit is stunning and gorgeous and the fabric is TO DIE FOR and I was excitedly pulling it on.  But THEN.  The cup size situation was….not…ideal.  There’s, um, a reason my hair is strategically placed over my nips.  Let’s call this A Very Careful Selfie.

suit: Onia Isabella One-Piece Swimsuit (size small)

The Billabong Teenager-y Suit I Loved

I’ve had my eye on this Billabong suit for years.  It’s kiiiiind of amazing – the crochet is just right, and the crossback straps keeps everything in place.  My only issue?  It’s pretty darn cheeky.  Cheeky is amazing when it’s the middle of summer and I have a tan….less so in March.#MyEYES #MyEYES  Also, the cheekiness migrates when you walk.  So…..there’s that.

suit: Billabong (wearing a small)

And Then….Even More Cheekiness

I ADORE Tavik’s super sophisticated color palette (nude straps, black top, rust red bottom)….but man.  Too much cheek too soon.  (ps.  I also tried this Tavik suit and the top part was laughable.  No amount of strategic hair placement could make that photo decent.)

In hindsight, I probably should’ve tried one size bigger.

suit: Tavik Lela One-Piece Suit (xs for reference)

More Color-Blocking (But RUNS SMALL)

Gosh, I am just bursting out of this suit.  You should’ve seen me trying to squeeze myself in – it took a good 10 minutes and muscles I didn’t know I had.  I’ll admit I considered – just for a hot sec –  cutting it off my body, but then was like, S, GET A GRIP.

All of that aside….I think this suit could be amazing.  It’s from Amazon’s new Coastal Blue swim line, comes in regular and plus sizes, is under $100 and has some glowing reviews.  Which, now that I read them, says that the suit runs small.  YES.  YES IT DOES.

What I love about this suit is twofold:  First, the black bottom/lighter top combo automatically camouflages any sort of soft stomach situation (the SSS if you will), and second, the black bottoms err on the side of high-waisted….which makes your legs look miles long.

Somebody needs to try this suit in the right size.

suit: Coastal Blue Color-Block Suit (wearing and regretting the XS)

The Sexy Boho Suit

This one was just too big.  But the mesh panels, cool back, and pretty colors would be seriously cute on someone.

suit:  Becca In The Mix One-Piece Swimsuit (size small)


The Dotted One With The Really Low Back

I was surprised by how cute this one was, even in white, even in March.  My only issue?  The back dips low which is super sexy…but I was worried about the straps falling down.

suit:  Morgan Lane Polka-dot swimsuit (xs for reference)

The Mara Hoffman That Just Wasn’t As Good

I have three issues with this Mara Hoffman suit, especially compared to my favorite (the rainbow, first suit featured):  One, the back is soooo much lower so the straps don’t stay put nearly as well.  Two, I had to mess around with the top bow to hide the nip situation and it never looked as good and Three….this suit just ran big in general.

That said, the fabric is AMAZING.  Hmm.

suit:  Mara Hoffman Maven One-Piece (xs for reference)

The One That My 20 Year Old Self Would’ve Loved

I love the sporty vibe, the color, and….if I were still in my 20’s, I would’ve totally loved how this suit is probs a tad sheer up top (especially when wet).  A little nip here and there was a solid strategy for a 20-something with an AAA size chest.  Now?  Not so much.  #snort

Also, this suit runs realllllly small (even compared to other styles by this brand).  I’m wearing an XS and had to wrestle myself into it.  Also, there was no breathing once on.

suit:  solid and striped (xs, but should’ve been a medium or something)

I mean….I don’t even know what is happening here

I think this was another one that I was imaging on my 20-something body.  Once upon a time, it may have looked cute, in a hipster sort of way.  It was really well-made?  There’s that, I suppose.

suit: Made by Dawn Ruffled One-Piece Swimsuit (wearing a medium, which is prob part of the problem)


Good luck swim shopping.  May the dressing room mirrors be ever in your favor.




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  1. You look GREAT! You can absolutely 100 percent wear the ones with your cheeks peeking out. You’ve worked hard for that and it shows. (Yes I feel like a weird perv saying that.). It’s hard to top that first suit. I kept scrolling down to see if one would beat it but no, not IMO simply because it’s hard to top that suit. Thanks!

  2. I agree, at the risk of sounding weird as well. You can pull off cheeky, your butt is awesome. I am jealous. I used to work out butt specific exercises and my butt used to look awesome for it like yours….three years ago. I gotta get back on the exercise wagon I really do…..

  3. Love the Anthro floral suit on you! Can I ask how tall you are? I would love to wear a pretty one piece suit but I have trouble finding something that fits my height and small frame. Thanks for posting!

    • It’s shorthand, and in my mom’s handwriting. It’s what she would write on our lunchbags every day for school. It says, “We love you lots.” My sister has a matching one. 🙂

  4. I have the same qualms with the gingham one, which I nabbed in the Shopbop sale. It’s such nice fabric. Someone a little taller would be fine I imagine, but I’m worried the straps will fall off 5’1” me! In happy news, I’m a little bigger chested than S and my girls weren’t busting out, just nicely highlighted. Not sure how much momming I can realistically do in it but I loooove it. So conflicted!

    • Oooooo…that’s good to know. Thank you!!! (And if you ever feel brave enough to send in a pic…we’d love to see it….)

  5. Elizabeth Rafter on

    Love some of these suits! The Anthro one and the Tavik colorblock one and the Amazon colorblock one (even though I’m unable to order it)! 😍😍😍 All so good! I love these roundup posts! So so good!!! And I’ll get in line with all the other creepy commenters…cheeky works for you! Haha!!

  6. Jennifer Olsen on

    I can’t get into how cheeky all the cute swimsuits are right now. I work out hard but at 43 I just don’t want to go there! I do love this particular post. You look amazing and it’s refreshing to see real world pics of swim suit try one;)

    • I hear you girl. I always feel the same in the Spring….but then once I actually get ON the beach, mid-July, there’s so much skin already that it doesn’t feel as cheeky as it does…right…now. Ugh, March.

      • I just got back from Mexico and EVERYONE (women in a whole range of ages, sizes and shapes) was wearing on-purpose cheeky bottoms (very close to a thong). I just couldn’t do it , but power to the ladies who feel comfortable doing so.

  7. Would love a round up of full coverage, and I mean full coverage suits. For people hiding from the sun… I love to cover up, but I don’t want to look like I’m wearing an old lady suit who is ashamed of their body. Are board shorts still a thing? I like to play hard at the beach and I don’t want any thing hanging out if you know what I mean…
    and yes, you look great, wear what ever cheeky suit you want!

    • Check Lands End! I bought a bikini (orange with white polka dots) and a separate navy racerback tank and skirt and set of shorts, so I can be as bare or covered as I like (I’ve since had 3 kids in 2 years, so “more covered” is usually my jam).

      • Athlete has really great rash guards and shorts. I am so fair that no amount of lotion would stop me burning! Full coverage is essential.

    • Boden has super cute rash guards to wear on top! Their bikini bottoms are cheekier than I thought I wanted but I did it last year and got tons of compliments (on the prints haha!)! I think they have a more full coverage bottom that they call a “short” but isn’t really…

      • And I forgot to say, awesome post! You look amazing! Butt goals! I love how your expression is pretty much saying what you wrote about each one. The top one is my favorite too. 🙂

    • I’m extremely sun sensitive, and last year, I found a long sleeve one piece from J Crew. It was awesome. Cute but purposeful, even if I did sometimes feel like a gymnast. Ha! I probably wouldn’t wear it on a romantic vacation with my husband, but it was perfect for playing with the kids in the pool or at the splash pad.

  8. I love the Vince Camuto suit! We are going to the beach this summer, and I’m not sure what I’ll end up wearing. I have a blouson tankini from Lands End that I like (flattering and hides the mum tum), and I’d like to lose another five pounds or so once I wean my last baby. I need to work out. I am joining the butt-envy chorus!

  9. Have you tried Boden swimsuits? I haven’t but am seriously considering. They have some cute patterns and a bright striped one I can’t decide on—awesome or garish? Fine line. Seeing the stripes on you, hmmm…could be good.

    • I bought a Boden suit last summer and LOVE it. Really flattering and sexyish while also being well-made and supportive/secure – it’s fully lined with a fabric that smooths and the cups are really nicely constructed. Totally recommend giving them a try when they’re running a free shipping & returns promo!

  10. Long time listener, first time caller… love you and the blog. Since we’re planning our spring/summer selves, can you add to the docket a piece about making sun hats work as part of an every day style? I have trouble making them fun and boho instead of awkward and frumpy and I need to get serious about protecting my skin this summer (I am a delicate flower). And sunblock while you’re at it! Thank you!

  11. You brave woman! They all look awesome on you! I really liked how you picked a bunch of different ones instead of the standard black, which i love as well. I like the yellow one and the floral one with the deep v the best. Thanks for the great post!

  12. Again, we thank you for trying on suits in winter. These are great. I think I am going to try the gingham! I spend a LOT of time at the pool with kids in the summer. I think a round up cool brands that have swim separates would be amazing section in your swim guide!

  13. Isn’t it still snowing in your neck of the woods? You are brave, indeed! But they all look great. I, myself, am opting for a full burka since no one wants to see my cheeks.

  14. 1. You have a rockin’ bod girl! 2. I LOVE that you post real deal pics in March and still look amazing! That confidence just screams badass! 3. The first suit is SO fun and flirty on you!! My favorite but none of them look bad. Now I have to take my 49 yo self for a run!! Ughhh…..

  15. Love your blog and these suits are awesome. But it would be great if you had some options for curvier frames and/or larger busts. I think all the cut-outs look adorable on you, but my 36Ds would be busting out all over.

  16. You look amazing in all of the swimsuits! The rainbow suit is my fave.

    I can’t really do one-piece suits with my long torso and small chest (unflattering and uncomfortable for me), so I like two-piece suits. I really enjoyed Laura’s halter bikini picks last year and even bought one from Target. TME always does a great job in rounding up swimsuits for most everyone, year after year.

    I found a swimsuit unicorn which worked for my postpartum body. The pique halter peplum tankini top and matching high waisted bottoms from J. Crew. Covers as much as a one-piece but it’s two pieces where the top is adjustable at the neck and in the back. You could even wear the halter top with shorts, it’s so cute on its own. I have it in black and in red.



    They also have the set in gingham now.

  17. I love the entire vibe of this piece…. it was so real, including things I would think about suits! I also love that it’s from a Mom perspective.

  18. I ordered a different Amazon Coastal Blue than the one you mentioned (I don’t like halter necks) and I am shocked at how amazing it is. Well-made, thick enough to hide the pooch. I bought the lattice tankini top and the black bottoms with mesh sides and I loved how I looked. And that’s saying something. For a grand total of $39 for the top and $29 for the bottoms… can’t be beat. Thanks for the recommendation for Amazon Coastal Swim, Shana… I wouldn’t have known about them otherwise.

  19. So, are tankinis “out?” I hate struggling in and out of a wet one piece to pee. Also, wish society would get over the nipple thing so we could embrace unpadded (but still supportive) cups. One last question… what do you wear under a rashguard (alas, the nip thing again)? I don’t own any bikini tops but maybe that’s the way to go?

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